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Things to Know While Making DIY Wooden Farmhouse Table & Bench

Wooden Farmhouse Table & Bench DIY

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A farmhouse on the city outskirts can be a great place to relax and unwind; it is far away from all the city noise and other overwhelming things that you have to endure while commuting to and from work each day. While a farmhouse is an incredibly relaxing place to break free from all this, you can make it even more relaxing by adding the right furniture to it.

By the right furniture, we mean the furniture that allows you to relax and have a nice feast outside. In other words, you need to get tables and benches for your farmhouse if you haven’t done that already.  While you can buy these farmhouse tables and benches from a furniture store, it is best that you learn how to build them. Luckily for you, we will provide you with the farmhouse table and bench plans absolutely free that teach you how to build a farmhouse table and how to build a farmhouse bench.

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Farmhouse table and bench plans

Farmhouse table

1.     DIY Farmhouse Table

When it comes to learning how to make a farmhouse table, the best place to start is the DIY farmhouse table. While this table does not have the same look as some of the more sophisticated farmhouse tables, it has a rustic feel, which makes it appealing in its own way. Once you’ve built the DIY farmhouse table, it will help you to create many memories. Following are the list of materials and step-by-step instructions for building this farmhouse table.

The Supplies and Tools You Will Need

  • Four 29” wooden table legs
  • Pure white paint in satin finish
  • Two 2×4 (8 feet long)
  • Dark walnut stain
  • Two 1×2 (8 feet long)
  • Wood glue
  • Seven 2×6 (72 inches long)
  • Finish nails of 2-inches
  • Two 1/2 -inch pocket hole screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Sander
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Kreg Jig Kit
  • Circular saw

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Drill all the pocket holes in the aprons. You will need two ends per apron. You will also require a 1/12-inch pocket hole that faces upward. This will be needed to attach the tabletop later on
  • Start building the top. Make sure the boards are straight. Use clamps for this purpose and clean the ends by using a circular saw if you find them a little of. Belt sand the top flat and then closing any gaps using silicone to prevent any outside elements from sticking in there.
  • To ensure that all pocket holes face up, flip over the tabletop and position the base on it. Through the predrilled pocket holes, start attaching into the tabletop
  • The building part of the DIY farmhouse table is complete. You can now flip over the table
  • Use wood filler to fill the holes and allow it to dry
  • If needed, apply more wood filler coats
  • Using grit sandpaper, sand the table in the wood grain’s direction after the wood filler has completely dried
  • Remove the sanding residue on the work surfaces
  • Wipe the table using a damp cloth

2.     DIY Farmhouse Bench

We have learned how to build a farmhouse table. Now, it is time to learn how to build a DIY farmhouse bench. Following is the complete list of materials and instructions needed for building the bench.

The Supplies and Tools You Will Need

  • One or two 2x6x96″
  • Two pocket screws of ½-inch
  • Two 2x3x96″
  • One 2x4x96″
  • Pocket Hole Jig
  • Hearing protection
  • Drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Miter saw
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start by assembling the sides
  • Trace the previous taper on the remaining legs
  • Set the saw to the center at about 22.5 degrees. Screw it in
  • Once both sides are screwed in, plug the holes. Use glue for this purpose. You can also tap it in
  • Smooth the sand
  • The next step would be to assemble the base
  • Start by drilling the pocket holes
  • Use four coats of white paint and stain for distressing
  • Drill the pocket holes and use the two ½ inch pocket screws to assemble
  • Next, assemble the top
  • Simple drill pocket holes and use the two ½ inch pocket screws to assemble
  • Stain to distress
  • Finally, assemble the bench
  • Use the existing pocket holes and two ½ inch pocket screws to do this
  • Finish using distressed stain for the base, and Rustoleum Carrington Wood Stain for the top. Additionally, use flat white paint as the color for the top and Rustoleum Carrington Wood Stain as the base color

3.     Rustic Farmhouse Table

This is one of the best DIY farmhouse table plans if you want to give your farmhouse a classic touch. Simple to build, the Rustic Farmhouse table can enhance the appeal of your farmhouse. Following is the complete material list and instructions to build this woodworking project.

The Supplies You Will Need

  • Three 2" x 12" tabletop pieces
  • Two 2" x 4" long aprons
  • Two 2" x 6" breadboard ends
  • Two 2" x 4" short aprons
  • Four 4" x 4" legs
  • One 2" x 4"Long stretcher
  • Two 4" x 4" short stretchers

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start by preparing the lumber
  • Cut the tabletop pieces along with the pieces for the legs, stretchers, and breadboard ends
  • Make sure the legs you cut are the size for dining room chairs
  • Crosscut the two short aprons
  • The next step will be to create the base
  • To do this, use the stretchers, legs, and aprons to make a base assembly
  • Attach a leg on any side of either of the short aprons
  • Drill two holes into each side of the apron’s back for the pocket screws
  • Using clamps, join the legs to the apron
  • Repeat the steps for assembling the second leg-apron
  • Using cross lap joints, join together the two leg-apron assemblies
  • Using a circular saw, mark the two outside lines to begin the half-lap joints on the legs
  • Using a triangle-shaped rafter square, guide the saw
  • Chop away the waste using a sharp chisel
  • On the short stretcher, cut the half lap-joints
  • On the short stretcher’s notched face as well as on the leg’s notched face, spread the glue
  • Next, join the pieces together
  • Lock the pieces together by driving in two half-inch coarse-thread pocket screw
  • Assemble

These are some of the best farmhouse table and bench plans available today. By using these plans as a reference, you can learn how to make a farmhouse table and also how to build DIY farmhouse benches.

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