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Ceramic Coating A Car Gone Wrong. What To Do Now?

Bad Ceramic Coating? Find Inevitable Tips For Fix

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To give our old cars a new look, we decided to do a ceramic coating. But often people commit mistakes that make their surface imperfect. It is quite reasonable to have problems after you have finished that coating due to various reasons. Here, we will discuss how to remove all the existing imperfections and issues with the car after coating.

The liquid polymer we use for ceramic coating is kind of a wax alternative and gives a level of protection on your car's paint and also gives it a beautiful look. However, this won't be achieved if you mess up a process of ceramic coating.

ceramic coating a car


What can go wrong?

If you have done ceramic coating before, you know that the process comes with a ton of instructions. There is a reason why professionals tend to give you such instructions. Because there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a ceramic coating. Let's have a look at the potential problems of a bad ceramic coating:

ceramic coating for cars


1.   High spots

High spots may appear after coating. As you can guess by the name, a high spot is a layer of coating that is higher than the actual level of the applied liquid polymer. When you do or "install" a ceramic coating san fransico, the Nanoparticles of the material goes inside the small holes or spaces on the paint of your vehicle and makes it fully secure. But when you mess up a coating, there could be some sections that may have high spots.


2.   Marks

So, when you apply the coating, you’re supposed to dry it for a few minutes then take the layer off. But when you mess up the drying process, marks and high spots may appear. Some of the marks can be permanent since it has been a result of ceramic coating. Almost all the time, those are swirl marks and removing them would require using special sprays or products.


3.   Other issues

There are possibilities of a lot of problems when you do not do the coating properly or don't maintain pre-coating instructions. Some could be irreversible, and you might have to do the entire thing from the start. If you find something very unusual, take your car to an expert.

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Possible ways of fixing the issues

Ceramic Coating Gone Wrong


If you have serious issues, the best thing would be to take the car to a person who will know what to do. But small matters like marks or high spots can be fixed.


      Fixing marks

When marks appear, you can use different ways to fix them. Here are some products that work to remove the marks or to add an extra layer on it:


1.    CarPro Essence Plus

This excellent product can help you with removing scratches, swirls, and water marks. It does not actually fix the problem. Rather, it creates a layer on top to hide the marks. CarPro Essence Plus has a number of benefits. It may seem like it's a kind of thing that can be used for coating instead of ceramic, but that's not the case. Never use this product as a replacement of coating. Use it only for repairing the issues after coating. Follow this process to use the product:

  • Wash the car with car shampoo.
  • Rinse it perfectly.
  • Dry the car thoroughly then use CarPro Eraser so that it doesn’t have any oil on it.
  • Use CarPro Gloss Pad to apply the product.
  • Apply it and wait for drying it off for 30 minutes (20-30 minutes is recommended even though you won’t find clear instructions on the packaging)
  • Take it off after waiting.

This product does its job well, but it takes quite some effort and time to get the result. And also it is a temporary solution which means you have to keep doing it when it comes off. But it is unlikely to be damaged very easily.


2.    Brilliant Gaze

Some products take a lot of time to dry off. If you are looking for a faster solution, use Brilliant Gaze. If you don’t get the shiny effect that you expected from the coating, Brilliant Gaze will help you with that. The best thing about it is that it’s quite easy to apply. But it does have a con which is it does not stay for long. Even so, the product will not build up any type of issues like wax. The cost of it is double than other products, but it has the best effect. Here’s how you can apply Brilliant Gaze:

  • Apply Brilliant Gaze on a pad.
  • Clean the area where you want to use Brilliant Gaze.
  • Let it dry for a minute.
  • Wipe it with a dry wiping pad.

Know that it is a quick solution and will not have a permanent effect. But it is easy to use multiple times. You can also use similar products that are cheaper, but this one has the best results.


      Fixing high spots

ceramic coating on cars


Firstly, check your coating under different types of lighting right after you have applied it. This way, you can find out if there are any high spots. High spots can appear even after a few days of the coating and can only be visible under certain lighting. If you are taking actions quickly, use Opti Coat Pro+. It will help you to level out the layers. But it might not work all the time.

If you are not able to fix it, you might have to remove the entire coating and reapply it, which is a lot of work. You have to understand that high spots can’t be fixed easily. And just adding another layer might not fix it entirely.

Ceramic coating gone wrong, this complain is very common, especially when people do it for the first time. You have to make your car ready before a ceramic coating to avoid such problems. Also, be careful of the drying process of the coating. If you let it dry for too long, it can bring swell marks or other irreversible problems.

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