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The Best Miter Saw Blade On The Market [Updated Lists]

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best miter saw blade

If you are looking for a new miter blade, whether to replace your old blade or buy one for a new kind of project, you will want the most helpful, best miter saw blade according to your situation that is currently available for purchase.

Miter saw blades all come with different features, tips, and sizes. You may have seen reviews of capable blades on their own, but which are the flat-out best to purchase? Today, we will review six packs of blades from some of the most popular blade manufacturers today. After reviewing each miter saw blade, we will determine which one is out most recommended.

List of Top Miter Saw Blade for 2019

Product Name





DEWALT DW3106P5 Crosscutting Saw Blade

10 inch

32, 60


Freud D12100X Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade

12 inch



Concord ACB1000T100HP Miter Saw Blades

10 inch


Metal, Fiberglass

Makita Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade (Editor's Choice)

10 inch



DEWALT DW3128P5 and Crosscutting Blade

12 inch

32, 80


Freud D1050X Diablo ATB Combination Saw Blade

10 inch


Wood, Metal

Recommended 6 Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

1. DEWALT DW3106P5 60-Tooth Crosscutting Saw Blade

DeWalt makes a whole myriad of home improvement products, and you can identify their black and yellow color scheme from a mile away.

This pack of miter saw blades include two 10-inch blades: One that has 60 teeth and another with 32. These blades are ideal for any miter saw, and can cut hardwood, softwood, plywood and chipboard.

The material of these blades themselves are tungsten carbide, this is a strong material that is sure to last quite a while before showing signs of slowing down. Cut after cut, use after use, you are sure to always get super-straight cuts.

To further keep these blades straight, they contain computer-balanced plates. What these are are panels inside the blades that keep them from shaking or wobbling when the miter saw is turned on. Less vibration equals a safer saw overall, in addition to a better grip and accuracy.

They offer a super thin kerf, so that you can always guarantee them to make fine, thin cuts that are far from rough or coarse. With a thin kerf, you can make faster, cleaner cuts.

While DeWalt makes exceptional power tools, their blades are known to be another story. Even though there is a lot that is offered to make the blades long lasting, the shape of these teeth do not set them up for long term use.


  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Have a paper thin kerf
  • More than one blade included
  • Resistance to shaking and wobbling


  • Teeth get dull over time

2. Freud D12100X  Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade

The D12100X is one of the most popular blades as it gets rave reviews from all who own one. It may not be the most affordable blade, but you should be impressed with what it has to offer.

With 100 teeth on this blade, it will not be hard to look for the finest of cuts. Against hardwood or softwood, it feels like a knife going through sponge cake. Do not expect fraying either, even when you are cutting the hardest of woods. Not only are the cuts are thin, but they are also very smooth. These tips are made of tungsten carbide.

Oddly enough, this blade is not as loud when you cut with it. This is due to the blade cutting ultra thin. This is something, however we don’t really mind, as we can always use machinery that is quiet.

You also might notice small holes that are connected by wavy perforations all across the blade. These are meant to help stabilize it, so that they trap vibrations and not cause the blade to wobble.

The one takeaway from this blade is that it might ruin wood that is soft enough, such as pine or cedar. If you are not careful, you might mash the wood like a potato just by trying to cut it.


  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Has a super thin kerf
  • Resistance to shaking and wobbling
  • Cuts materials very easily


  • Is very expensive

3. Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP Miter Saw Blade

Concord is looking to compete with their miter saw blades that claim to be very capable. With 100 tips, it can cut very finely. Concord also make this blade in various sizes and amounts of tips, from 4 ⅜ inches and 40 teeth to 14 inches and 100 teeth.

This blade, however should make it very possible for you to cut various materials. The list includes aluminum, plastic, brass, bronze, plexiglass, copper and acrylics.

This Concord blade is capable of cutting all of these harder materials because of what this blade’s teeth are made of titanium carbide. These are sharp teeth that are capable of cutting open tough metal. The tips slant slightly at 5 degrees, which are easy to maintain, yet still give you a slight advantage when cutting materials.

Additionally, this blade has what is called TCG, or triple chip grind. This feature is what makes the blade possible to make smooth cuts into nonferrous materials as well as plastics.

This blade is compatible with more saws than just miter saws. You can use this blade with circular saws and radial arms.

Despite the effort put into making this blade as best as possible, it is known to shake or rumble when you put it in your miter saw. This is not the greatest of feelings to have when you notice your blade cannot cut quite straight.


  • Made of titanium carbide
  • Can be used with any compatible saw
  • Can cut any nonferrous materials


  • Blade cannot make super straight cuts

4. Makita 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade

Makita has a great reputation when it comes to saw blades. With the A-93681, they try to be no different. This is a nice looking blade with a vintage style to it. This blade can cut hardwood, softwood, and plywood with ease.

The main feature of Makita blades are DKT, or deep and exact “kutting”(?) technology. This allows better cutting and performances of the miter saw that you are using with this blade.

With 80 tips on this blade, they all have a basic shape to them with a five-degree angle. These tips are made of micro grain carbide so that cuts are effective and effortless. These are thin, but effective tips that give off an extremely fine kerf.

You can use this blade with a miter saw, a table saw or a radial arm with no issues. They work best, however in conjunction with Makita saws. This is a blade that also is ideal for crosscutting.

One flaw to this blade, however, is that it is loud and obnoxious, and not the typical cutting noise that you would be used to. It has a screeching noise that might turn off some woodworkers who want regular blade noises as they make cuts into wood.


  • Great looking blade
  • Can be used with any compatible saw
  • Has a super thin kerf
  • Cuts materials very easily


  • Makes an annoying screeching noise

5. DEWALT DW3128P5 Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade

Like the other DeWalt blades, there are a pair of blades in this pack. Both blades are 12 inches in diameter, but one blade has 80 teeth while the other has 32. This is basically the same pack as the first DeWalt blade pack, except they swap out a 60-tip blade with an 80-tip blade.

These blades have tough tungsten carbide, thin kerfs for fine, accurate cuts, and computer-balanced plated for a reduction in vibration.

Like the other DeWalt blades, these teeth have an unusual shape to them where they do not resemble typical saw blade teeth. They have extra metal on their backings, which is meant to increase stability, but we do not notice much of a difference.

Compared to the other blades by DeWalt, there are no improvements made, and the one flaw remains; that being that the tips dull out fairly soon.


  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Have a super thin kerf
  • More than one blade included
  • Resistance to shaking and wobbling


  • Teeth get dull over time

6. Freud D1050X Diablo ATB Combination Saw Blade

This last blade that we will review is another Freud Diablo. They just love that scarlet red color. For their “DX” series, Freud created various blades with different amounts of tips. This blade, the D1050X, is 10 inches in diameter and have 50 tips. This is considered to be a combination blade, making it serve more than one purpose to many woodworkers.

Every five tips are segmented by a gullet that is noticeably deep. This is meant to provide a clean chip removal during rip cuts, which still providing fine crosscutting due to the number of tips on the blade.

Like the other Freud Diablo blade, this blade also comes with laser cut stabilizer vents to suppress noise, keep the blade from warping or wobbling, and keeping it cooler overall. THis blade too has holes and perforations that contain vibrations and allow the blade to cut as smoothly as ever.

Each tip is ATC, or alternate top bevel. This shape of tip allows for easy cutting as well as control. You are sure to get accurate cuts into wood and metal every time. These tips are made of tungsten carbide, and the hooks of these tips are angles at 15 degrees.

This a blade that you can use for either miter or table saws.


  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Resistance to shaking and wobbling
  • Cuts materials very easily
  • Can also be used with table saws


  • Is very expensive

How To Choose The Right Miter Saw Blade

If you are about to choose a capable miter saw blade for the very first time, the difference in blades does not appear to be all that important at first. However, picking the right blade is actually strongly important because there are multiple types of miter saw blades that work better all in unique situations. If you choose the wrong blade for your predicament, you will come across complications when you are using it.

There are a lot of factors to consider for when you need to choose a miter saw blade. They are as follows:


Each miter saw has a certain size of blade that is best designed for it. If you use a blade that is either too big or too small, you will certainly encounter a big problem when it is time to form a cut from your saw. It is necessary to refer to the manual of your miter saw so that you can know beforehand the recommended size of miter saw blade that it will accept.

Miter saws come in four common sizes:

7 ½ inches
8 ½ inches
10 inches
And 12 inches.

If you have a miter saw of a certain size, you need to buy a blade with a matching size. For instance, if you have a 7 ½ inch saw, no other saw blades will work with it unless they are 7 ½ inch blades. Blades of different sizes will not accommodate the range of the miter saw, nor would the blade fit into the slot correctly. There is no one-size-fits-all saw or blade that you can buy as of this writing.


There are special kinds of blades that are meant for cutting one certain type of material. There are also some blades that are considered “multipurpose” in the sense that you can cut more than one material with it. As a cardinal rule, be sure that the blade you buy is meant to cut the materials that you need to cut before opening it up and using it. Blades are explained by the manufacturers depending on their specifications.

Rather than rely on the same exact saw blade for every type of project, purchase multiple blades that each serve their own purposes. While you would need to spend time to replace each blade to use them, you will know that you always have the proper blade for the right task.

Blade Specs

Blades come in various specifications and configurations. Some blades can be used with other miter saws, radial arms and table saws, while others are limited to just one type of saw. If there is a blade that only your saw can use, it should be described in your manual.

With that said, only look for the same model of blade at the store. If your miter saw can accept more than one type of blade, it should be mentioned in the manual that it came with.

Miter saw blades have two features that stand out. The first is the tips per inch, and the other is the shape of these tips.

The number of tips that a blade has plays a large role in its performance. It will determine how effective that it will cut the material that it is intended for. If you want a blade that cuts fine and precisely, you will want a blade with many small teeth. If you want to hack at thick materials, you will want a blade with less tips as they are larger in size.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’d like to cut plastic with your saw, it will need just the right amount of tips. Too many tips can cause materials like plastic to melt when you attempt to cut it.

When it comes to the design of the tips on a blade, there is no definite best option in this regard. There are different shapes that experts recommend, but there is no design that is considered to be better than all the rest. The designs for tips on miter saw blades include triple chip grind, ATB with raker, flat top grind, alternating top bevel, alternating top alternating face and high alternating top bevel.

These types of tips are solely based on their shape on the blade. Some miter saw blades will have basic, triangular teeth with a slight slant to them. Other teeth will be ornately designed. For most projects dealing with wood, more basic teeth are more effective and are easier to keep sharp and well maintained.

These are some of the key components when considering which new miter saw blade to purchase. With these in mind, you should have a better understanding of what saw blade you need for the miter saw that you currently own.

Final Verdict

The best miter saw blade that we most recommend to you is the Makita A-93681.

Both Freud blades are amazing to use. They truly are worth the money that they go for, but the Makita blade is not only more affordable, but comes with the performance that is adequate enough for your wood-cutting projects at hand.

We only recommend buying the Freud D1050X or D12100X Diablo blades if you are using a miter saw for a job, and 100 percent are relying on your blade to do its job each and every time. But for a lot of money less, you will get results close to those blades with the Makita blade. It’s simple, effective, and looks beautiful. 

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