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The Best Tools to Cut Fiberglass Panels – 2019

Nowadays Fiberglass material are used for many projects especially for sound absorption and thermal insulation. So they are used as a reinforcement material for molded and laminated plastics. You must be familiar with rising demand of fiberglass pol versus concrete. Fiberglass pool are safe, stronger and 20% cheaper now to install! Fiberglass included projects’ ongoing costs […]

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How to Use a Metal Cutting Saw | Step by Step Guide

Are you tackling a home improvement or construction job that requires you to cut lengths of pipe, rebar metal, or sheet metal? There are a number of tools that can tackle this job, but our pick for the best is a chop saw. A cold saw is another option, but its price makes it out […]

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How To Use Jobsite Table Saw | Ultimate Guide

If you do any type of contract work or plan on remodeling a rental property or vacation home, a portable table saw is an essential tool. Job site table saws allow you to trim stock to width, plus make angled cuts with a miter gauge.Some even allow for beveled cuts, if equipped with an adjustable […]

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How to Change a Bandsaw Blade | Step by Step Guide

Bandsaws are made to create curved cuts in wood, rather than straight cuts like most saws are known for doing. A bandsaw can be very intimidating to operate, even if you have worked with bandsaws before and have recently bought a brand new one. In order to make the right cuts for each task, you […]

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How to Use a Compound Miter Saw | 7 Steps Beginner Guide

Are you looking to make accurate, repeatable, cross-grain cuts? Of all the tools available to woodworkers, perhaps the most versatile is the compound miter saw. While a table saw is necessary for along-grain cuts, a compound miter saw can be enough for many woodworking projects. With just a few pieces of stock, I’ve used just a […]

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6 Steps Guide for Set up a Bandsaw | How to Guide

The band saw is a staple in the woodworking industry. Band saws are used for cutting wood into smooth and intricate shapes for a professional and creative design. They are capable of creating accurate curves, bevels, and other types of cuts that other saws are not capable of doing in a clean, smooth manner, if […]

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10 Steps Guide for Changing a Miter Saw Blade

Are you noticing that your compound miter saw labors a bit? That the blade leaves scorch marks? Check the blade teeth, are they covered with wood resin? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to learn how to change a miter saw blade; yours is dull. Fear not, we’ll walk […]

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How to Change a Scroll Saw Blade? Step by Step Guide

When it comes to cutting wood, a scroll saw is one of the more unique and versatile options. Rather than providing raw power, this machine allows you to create intricate designs in your wood. However, because of the delicacy of the scroll saw, you will have to change blades more frequently. Too often, the metal […]

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Setting Up a Tile Saw | Your Ultimate Step by Step Guide

When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the best ways to add style and substance to your surfaces is with tile. Whether you’re redoing your bathroom, your kitchen, or some other room in your house, tile can make it pop. The other great thing about tile is that it’s relatively cheap. In fact, […]

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