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MetMo Multi Drive – Why MetMo Multi Tool is The Best

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A multi-tool is a versatile handheld tool that combines various functions into a single device. Typically designed for portability and convenience, multi-tools often include features such as pliers, knives, screwdrivers, scissors, can openers, and sometimes even things like rulers or nail files. They are commonly used in situations where carrying separate tools might be impractical or inconvenient, such as camping, hiking, or everyday tasks around the house. Many multi-tools are compact and foldable, making them easy to carry in a pocket, bag, or on a belt.

Why  MetMo Multi Drive is The Best Multi-Tool

So, what is MetMo Multi Drive? Well, as mentioned above, this is an easy to use modern, many in one desktop tool which is a sharp knife, Pencil, Scribe, Drill, File and Micro Driver which does them all really damn well. This multi tool from MetMo is crafted for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone seeking a moment of creativity or exploration. The MetMo Multi Drive is a flexible tool designed to suit every scenario. Developed by creatives who envisioned a superior solution for tackling smaller projects at our desks—the birthplace of great ideas. Because tools shouldn’t be confined to the workshop alone.

Why  MetMo Multi Drive is The Best Multi-Tool
Why  MetMo Multi Drive is The Best Multi-Tool

Could that be a workshop in your pocket, or are you simply pleased to see me? Keep a compact collection of effective tools at hand. Thanks to their slimline, modular design, each component allows you to bring along workshop essentials wherever you travel, enabling you to set up and begin crafting anywhere.

You can carry this compact set of versatile tools with you wherever you go. Each part features a slimline, modular design, allowing you to conveniently transport workshop essentials in your pocket. This setup enables you to quickly establish a workspace and begin crafting anywhere you choose.

MetMo Multi Tool Multi-Use
MetMo Multi Tool Multi-Use

Lists of MetMo Multi Tool Benefits

  1. Perfectly Balanced
  2. Surgical Precision
  3. Stainless Steel Collet
  4. Precision Micro Screwdriver
  5. Sits In a Pocket
  6. Slimline Design
  7. An Abrasive Solution
  8. Hexagon High Torque Lock
  9. Silky Smooth Bearings
  10. Use With Any Drive Bit
  11. Drill With Precision
  12. Comforting Blade
  13. Rod Safety
  14. The Noble Scribe
  15. Made of Tungsten Carbide
  16. Perfectly Controls Every Cut


Surgical Precision
Surgical Precision



What MetMo Multi Tool Can Do For You?

A multi-tool that excels in versatility and is very portable. It combines the functionalities of a knife, pencil, scribe, drill, file, and micro driver, performing each task exceptionally well.

This tool is ideal for tasks ranging from assembling computers, crafting models, and refining 3D prints, to precision marking, sketching, and etching. Each attachment operates efficiently, allowing you to effortlessly create, repair, and experiment to your satisfaction.

Multi Drive stands out by offering a compact toolset suitable for a wide array of tasks. Its ergonomic design, reminiscent of a pencil, ensures a comfortable and intuitive user experience, making every task feel natural and enjoyable. So you can use Metmo Multi tool for shaving, carving, drilling, screw, scribe, artwork, writing, workshops, drone fixing, weight test and many more multi use!

MetMo Multi Tool for Drone work
MetMo Multi Tool for Drone work


MetMo Multi Tool, The Selling Point!

Achieve greater efficiency with fewer tools. Consolidate your workspace with a single set of tools versatile enough to handle various tasks. Recognizing the limited space available on desks and workbenches, Multi Drive optimizes efficiency by integrating six tools into one compact area.

MetMo Multi Tool in a case
MetMo Multi Tool in a case

Also, talking about design, today’s tools often prioritize affordability, relying on inexpensive plastics and components prone to early failure. We aimed to change that by crafting tools with solid metal construction, introducing engineering-grade quality to the realm of crafting. Our goal was to create durable tools that endure over time, reinstating enjoyment and precision to every task.

MetMo group grew weary of tools that left painful imprints after just 10 minutes of use. That’s why they crafted everything to be smooth, round, and comfortable to hold. If mankind can do it for pens, why can’t MetMo-kind do it for their tools? MetMo’s simple yet ergonomic design ensures perfect control for all your handheld crafting needs.

Engineering Marvel of MetMo Multi Tool

  1. Beyond typical graphite, the 3mm Hi-Polymer Graphite rod in Multi Drive is exceptionally versatile. Ideal for note-taking and doodling, it’s also suitable for marking and scribbling on wood. Its increased thickness ensures longevity and durability during use.
  2. Multi Drive isn’t constrained by graphite hardness—it accepts any grade from H6 to B6! Don’t stress over which pencil lead to use; Multi Drive makes life easier by accommodating a wide range of preferences.
  3. Encasing the graphite rods in a 1.5mm metal housing shields them from impacts, reducing the need to sharpen the pencil wood to retrieve what little lead remains.
  4. True to MetMo’s ethos, the Multi Drive is crafted to endure for generations, featuring robust materials that withstand far more wear than typical pencils or drivers. Incorporating a mechanism with over two centuries of proven reliability and a commitment to selecting superior materials ensures that no other mechanical pencil or micro driver compares. Engineered to endure like classic tools, future-proofed and compatible with older models, it guarantees reliability for both present and future users when they need it most.
  5. This isn’t your ordinary aluminum—it’s the same material used in aircraft undercarriages! It boasts the strength of steel but with the lightweight properties of titanium, far surpassing your typical aluminum.
Multi Tool Scribe
Multi Tool Scribe

Why There is No Other Multi Tool Like MetMo

Multi Drive introduces a new standard in craft tools, combining precision engineering with practicality. Its compact design and swift tool interchangeability provide everything necessary to begin crafting anytime, anywhere. Serving as a true multi-tool, it optimizes space in your daily essentials.

  1. MetMo’ve scaled down and updated the materials, drawing inspiration from collets found in our marking tools that have been operational for over 40 years without issue.
  2. You might wonder why. Collets provide an incredible level of precise grip in Multi Drive, ensuring firm attachment of graphite, drive bits, or any other component without wobbling or play between parts. This integration connects you seamlessly to the functional end of the tool as if it were forged as a single piece, setting it apart from all other multi-tools.
MetMo Multi Tool
MetMo Multi Tool

MetMo Multi Tool Specifications

Weight: Black 21g (0.7 Oz) Black Steel  29.2g (1.0 Oz) Stainless – 52.1g (1.8 Oz)

Size: 10mm (0.39″) x 10mm (0.39″) x 138mm (5.4″)

Finish: Heat treated stainless steel, hard anodized (black)

Maximum Torque: 2.2 Nm (1.6 lb.)

Materials: Hardened martensitic stainless steel grade 440, hardened tool steel, hard anodized aluminum.

Bit Size: 5/32 (4mm) hex drive bits.

MetMo Multi Tool Weight Test
MetMo Multi Tool Weight Test

What’s MetMo Multi Drive Made from?

Combining martensitic stainless steel, aerospace-grade aluminum, and tool steel, the Multi Drive stands out for its exceptional durability and uniqueness in the market. It may seem excessive for a multi-tool of pencil size, but if SpaceX can send a stainless-steel starship into space, why not aspire to the same level of over-engineering?

At MetMo, we craft our products like the timeless tools of yesteryear—built to endure lifetimes and beyond. Designed to be heirlooms passed down through generations, our creations echo the durability of 19th-century originals, engineered to last for centuries. There’s no planned obsolescence or plastic in sight—just meticulously over-engineered, classically manufactured metals that set our tools apart from all others.