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Best Brushless Impact Drivers Comparison and Review

Best Brushless Impact Driver
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If you have an impact driver that isn’t really lighting your world on fire, odds are, you do not own a brushless impact driver. What makes a brushless impact driver better than ordinary impact drivers is that they have faster rotation per minute (RPM), they don’t get as hot, and they do not create sparks or strange noises when you use them. To put it simply brushless impact drivers are all the rage in the industrial and construction industry.

Impact drivers with brushes have limitations that give it the type of performance that it does. Furthermore, the brushes in impact drivers need to be cleaned every now and then, which is never the case with impact drivers sans brushes.

If the idea of owning a brushless impact driver intrigues you, then you will be enthralled when you own the best brushless impact driver on the market. To determine the impact driver that we most recommend to you, we will take a look at six quality impact drivers from brands like DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and Makita.

Without further ado, here are the brushless impact drivers comparison that we will be reviewing.

Top 6 Brushless Impact Driver Comparison 2019

Product Name



# Batteries Included


DEWALT DCK277C2 20V MAX Compact Brushless Drill

2 lbs



Milwaukee 2750-20 M18 ¼" Hex Compact Brushless Bare

2.1 lbs



DEWALT DCF887B Brushless 0.25" 3-Speed Impact Driver

2 lbs

1000, 2800, 3250


Makita XDT131 Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit

3.3 lbs



PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L2 20V 2-Tool Brushless Combo (Editor's Choice)

2.9 lbs

450, 1800


DEWALT DCF899P1 Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench (Editor's Choice)

7.2 lbs

400, 1200, 1900


Recommended 6 Best Brushless Impact Driver Reviews

1. DEWALT DCK277C2 20V MAX Compact Brushless Drill

This is the first of three DeWalt brushless impact drivers that we will be reviewing. This impact driver in particular in part of a kit that also includes a brushless drill. This brushless impact driver in particular has a quarter inch hex chuck that is compatible with one-inch bit tips. 

The DCK277C2 has a compact design that is guaranteed to fit into fit areas and corners. From back to tip, the brushless impact driver is only 5.4 inches long, making it one stubby power tool that is highly convenient.

The handle on the DCK277C2 is ergonomic, meaning that it is shaped specifically for the human hand in mind. It feels comfortable, so holding it still for a period of time will not be a real problem.

The DCK277C2 also comes with an LED light, so that you can see in dark corridors easily. Both power tools use 20-volt lithium ion battery packs. Compared to impact drivers with brushed, this impact driver is said to last up to 57 percent longer. This kit also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

At 1750 RPM, it is capable of helping you out in basic projects, but not heavy-duty projects. Also, the chuck is made of plastic, rather than metal. With that said, you should expect to buy a few spare chucks so that you are ready to replace the old one when the time comes.


  • Includes a brushless drill
  • check
    Has a compact design
  • check
    Has a comfortable grip
  • check
    Lasts a long time


  • Chuck consists of plastic

2. Milwaukee 2750-20 Hex Compact Brushless Bare

This is a great-looking impact driver, brought to us by Milwaukee. This brushless impact driver, like DeWalt’s impact driver, has a quarter inch hex chuck that is compatible with one-inch bit tips. 

The 2750-20 can produce 1500 in-pounds of fastening torque, which means you can put in the tightest screws and remove them as well. It can last up to 50 percent longer than impact drivers with brushes.

From the back to the tip, the 2750-20 is 5.8 inches long. This is not as short as the DeWalt impact driver, but still decently short, so that it can work in tight, complicated areas.

The handle on this brushless impact driver is also ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It makes every use of the impact driver a pain-free experience. This brushless impact driver also has an LED light for working in the dark.

Unfortunately, this is an impact driver only. It does not come with an ion battery so that you can easily use it right away. If you have a Milwaukee power tool already, you can use that battery for this brushless impact driver. Otherwise, you will have to buy battery packs separately.


  • Has a comfortable grip
  • check
    Lasts a long time
  • check
    Has an industrial-style performance


  • Does not include battery packs

3. DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless Impact Driver

The second of three DeWalt impact drivers can be set to one of three speeds. Like the first two brushless impact drivers, this one features a quarter-inch hex chuck. From the back up to the tip is almost six inches in length.

The three speeds are 1000, 2800, and 3250 RPM. This gives you options for whether or not you want a steady torque, or an aggressive torque for very tough jobs. There is a precision drive to give you extra control, but that is only for the slowest speed.

The DCF887B also has three LED lights that can come on when you are working in dark areas, making it easier for you to locate screws and holes.

Like the other DeWalt impact driver, this one also includes a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. If it gets defected, and does not fail due to human error, you are sure to get a free replacement if it occurs within the first three years of ownership.

This brushless impact driver does not come with any batteries as well. It takes lithium ion batteries, and if you already have a DeWalt lithium ion battery packs, they will work to power this impact driver just nicely.

Furthermore, the chuck is a bit wobbly, and it does not guarantee a steady experience. If this is something that you can easily overcome, then it might be a very capable brushless impact driver for you.


  • Comes with three different speeds
  • check
    Includes a precision driver


  • Does not include battery packs
  • exclamation-triangle
    Has a wobbly chuck

4. Makita XDT131 Brushless Driver Kit

The Makita XDT131 is part of a kit. Along with the brushless impact driver, there is a lithium ion battery pack, a battery charger, and a tool bag. For quick bit changes, it also has a quarter-inch hex chuck.

This is a rather stubby impact driver, which is only five inches flat in length. With this impact driver, it is incredibly easy to fit through clumsy, tight places. The LED lights in the impact driver make it so that you can torque in the dark without requiring an extra flashlight.

This impact driver also has an all-aluminum gear housing so that the Makita can be used for a handful of years. It is reported that this impact driver lasts up to 50 percent longer than brushed impact drivers.

The handle is soft, ergonomic and made of rubber, so you can hold this brushless impact driver out for extended periods of time without getting tired. The XDT131 also has a three-year warranty.

This impact driver has got a variable speed. The harder you move the trigger, the higher the RPM is. This can be problematic if you want a fixed speed that is lower than 3400, however. This is one feature that many power tool users do not like using.


  • Has a comfortable grip
  • check
    Lasts a long time
  • check
    Has a variable speed option


  • Only one max speed with variable speed

5. PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L2  Brushless Combo

The PCCK647 has an unusual, but appealing design to it, with a use of red, white and dark grey. Some people have argued that it looks too much like a toy, however. It features a quarter-inch hex chuck to bits can easily swap in and out. There is also a brushless drill included. This kit also includes 1.5AH batteries and a battery charger.

The rubber grip is very comfortable to hold, and you can enough room for either large hands or hands with gloves on. The PCCK647 also comes with an LED light below the chuck for holes that are easy to see and locate in the dark.

This kit comes with a three-year company warranty. If for whatever reason the impact driver or the drill fails, you will get a replacement for the tool that does not work.

The PCCK647 has two speeds, 450 and 1800 RPM. One is for neat precision and one is for tough torquing power. Both of these are decent and handy speeds for this impact driver. The brushless impact driver is 5.8 inches in length.

At under 3 pounds, this is a very light impact driver, however, that might just be its achilles heel, because it certainly does not feel all that sturdy and professional. You would like to feel a powerful and reliable tool in your hands, and that is not what we feel with the PCCK647.


  • Has a nice design
  • check
    Includes a brushless drill
  • check
    Is light in weight


  • Feels very flimsy

6. DEWALT DCF899P1  Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench

The third DeWalt impact wrench in this review is part of a kit. Also included is a tool bag, a lithium ion battery pack, and a battery charger. This driver however has a half-inch hex chuck, so it might not be compatible with every drill bit that you own.

The DCF899P1 can be adjusted to one of three speeds, 400, 1200 and 1900 RPM. It also comes in variable speed so that you can adjust the speed with trigger sensitivity, as well. Like the other two DeWalt impact drivers, the DCF899P1 comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The DCF899P1 is known as a heavy-duty power tool that can take a beating and still run fine. It can withstand drops of up to eight feet high. It won’t break and won’t stop working; it will take plenty of drops for performance to take a dip.

This brushless impact driver also comes with an LED light so that working in dark rooms is not a problem. A unique feature in the DCF899P1, however, is a battery gauge that can tell you how much battery life is left. This comes in handy so that you can expect when it runs out of power, and that it doesn’t stop running unexpectedly.

Additionally, the DCF899P1 is a very heavy tool, weighing 7.2 pounds. It is unlike any of the other brushless impact drivers in this review.


  • Lasts a long time
  • check
    Comes with three different speeds
  • check
    Has a variable speed option


  • Not compatible with all drill bits
  • exclamation-triangle
    Is very heavy

How To Choose The Right Brushless Impact Driver

Why Brushless? 

Brushless impact drivers are highly recommended for a multitude of reasons. While they are known to be more expensive than brushed impact drivers, they require less maintenance, and therefore last much longer. Brushless tools also create less heat and run more efficiently. Some brushless tools are even compatible with smartphones. By buying brushed power tools, you will save money, but sacrifice some decent performance.


Brushless impact drivers are available in both 12 and 18-volt versions. When comparing torque, the 12-volt drivers have almost the same power found in 18-volt drivers. Sometimes, a 12-volt impact driver can get the job done well, but 18-volts are admired by experts and professionals that know how to use them quickly and effectively.


RPM means revolutions per minute. Impact drivers are meant to produce brute force, but be that as that may, you will not need the strongest force for every project. Some impact drivers come with two or more speeds. Some come with variable speeds. Even a few of them have both of these features. For the highest RPM on an impact driver with a variable speed, you will need to press down entirely on the trigger. It will spin really fast, but you will be sacrificing control and precision in the process.

Impact drivers with variable speeds will give you a larger range of RPM than impact drivers without variable speed. A variable speed trigger can also give you more control by using a smaller RPM than the maximum.


Torque is an impact driver’s feature presentation. For thick, long or complicated fasteners being forced into or forced out of a hard material, the impact driver is the only tool to help you do this job. 12-volt impact drivers can perform in between 800 to 1200 inch-pounds, whereas the 18-volt impact drivers can perform in between 1350 to 2250 inch-pounds. 


Brushless impact drivers are universally smaller than their brushed counterparts, as they are slightly smaller, lighter and more portable. In addition to size, the impact driver must also feel comfortable when you hold it. Most impact driver handles are made of rubber, and have designated spaces for where fingers go, so that it feels just right when you hold it, especially for the index finger and thumb.

The motor housing underneath the impact driver should also have a rubber surface for where you hold it in your other hand. This is especially the case for 12-volt impact drivers, since their batteries are not as likely to create a base to make the tool stand upright.

LED Light

Lights on the impact drivers are standard, as they not only help during the drive, but they can also help you drop in the fastener in an area that is dark or lit dimly.

Final Verdict

The brushless impact driver that we recommend to you the most is none other than the DEWALT DCF899P1 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2 Impact Wrench.

DeWalt’s power tools are absolutely nothing to take lightly. Their most powerful tools are usually the best tools in the whole industry, and the DCF899P1 is no different. With three speeds, unprecedented durability and a bunch of useful extras, such as a tool bag and battery charger, you will be on your way to getting projects done a lot faster in result of this purchase.

The PCCK647 came in a close second, and while it is a pretty handy impact driver, we question its durability, and how long it will last remains a mystery, unlike DeWalt’s impact drivers.

While all the other impact drivers do their jobs well, all consumers that use this DeWalt impact driver will fall in love after first use. It will serve workers for over a hundred different projects, and will undoubtedly be money that is well spent.


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