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How to Set Up A Paint Sprayer | Step by Step Tutorial

Paint sprayers are great to have when you are tasked to paint a home or room. Paint sprayers tend to accelerate the process of painting a home. Spraying paint with a paint sprayer will also leave behind a smooth and easy finish that cannot be possible with hand brushes and rollers. Before you buy a […]

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How to Spray A House With A Paint Sprayer | Beginner Guide

If you’re looking to paint the exterior of your house, no matter the type of siding or its condition, the options may seem overwhelming. There are a variety of paint sprayers, brushes, rollers, and scrapers to choose from. In recent years, paint sprayers have become a viable option for the home improvement crowd.Early on, sprayers […]

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How to Set Up a Table Saw | 6 Steps Beginner Guide

There are two possible reasons for why you may be on this page: You might have bought a new table saw, but the instructions might as well be in a whole different language. You also might have happened to buy a table saw used, but there is not a manual to be found that was […]

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How to Change a Table Saw Blade | 6 Steps Guide

Table saws are great tools to have at home or in the workshop when in the middle of various projects. Tables saws are very effective when it comes down to cutting straight lines in wood, metal, and other materials, however, it will only be a matter of time before either the blade needs to be […]

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How To Use Jobsite Table Saw | Ultimate Guide

If you do any type of contract work or plan on remodeling a rental property or vacation home, a portable table saw is an essential tool. Job site table saws allow you to trim stock to width, plus make angled cuts with a miter gauge.Some even allow for beveled cuts, if equipped with an adjustable […]

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How to Change a Bandsaw Blade | Step by Step Guide

Bandsaws are made to create curved cuts in wood, rather than straight cuts like most saws are known for doing. A bandsaw can be very intimidating to operate, even if you have worked with bandsaws before and have recently bought a brand new one. In order to make the right cuts for each task, you […]

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How to Use a Compound Miter Saw | 7 Steps Beginner Guide

Are you looking to make accurate, repeatable, cross-grain cuts? Of all the tools available to woodworkers, perhaps the most versatile is the compound miter saw. While a table saw is necessary for along-grain cuts, a compound miter saw can be enough for many woodworking projects. With just a few pieces of stock, I’ve used just a […]

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