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Common Gun Malfunctions and How to Fix Them

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A firearm can be a reliable tool for personal safety, hunting, and sports shooting. However, like any mechanical device, guns are prone to malfunctions that can render them useless and even dangerous. This article will go over some of the most common gun malfunctions and how you should handle them.


Common Gun Malfunctions and How to Fix Them



A misfire occurs when a round fails to fire when you pull the trigger. This can happen due to a variety of factors, including a faulty primer or a dirty firing pin.

To troubleshoot a misfire, the first step is to ensure that the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. You can then inspect the primer to see if it’s been struck by the firing pin.

If the primer has been struck, but the round didn’t fire, the issue may be with the primer itself. In this case, try firing a different round to see if the issue persists. You also might want to clean the firing pin and inspect it for damage.


Common Gun Malfunctions and How to Fix Them



A stovepipe occurs when a spent casing fails to eject completely and gets stuck in the ejection port. This can happen if there’s something wrong with the extractor or chamber.

Start by inspecting the ejection port to see if a spent casing is lodged in it. If you find a casing, carefully remove it with a cleaning rod or other tool.

There also may be an issue with the extractor or the chamber. See if there’s dust or debris in these parts, or if there’s any wear and tear.


Common Gun Malfunctions and How to Fix Them


Double Feeds

A double feed occurs when the chamber has two rounds at the same time. This might happen without you even realizing it. A weak or dirty magazine spring can easily cause this issue.

Inspect the chamber to see if there are two rounds loaded. If there are, carefully use a tool to remove them. If there’s only one round loaded, the issue could be with the magazine, so you should wipe it down and check the spring’s condition.

If you’re unable to diagnose or fix your gun’s malfunction, seek professional help from a gunsmith Michigan. A gunsmith can make any needed repairs and give you advice on how to prevent further problems.

Most importantly, you have to stay calm and focused when dealing with firearm issues. Panic and frustration can lead to mistakes and even accidents. Take a deep breath, assess the situation, and follow the troubleshooting steps carefully.


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