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The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Grout | Compared Lists of Top epoxy grout

The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Grout

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Do you know why many people prefer using epoxy grout for tile application as compared to cement grout?  Epoxy grout is made with epoxy resins and filler powder hence making it extremely durable and stainproof.

If you use regular grout, it can end up absorbing water and getting stains, unlike epoxy grout.  Not only does using epoxy grout provides your tiles with a better look but also offers you with many other benefits. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some of the benefits of using epoxy grout.

Ease Of Cleaning

Many homeowners find cleaning grout one of the most tiresome work. The moment you use cement grout, you will end up attracting more dirt, and this makes it pretty difficult to clean. You end up spending a lot of time cleaning it without any positive results. When you are using epoxy grout, you will find it a simple task cleaning. It does not absorb stains like cement grout, hold on to dirt or even slurp up grease.

Low Absorbency

Epoxy grouts are highly resistant to water, unlike sand and cement grouts. The water will stay on the top until it is cleaned. It is very important to use epoxy grout in areas that are prone to water like the bathroom, kitchen and outdoors so that no water will be absorbed. Get the best products that are environmentally-friendly and chemical-free.


I have used regular grout, and it is gritty or rigid. Epoxy grout is not rigid, and this is why many people prefer it because of its durability and elasticity. This is the best product to use in any commercial building because it is shrink-proof and moves with the building depending on the weather. If you have an industrial kitchen and want to achieve easy cleaning, the only solution is using epoxy grout.

Long Run Cost

Epoxy grout is resistant to stains, durable and is not damaged by water. These are some of the things that make it expensive as compared to other grouts on the market but it is worth buying. It works well especially for bathrooms and kitchens, and it doesn’t require a sealer. In the long run, you will end up saving more money.

Using epoxy grout requires the help of an expert because it ‘s hard to work with. Even if you love DIY projects, it is not advisable to try epoxy grout without the help of a professional to avoid being messy when you are working.

Best Epoxy Grout – Guide & Reviews

Wet surfaces are prone to developing fungus after some time. Caulk and silicone are the most common ones. If left unattended to, these things can destroy the looks of our bathroom floor or wall, swimming pool, and other wet areas. You need a good epoxy grout to help solve these problems. If you are really tired of replacing silicone and caulk, what you need is a super grout.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to these products, but there will always be those that everyone will find effective. I have used several of these cleaners, and I would like to share with you the best ones in the market today.

These are high-quality tile and grout cleaners designed to help you restore the spotlessness in your tiles and other parts. Once you get the best grout for your house, all the sticky substances on your walls and floors will be no more. Take a close look at these five products and use the guide to choose your favorite.

Reviews of The Best Epoxy Grout

Miracle Sealants EPOREMQT6 Epoxy Grout Film Remover Cleaners, Quart, 32 Fl Oz
127 Reviews
Miracle Sealants EPOREMQT6 Epoxy Grout Film Remover Cleaners, Quart, 32 Fl Oz
  • For use inside or out to remove epoxy residue on ceramic and porcelain tile, concrete and natural stone
  • Fast acting, acid free formula designed for removing epoxy grout film
  • Covers up to 500 square feet per gallon - do not thin or dilute product
  • Low odor and biodegradable making it safe for the environment
  • Easy application makes cleaning fast

It is a fast-acting epoxy grout film remover with a lot of power over sticky and staining substances on your floor. The Miracle Sealants EPO REM QT SG is a non-acid cleaner designed to remove epoxy effectively. With this product, nothing is left to chance.

It is a good deal to buy this epoxy grout film remover because it won't let you down. Most people love it because of its effectiveness. I discovered this product just the other day, and I've noticed that it works so well.

It is non-acidic cleaner that is gentle on tiles and stones. It is also safe for use so that you don't have to worry about your safety. Besides, the Miracle Sealants EPO REM QT SG is very easy to apply and use. You don't have to be familiar with it to know how to use it.

As long as you know how and where to use it on, you are guaranteed the best results. Its formula makes it suitable for use on concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and natural stone. One gallon can help you achieve a lot.

It offers you 50-150 square feet per gallon, which is just impressive. Besides, unlike other competing products, the ceramic and porcelain tiles don’t produce the irritating smell and doesn't cost much.

I also realized that you could use a metal brush if you want to get the best results. It leaves an impressive result all the time. Though it has a slight odor that will go away when you open the windows, the odor is not bad.

According to K Patterson: OMG YES worth every penny!! Nothing for this job at Home Depot or lowes or or or came close. I am a DIY person and used this with the Armaly pro plus sponge also from amazon to clean a project one year later that I thought I had ruined with a beautiful tile job because of the grout. Apply this with a natural bristle brush then "scrub" with the sponge or/and hard nylon bristle brush for thicker haze areas to loosen debris during the 15-30 minute wait time. The excess will come off if you stick to it. So if you are like me and thought you ruined your project because of the epoxy grout mess try this. There was absolutely nothing I could even find locally that has come close to this and yes I have even tried acidic treatment. Make your project look like a pro, finishing with a final wipe with a towel or rag literally leaving little to no grout haze to clean after. This works great even on old thick! Haze that has been on a year. This made the nightmare expectation into a doable job. Remember if you are new to epoxy grout separate your activator or simply use what you have only in small amounts. It goes a long way towards removing your panic once it starts drying and you see all your haze left to clean later. Also you will need to order the stripper that miracle sealants offers because it does have a viscous to it much easier to remove if you have that on hand to finish your project.

M-D Building Products 49829 Epoxy Grout Float
93 Reviews
M-D Building Products 49829 Epoxy Grout Float
  • For use with tough to spread epoxy and modified epoxy grout
  • Green rubber pad with beveled sides resists epoxy grout build up
  • Comfortable TPR handle
  • Item Package Dimension: 9.0" L x 4.0" W x 3.5" H

This grout float is suitable for spreading epoxy grout. This float is firmer than most other floats that I have used. It has a convenient weight and design.

Besides the float's effectiveness in providing the perfect spread and distribution of the epoxy grout, this tool has an elegant design. Also, it makes work much easier for you all through the application process.

It is perfect for use with both the tough to spread epoxy and modified epoxy grout. The M-D Building Products 49829 float features a green rubber pad that has beveled sides that resist epoxy grout build up so that the spreading comes out perfectly as expected.

Best Epoxy Grout

It also has straight edges for greater coverage and control. It has a comfortable TPR handle that is made with style and innovativeness to grant you total control when spreading.

The intention of the handle's design was to keep it as comfortable as possible. If the handle isn't comfortable, using the product might not be as effective as it should be, especially if perfection is to be achieved. Another good quality of this float worth noting is its impressive durability.

TheM-D Building Products 49829 float will last longer than the typical sponge floats, which are known to disintegrate over time. It works better than most of the more expensive models.

So, if you want to save your money and still get a perfectly performing grout, try this out. Its weight is thoughtfully distributed to maximize its effectiveness and to make it easier for the user to customize the distribution.

According to Pope Shawn Paul: I was worried about some of the product reviews on here. Do not be worried, it is good quality and works great with epoxy grout. I've used it on 3 tile jobs and its looks and functions just as it should.

According to JZ: I used this float to spread a typical sanded grout (not epoxy grout). The float is much firmer than the spongy grout floats I am use to. The result is I had to work a little harder to spread grout, but I had better control. This flout will last longer than the sponge floats which will, over time, disintegrate (leaving little pieces of sponge in the grout). This float is solid and will last a while before a replacement is needed.

According to JM: I bought this float and MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 43 9-Inch by 4-Inch by 3/4-Inch float to do approx 1000' of floor grout. I used this one. It worked really well (compared to the other one) and the hard surface and curved side and square side really did help in spots.

Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B, 2lb (0.9 kg)
184 Reviews
Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B, 2lb (0.9 kg)
  • Laticrete Globally Proven Construction Solutions

If you follow the direction as indicated, you will find that it is an amazing product. This product is easy to install, and that increases chances of achieving the best results with it. It is designed with some of the best materials to give the best performance. Even if you are not a professional, there is no much complexity in the way it is used.

I'm an experienced DIY, and I managed to use it right the first time I tried it. The Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium is a patented, high performing epoxy grout that provides excellent color uniformity, durability, stain protection, and elegant, full grout joints it a gentle formula.

It is designed to be used on glass tile, ceramic tiles, and stone applications, both commercial and residential. You can use both in the interior and exterior on your floors and walls.

This product is ideal for grouting applications all over. You can use it in swimming pools, fountains, and on other wet areas. Keep in mind that it is stain proof to the common household cleaners, liquids, and other elements.

This product requires part c powder to work more effectively. That is enough to make the changes that you want. You can use one for an entire room or two, and the result will still be impressive.

According to 5star given by Trill5: This is a great product. If you simply follow the directions, the product is very easy to install. I am not a professional a very experienced DIY'er and found this product easier to install than cement grout. The key is to follow the directions provided with the product. Here are some tips and tricks for a successful installation but beware, it's very long. Don't be put off though, installation is very simple and easy.

First off this is not a cement grout and the working time is about 30 minutes, not several hours like you have with cement grout. After reading all the bad reviews it's obvious that they did not read the instructions and tried to use the same methods as cement based grout to install which resulted in a huge fail. Unlike cement grout, you don't need to worry about color matching when doing multiple batches because the color is in the Part C colorized sand which has consistent color. You don't have to worry that multiple batches will have different shades because the color always matches exactly with every other batch.

Never mix more than you can install in 30 minutes!!! Once Part A and B are mixed the clock start ticking and the product starts to set. After about 40 minutes it's not fluid enough to work into joints effectively, in 3 hours the grout is very hard, and cured in 24 hours. (7 days for full stain resistance though) In contrast, cement based grout has a working time of many hours and takes 27 days to fully cure.

This is an epoxy which has three parts, A, B and C. Part A is the hardener, Part B is the epoxy, and Part C is the colorized sand which is the fill and provides the color This kit includes Part A and B, but you need to purchase Part C separately. Parts A and B must be mixed exactly 1 to 1 plus up to 6.6 parts of Part C. The ratio of A, B and C is 1 to 1 to 6.666 for floors and 1 to 1 to 6 for walls. For walls you want to use less sand (10%) to make the mixture less firm and more sticky to make it easer to install on a vertical surface.

Part A and B must be mixed 1 to 1 EXACTLY! Buy a cheap kitchen digital scale to mix everything together. A mini unit has 150 grams of Part A and B, and Part C is sold separately in a 1 kg package. If you need more than 2 mini units, buy a Full unit instead which is the same a 4 mini units but only slightly more than 2 mini units.

Always work with small batches, just enough to that you can install the grout in about 30 minutes. A mini unit will do approximately 45 sq ft of 12 x 12 with a 1/8 grout line and you want to this in TWO batches. For a mini unit this would be 75 grams of Part A and B, and 500 grams of the part C sand. Walls are harder to grout and take more time and I would recommend doing at least 3 batches with 50 grams of Parts A and B, and 300 grams of Part C. (Remember use less Part C when doing walls!!) Larger grout lines means you use more product in less area which means it installs you can mix bigger batches and get it installed in less time. Smaller grout lines use less product but take much longer to install so you want to use smaller batches for grout lines less than 1/8 inch.

I used this product on a bathroom remodel and used this on the floor and shower with a total of about 100 sq ft of tile. I purchase a full unit and did the install in 10 batches, 2 for the floor, and 8 for the shower. The shower walls are 12 x 12 on the bottom half and 3 x 5 tiles on the upper half. I did each wall half in a batch (6 batches), then the floor, and then the shower entry. There is zero color difference in any batch and it's impossible to see where one batch ended an the other began. I know exactly where to look and I can't see any difference or even tell that the grout was installed in multiple installs. It took more time (3 weekends) only because I didn't want to do multiple batches in a single day because of all the horror stories I read about using it. After the third batch and I got more comfortable with the product and did two to three batches each day and realized all the horror stories were from people that did not read the instructions.

Here is a foolproof method for installation.
Things you will need: stiff plastic brush, vacuum, kitchen digital scale, white vinegar, several sponges, hard rubber grout float, disposable mixing container (16 oz plastic cups work great for mixing a half mini unit or less), wood mixing sticks, two large buckets, two medium size binder clips (to seal the bags of Part A and B after opening them), latex gloves, white scrub pads, terry cloth or micro fiber towels (washed if brand new)

Success is very simple: be prepared, mix only the amount you can install in less than 30 minutes, and proper cleaning.

Figure out your batch size and how much Part A, B and C you will need. Remember never mix more grout than you can install in 30 minutes which for most installs is no more than a HALF a mini unit.

Use a stiff brush on all the grout lines to remove any mortar from the tile edges to at least 1/8" below the tile surface. You can use a small file to scrape it out if necessary. Vacuum the grout lines and wipe down the entire area you are grouting with a clean sponge and plain water. The tile surface must be clean and all debris remove from the joints prior to grouting.

To clean the grout residue from the tile you can use the cleaning agents included in the kit or white vinegar. Mix one packet of the cleaning agent in two gallons of water in one of the big buckets and toss in a sponge. It doesn't matter how big your batch is, you need to mix the ENTIRE cleaning agent packet or 1/2 cup of vinegar in two gallons of water. Put the bucket of cleaning agent and your grout float near the area you will be grouting. You want the first cleaning agent bucket ready BEFORE mixing the grout.

First, weigh out the amount of Part C you will need put this aside. If mixing a half mini unit this would be either 500 grams (floor) or 450 grams (wall).

Put on the latex gloves!. This stuff is sticky and while it's easy to remove with the cleaning agent, it sticks to your hands and fingers like peanut butter but doesn't stick to as well to the latex.

Put the mixing container on the scale and zero it. Cut off a small corner on the Part A bag and squeeze it into the mixing container while it's on the scale until you have added exactly the correct amount of Part A. For a half mini unit this is 75 grams. Fold over the cut edge of the bag several times and use the binder clip to secure it. Zero the scale again. Cut off a small corner of the Part B bag and squeeze into the mixing container until you have added the same amount of Part B. (Fold over and secure with a binder clip) With the wooden stick mix the Parts A and B thoroughly scraping the sides and bottom to ensure that it is well mixed Part A is a clear yellow liquid and Part B is a pure white cream. You know it's mixed when it's a consistent yellowish off-white. This takes only a minute or two. Add about 75% of the Part C you measured out earlier and thoroughly mix. If you add all of the Part C now it will make mixing it in much more difficult. Add the remainder of the Part C and mix with the stick until consistent. This only takes a minute or two.

Mark the time!!! Very important because you want to start the first cleaning in about 40 to 50 minutes from this time.

Start applying the grout IMMEDIATELY!! After doing a small area, use the edge of float at a 90 degree angle to scrape as much excess grout off the tile as you can. Use the scrapings for the next section. The more you get off now, the easier the clean up in the next stage! This is where the working time of the grout is important. As the grout sets and gets stiffer, the grout will start to pull from the joints when you scrape. When this starts to happen your DONE with this batch! The warmer the room, the faster it will set up. You might have 45 minutes working time if is cool (less than 70 degrees) or less than 30 minutes if its warmer (more than 80 degrees). Don't use every last drop of grout, keep a very small amount to fill in missing spots you find during the first cleaning pass. Put the float off to the side for now.

You can save some of the mixed grout for use later if you put it in zip lock bag (flatten and squeeze out all the air) and stick in the freezer. The freezer will significantly slow the curing time of the epoxy and it will stay good for about a week.

After you have finished, check the time. You want to start the first cleaning pass after about 45 minutes from the mixing time. Usually this about 10 to 15 minutes after the batch has gotten too firm and starts pulling from the joints when your scrape with the float. The grout needs to firm but still very soft for the first cleaning.

Mark the time when you start the first cleaning because you want to start the second cleaning pass about an hour after the start of the first.

Wear latex gloves while cleaning with the sponge! The grout is pretty sticky and gloves make smoothing the joints with your finger very easy. Starting with the area grouted first, use the wrung out sponge to quickly wipe down a small area. The cleaning agent takes a few seconds to loosen the grout so you first just want to quickly wipe down the area you are about to clean and this makes the process faster. Use the sponge in a circular pattern to clean the grout from the tiles. Clean the sponge frequently in the cleaning agent until the entire area you grouted is clean.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but you need to get the epoxy off the tiles and the grout lines looking almost perfect. Use the leftover grout to fill in any areas as required. Once the area has been cleaned, rinse the sponge in the cleaning agent and now your going to wipe down the entire area. One pass on each side the sponge and rinse in the cleaning agent. Overlap each pass. Very, important that you do only pass one each side of the sponge. Wring out the sponge as much as you can during this phase. The first cleaning is to smooth out the grout joints, get all the epoxy off the tiles, and remove most of the residue.

About 1 hour after you started the first cleaning pass you will do the second cleaning. The first cleaning should take about 30 minutes so you will have some time to clean the float and mix up a second batch of the second cleaning agent. Throw the float into the dirty cleaning agent bucket and clean the float before disposing of the dirty cleaning water. Clean the bucket and mix a fresh bucket of cleaning agent with a clean sponge One full cleaning agent packet or 1/2 cup of white vinegar in two gallons of water. Fill a second bucket with just clean water and throw in third clean sponge.

The sponge from the first cleaning might feel a little sticky which is ok and you can use it again as the first pass cleaning sponge for the next batch. When it feels gummy throw it away. I used the same sponges for same passes of each batch until the first cleaning sponge got gummy. The second cleaning sponge then became the first, and water wipe down sponge became the second pass sponge and the new sponge was for the final water cleaning. I ended up using 5 sponges for the 10 batches

Wait until an hour has passed since you started the first cleaning pass before starting the second. By this time the grout should be very firm but still workable with the cleaning agent and sponge. Again do a quick cleaning with the wrung out sponge (wearing latex gloves). After this cleaning the grout lines must be to your satisfaction and all grout residue removed from the tile. You shouldn't have much to do during this stage but if you still have epoxy on the tile, you can use a white scrub pad to remove it. After the quick cleaning, Rinse the sponge thoroughly and begin the wipe down. Again, only one pass on each side of the sponge before cleaning it in the cleaning agent and overlapping the wiping passes. You want the sponge as dry as you can.

Once this is done, immediately use a fresh sponge and the clean water to go over the tile again just doing a wipe down (wearing latex gloves). The goal hear is to wipe off the cleaning agent and any remaining epoxy residue and you want the tile as dry as you can. Again ONLY one pass per sponge side before rinsing the sponge. If your tile is highly polished with a mirror finish use a terry cloth or micro fiber rag to wipe off any excess water from the tile. Highly polished tile will show even the smallest amounts of epoxy residue and wiping off the water will remove any epoxy residue that might be suspended in the water. This will also remove any left over cleaning agent. Calcium based natural stones such as marble, travertine and some granite could etch if the cleaning agent is left on for long period and is not fully removed because it is slightly acidic. Sealers will prevent staining but are much less effective preventing etching which is a chemical reaction. No sealer can prevent etching.

After about an hour and the water has dried from the tile you want to check to see if you have any epoxy residue left on the tile. Wipe your finger across the tile and check for residue, If you can't tell (which is especially true if you are using light colored grout) get very close to the tile and use a light at various angels to see if you can see a haze on the tile. If you there is residue use a clean micro fiber or terry cloth towel to see if it wipes off. If it doesn't use a white scrub pad and sponge with new bucket of cleaning agent and water and do another wipe down with clean water. If you have residue, you aren't cleaning properly and need to do a better job wiping with the sponge. One pass on each side of the sponge and rinse!!!

Check for residue again in an hour. Residue will create a haze on the tile that is extremely difficult to remove after about 12 hours so it's very important to check for residue or haze before the epoxy cures.

If you need to fix a spot you can use your cache of frozen grout. Freezing it doesn't reverse or stop the curing process, it just slows it down significantly. To see if your frozen grout is still good, break off a small piece and rub it between your fingers or hand until it warms up If it becomes sticky it's still good, but if it crumbles its cured and not any good. Keep in mind you only slowed the cure time so the working time of the warmed epoxy is only a few minutes. It's really only good for filling small areas.

This stuff is water proof, virtually stain proof, much more durable and harder than cement grout. Yes it's more expensive but in my opinion worth it. The grout looks perfect and looks much better than any cement grout installation.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin

SGA 6 - Super Grout Additive Premium Waterproof Tile Grout Repair Kit (Grout Sold Separately) - Kit Includes Applicator - Mixing Cups & Sticks - Makes 18 oz Epoxy Grout - Made in USA
179 Reviews
SGA 6 - Super Grout Additive Premium Waterproof Tile Grout Repair Kit (Grout Sold Separately) - Kit Includes Applicator - Mixing Cups & Sticks - Makes 18 oz Epoxy Grout - Made in USA
  • Caulk and Silicone Replacement - Never Needs Sealing - 99% Waterproof - Fixes Grout Cracks Permanently
  • For Dark Color Tones - Use any Color Grout - 60 Minute Working Time - 72 Hour Cure Time!
  • Cleans Up Easily with Soap and Hot Water
  • Perfect for Shower Floors and Dry Areas - Enough for 2 Bathrooms - 50 Linear Foot
  • 1 Syringe, 2 Measuring Cups and 1 Mixing Stick Included

Are you tired of replacing silicone and caulk every time? There is a solution to that problem. The Ceramic Tile Pro Super Grout Additive is one of the best ways to transform your ties and other parts back to what it looked like when it was still new. This product goes on easy and gentle. It gives your house a look that you desire. Its no-shrink formula amazingly outlasts silicone.

Caulk, adhesives, and sealers. I used it to fix cracks too. It is apparent that this product fixes grout cracks permanently without sealing. It is a better choice because it is 99 percent waterproof.

Some of the areas where this product best serves its purpose include the shower floors, corner grout joints, and tub showers. It will help make your grout super strong. Just make sure you buy any color sanded grout and add to it for better performance.

The epoxy bond use instructions are included to enhance its ease of use. This is a superior product that doesn't discolor or form fungi such as silicone and caulk. It covers 50 linear foot and can be used to repair two bathrooms. Most epoxy grout products don't provide what they promise in reviews but not this. You will get more than you bargained for in this product.

According to 5star given by Philip Green: The grout where the floor meets the wall failed in our shower not long after it was installed. Our shower is fully tiled on the walls and floor.

I regrouted around the edge of the floor twice and it cracked and eventually failed. The grout around the edge of the floor would never fully dry between showers. This product finally solved my problem! Water is no longer getting under the floor and everything dries out between showers.

It was not hard to install and as others have said, the videos are very helpful.

I only wish my whole shower could be grouted with this stuff. Maybe in my next house!

SpectraLOCK PRO Part-C 2.25lb Bright White by Laticrete
43 Reviews
SpectraLOCK PRO Part-C 2.25lb Bright White by Laticrete
  • Laticrete Globally Proven Construction Solutions

Once you start to work this grout into the tile, it stiffens fairly quickly. This grout has many innovative abilities that are designed to keep your tiles or wall in the best condition so that they can be admirable once again.

TheSpectraLOCK PRO Part-C 2.25lb is easy to use when you combine it with the A+B bucket. Once you have all the three items, you are good to go. If you follow all the instructions, you will notice how easy this grout is to apply.

Some people say they find it hard to apply, but I never understand why. Maybe they don't follow the instructions keenly. This epoxy grout is available in 40 colors, which provide you with enough variety. You get to choose the color that complements your bathroom or home décor.

It is not the kind of grout to crack soon after installation. From the moment you try this out, you will realize that it's the perfect match for the stresses that are underlying after application.

This product provides an amazing result on cleanup too. You won't need the third rinse with vinegar. With just a few step, you can transform give your tiles new look and make them elegant again. Just like the name suggests, this grout will make your floor bright and nice-looking. Strictly follow instructions, step by step, and everything will just fall into place.

According to 5star given by P. Bonfills: Grout should probably be reviewed after about ten years of service. I bought this to replace the traditional grout that I used when I installed a large built-in sink in my bathroom counter top. The traditional grout cracked relatively soon after installation, due to the mechanical and thermal stresses. (Yes, I am an engineer) I replaced that with some sanded caulk, which looks terrible but which was the best I could find at the time. When I found this epoxy grout, I figured it should be a much better match for the stresses it will face. So, I'll update this when it fails. Installation is a two person process IMHO. The mixed grout is a gummy mixture that had me worried as I started to do the installation. It was so gummy that I feared that it would set up too quickly and leave me with a big pot of waste. But, it stayed gummy for quite a while allowing me to work it into all of the tile in a small bathroom. The 2nd person is needed to wipe it down with the carefully prepared solutions while you continue to do the installation. Once done, it appears to be "tough" and for 3 months has done very well. But, time will tell.

Final Verdict

Don't let your house look like you have abandoned it. With the best epoxy grout, you will keep your house looking good and welcoming. The secret lies in these products, though not all can be trusted to deliver flawless results. As you have seen, one of the reviewer mentioned to wait 10 years before you even review any grout because of the nature of the products and chemical they have and above that how its used in your house.

So our choice are SGA Epoxy Grout Additive 6 oz   

 Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium

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