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5 Tips for Designing a Custom Hoodie

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You can design and customize any piece of clothing imaginable, including hoodies. After t-shirts, hoodies may be one of the most popular items of clothing to customize. Here are five tips for designing a custom hoodie.

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1. Consider Hoodie Thickness

If you want to design your own hoodies, the first thing you should think about is how thick you want the material to be. Hoodies can be used for everything from outerwear to athletic wear, but for the most part people like them to be warm, thick and comfortable. Because of this, the average hoodie tends to be a very heavy article of clothing. You need to decide if that weight and thickness are appropriate for your needs and if so, how much thickness you want.

2. Choose Materials

Custom Hoodie

Custom Hoodie

Most hoodies are made with a cotton-polyester blend, which allows the material to breathe but also be flexible, but for a custom hoodie, you can use other fabrics if you so desire. You should choose a fabric you're comfortable with, in all aspects. Some manufacturers say that organic cotton gives clothing more longevity, for example, and using natural fibers is better for the environment. If you want a thicker, warmer hoodie, you'll also need to choose a lining fabric. Most manufacturers opt for fleece for inner linings.

3. Pick Your Size

How To Design Hoodies

How To Design Hoodies

If you're having a large batch of hoodies manufactured, you should order a variety of sizes so people who are buying them or to whom you're giving them have options. Some people prefer a snug fit. Others, particularly when it comes to garments like hoodies, prefer something larger and looser. If you're designing one hoodie for personal use, think about your own preferences in size, but also keep your own measurements in mind so it can be sized accurately.

5. Choose Design Placement

Design Hoodies

Design Hoodies

While most hoodies with designs have them placed front and center, a personalized hoodie can have designs anywhere. Hoodies have more design real estate than t-shirts, with long sleeves, hoods and front pockets. You could create a long or tall, skinny design to place on the sleeve or opt for a small design on or appearing to peak out from the pocket. You could even create a design to place on the hood, which could be a really unique design element.

4. Decide on Design Rendering

Designing A Custom Hoodie

Designing A Custom Hoodie

There are a few options available to place your design on your hoodie. A common choice is print screening, which is affordable and easy to do, especially if you're mass producing hoodies. However, the drawback is that this type of rendering is easily worn and cracked over time and use, especially if you need to wash your hoodie. A longer-lasting type of printing is direct to garment printing, a higher-quality option best used for small batches or intricate designs. The priciest but most durable option is embroidery, which provides your hoodie with some extra texture, can incorporate subtle design work and is hardier.

A hoodie can be a long-lasting item of clothing, so a customized hoodie can be a good reminder of something you want to commemorate for years to come.

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