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The ten Finest Sawzall Opinions & Patrons Information

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Lists of best sawzall including awzall Milwaukee, Sawzall Dewalt, Sawzall Makita, Sawzall Ryobi & more.

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A reciprocating saw, commonly known as Sawzall is one of the most versatile tools today. This is for professionals and homeowners the world over. They have a wide range of applications which make them among the most versatile tools around. They will save the day many times when you have trouble reaching the unreachable areas.

I have so many tools in my tool box but the most common used tool is my sawzall. I love the saw because you can subject it to almost any cutting task, and it will work well. Here are some of the best uses of a reciprocating saw. Also check out this site

  • Indenting walls
  • Changing PVC piping
  • Cutting tree branches
  • Cutting through nails
  • Fitting window & cutting through different materials among other uses

Check out our top best sawzall reviews that will be a great addition in your workshop. These products work well and provide the best cutting outcomes.

Lists of Our Top Models - Hand Selected 

Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall w/ Variable Speed Trigger
308 Reviews
Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall w/ Variable Speed Trigger
  • QUICK LOCK TECHNOLOGY: You can add and remove blades without tools thanks to the latch on the side of the unit
  • VIBRATION REDUCTION: An internal counter weight mechanism makes using the tool more comfortable and provides you with greater accuracy in your cuts
  • GEAR PROTECTING CLUTCH: The internal components will last longer with the help of a clutch. With it, the lifetime of your motor and surrounding gears will be extended compared to reciprocating saws that lack this feature
  • HIGH POWERED MOTOR: You can rip through wood at speeds as high as 3,000 strokes per minute, depending on how hard your press down on the variable speed trigger
  • CARRYING CASE: A high-impact rated polyurethane case is included for easy storage for your reciprocating saw
Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw
235 Reviews
Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw
  • Power Tools and Accessories
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee
  • 15.0 amp Milwaukee motor with highest overload protection in the industry, prevents motor burn up/failure
  • Constant power technology maintains constant speed under load for unmatched cutting performance
PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw
144 Reviews
PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw
  • Heavy-duty 7.5 Amp motor for effective cutting in a variety of applications
  • Twist Lock Tool free blade change for quick and easy blade changes
  • Variable-speed trigger maintains speed for multiple cutting tasks
  • Pivoting shoe easily maneuvers around objects while cutting
  • Soft grips rear handle and boot minimizes vibration for prolonged cutting
DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, 3,000 Strokes Per Minute, Variable Speed Trigger, Bare Tool Only (DCS380B), Black/Clear
7,095 Reviews
DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, 3,000 Strokes Per Minute, Variable Speed Trigger, Bare Tool Only (DCS380B), Black/Clear
  • 4-position blade clamp of DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw allows for flush cutting and increased positional versatility with tool-free blade changes
  • 1-1/8-inch stroke length delivers a fast cutting speed
  • Variable speed trigger with 0-3000 spm provides increased blade control and fast cutting speed
  • Pivoting adjustable shoe extends blade life and allows depth-of-cut control
  • Rubber comfort grip delivers optimal comfort and control
Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw - 11 AMP
1,297 Reviews
Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw - 11 AMP
  • Powerful 11.0 AMP motor that delivers up to 2,800 strokes per minute
  • Variable speed trigger for precise cutting in a wide variety of applications
  • Tool-less blade change and shoe adjustment for fast blade installation and removal
  • Long 1-1/8" stroke for faster cutting
  • Well balanced design (only 7.3 lbs.) for reduced operator fatigue and all-day use
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)
984 Reviews
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)
  • Powerful 10 amp motor of the reciprocating saw is designed for heavy-duty applications
  • 4-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased versatility
  • 0-2,800 SPM and 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast and efficient cutting
  • Variable speed trigger allows user to instantly control speed
  • Powerful 10.0 Amp motor for heavy-duty applications
BOSCH Bare-Tool CRS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw
345 Reviews
BOSCH Bare-Tool CRS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw
  • EFFICIENT: The Bosch CRS180B reciprocating saw delivers 1-1 8-inch stroke to remove more material per stroke. With a Bosch exclusive Lockjaw blade holder for fast one-handed blade changes, this reciprocating saw is built for speed and efficiency.
  • VERSATILE: With 2 included speed ranges, 0-2,400 SPM and 0-2,700 SPM, the reciprocating saw allows you to match the speed of the tool to the application. It easily handles multiple materials
  • CONVENIENT: The cordless saw also features a variable speed trigger which allows the user to ease into the cut without any kickback. At only 7.6 lbs, the Bosch CRS180B is convenient for over-head cutting.
  • ERGONOMIC: The saw provides an ergonomically shaped handle with comfort zone in the soft-grip area for a secure hold and low user fatigue
  • COMPACT: The Bosch CRS180B’s compact size makes it easier to get into tight spaces where other reciprocating saws won’t fit. A lightweight tool means less fatigue and this saw delivers the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.
DEWALT 20V Max Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Tool Only (DCS387B)
7,095 Reviews
DEWALT 20V Max Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Tool Only (DCS387B)
  • With the compact and lightweight design, 14-inch in total length of DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw fits between studs and allows user to make cuts in confined spaces
  • 4-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased positional versatility with tool-free blade changes
  • 1-1/8-inch stroke length delivers fast cutting speed
  • Variable-speed trigger with 0-2,900 spm provides blade control for precision cuts
  • Bright LED illuminates dark work areas for better visibility
Reciprocating Saw Kit, 0 to 3000 spm, 120V
139 Reviews
Reciprocating Saw Kit, 0 to 3000 spm, 120V
  • Powerful12 Amp Motor: Delivers 0-3,000 SPM for high performance cutting in a variety of materials
  • The product is durable; The product is easy to use; The product is manufactured in United States
  • 3/4" Stroke Length: Provides maximum cut control
  • Gear Protecting Clutch: Extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces caused by blade lock-ups
  • Counter Weighted Mechanism: Provides reduced vibration for smoother operation
DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw Kit
71 Reviews
DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw Kit
  • 12 Amp motor delivers increased power for heavy-duty applications
  • 0-2,700 SPM and 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast and efficient cutting
  • Keyless stainless steel blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes and increased reliability
  • Keyless adjustable shoe easily adjusts depth of cut and extends blade life
  • Variable speed trigger allows user to instantly control speed


Product Name

Editor Rating


Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall

Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp 

The ten Finest Sawzall Opinions & Patrons Information

Milwaukee 15.0 Amp Super 

PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw


The ten Finest Sawzall Opinions & Patrons Information

DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp 

Recommended Top  10 Best Sawzall Reviews

1. Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall Review

Editor Rating:

The Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall with 12 amp power is a heavy duty motor. It operates with up to 3000 rpm or strokes per minute. The Milwaukee, having one of the top speeds, a reciprocating saw can have operates in a seamless yet accurate cutting via any material with much less effort. Apart from the admirable motor power the same Sawzall has high-speed cutting mechanism. It is delivered by its ability to cut one up to one eight inch stroke length. It's also well-crafted design makes it possible to hold and carry around with ease.

The Milwaukee Sawzall has a gear protecting clutch which minimizes blade lock-ups problem that may emanate. With the Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall, be sure to enjoy vibration free and smooth operation.

It is incredible how this Sawzall easily performs what other massive power Sawzall can effortlessly. You can only expect efficiency and resilience from such a high caliber tool.


  • It is easy to use
  • Powerful 12 amp enhances high-performance cutting
  • Has counter weight mechanism meaning reduced vibration and smoother operation
  • Fast and tool free blade changes
  • More durable


  • Does not have a variable speed option

2. Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Editor Rating:

I am not surprised at the ability of the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall. What can I expect from such a highly reputable manufacturer? Only superior quality and heavy cutting. The Milwaukee 6538-21 also has a patented counterbalance mechanism that enables smooth running with very low vibrations.

This mechanism also aids in balancing the tool when performing heavy-duty jobs. If you have used a saw before, you realize the need for such a mechanism. Among its other best features include the patented gear-protecting clutch which helps protect gears and increase the life of the motor.

The feature works by absorbing impact forces caused by blade lock-ups. This mechanism will ensure your tool stays in the best working conditions and save a lot of money which could otherwise be used in buying blades and other replacements

But that's not it with the saw, the reciprocating saw is also ruggedly built to ensure good service life.


  • Easy to hold and use
  • Well-made and durable
  • High motor load protection to prevent motor burn up
  • Smooth and low vibration enabled by counter balance mechanism
  • Latest technology for unmatched cutting performance
  • Extended gear and motor life


  • A bit expensive

3. Porter-Cable PC75TRS  Reciprocating Saw Review

Editor Rating:

The PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS Reciprocating Saw delivers 3200 SPM and a stroke length of 1- 1/8 inches. At only 7.5 amps, it's not as powerful as other amps but will deliver as much as other saws can and can be very efficient for small scale cutting. You will also enjoy ergonomic benefits that come with this unit.

This includes an over-molded handle for comfort when handling and a clamshell boot for a soft grip and stress-free control. This will ensure you don't get fatigued while using the heavy equipment. An additional benefit with this  is the rubberized areas that do not get hot when used excessively.

The model has a tooled shoe adjustment mechanism that provides for easy depth modification. It's fast and effortless blade change is courtesy to the twist lock free blade.

Aside from all that, the saw has a variable speed trigger that maintains speed for multiple cutting tasks. All in all, the saw is a very nice tool that I am sure you will enjoy for years to come.


  • Twist-lock free for quick and easy blade change
  • Variable trigger for multiple cutting tasks
  • Has soft grip rear handles
  • Easily maneuvers while cuttingIs a heavy duty for effective cutting
  • Inexpensive


  • Is heavy

4. DEWALT DCS380B Reciprocating Saw Review

Editor Rating:

The DEWALT DCS380B Reciprocating Saw is all that you need in a reciprocating saw. The tool itself is great for a variety of projects which include tree cutting and precision cutting.With this tool on your hands, you can assertively handle not only an array of materials but also handle them effortlessly with adjustable speeds.

One of the best features of this model is the 4 position blade that you can easily adjust up, down right or left. This makes it extremely easy to make cuts that would be otherwise difficult cuts.

With other saws, such cuts would be close to impossible, but with this mechanism, such cuts are now possible. A caution, however, is that you have to install the blades in a correct manner to avoid movements and wobbling while cutting.

Among other quality features with this tool is the option of adjusting to preferable speeds. The tool's pivoting adjustable shoe extends usability of the blade and allows control of depth in cuts with additional precision.

Dewalt manufacturers have manufactured tools that have transformed traditional tools and workshops and set a high standard in the tool making industry. They understand what you need in a reciprocating saw. This particular saw is a perfect example of such high standards.


  • 4 position blade allows flush cutting and increased positional versatility
  • Faster cutting speeds with 1 1/8 inch stroke
  • Has a variable speed trigger for increased blade control and faster cutting
  • Extended blade life
  • Depth of cut control
  • Rubber over molded handle
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable


  • Does not come with a blade

5. Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Saw Review

Editor Rating:

The Makita JR3050T Reciprocating Saw is an ideal choice you can make when it comes to durability. This saw can be used in most of the heavy duty applications you can think of. Most of its components have been designed for durability and resilience on tough jobs. In addition to this the saw has the latest features based

on the latest technology used in reciprocating saws. Its 11 amp electric motor is just enough for it to perform its job diligently without stalling. The power provides superb pressures on all sorts of materials.

Its bearings have been developed for heavy duty applications and have been proven to exceed durability, 2-3 times more than the average bearings.The Makita also has an additional plastic casing that is included in the whole package

that makes handling the equipment easy and comfortable. It is made such that the tool is up to professional standards of an ideal reciprocating tool. You won't get a more durable yet affordable than the Makita JR3050T.


  • Fast cutting speeds with 1 1/8 inch stroke
  • Easy to handle
  • Has a plastic case for convenient storage
  • Affordable
  • Quick and painless blade and shoe changes
  • Externally accessible brushes for easy maintenance
  • Extended tool life


  • Some users have experienced a little difficulty in changing blades when it gets hot

6. DEWALT DWE304 Best Reciprocating Saw 

Editor Rating:

As you probably already know, DEWALT is one of the better brands that you can go with when it comes to a lot of power tools and you are going to find that it is especially true when it comes to looking for a reciprocating saw such as this one. 

As you will see, this is an imported saw and it comes with variable speed control. This feature allows you to increase the control of your saw when you are using it because you can match the correct speed of the saw to the application you are working on. Additionally, you are going to find that the motor on this saw is incredibly powerful and it is easy for you to use this saw on light projects or on some of the more heavy-duty projects you plan on doing.

While the variable speed feature was briefly mentioned above, you are going to find that the location of the variable speed on the trigger is incredibly useful because it allows you to instantly control the speed at the trigger with little to no effort on your end.

The powerful 10 amp motor is the perfect option when it comes to heavy duty applications and will provide you with everything you could possible need. Last but not least, the four-position blade clamp helps to make sure you have increased versatility at all times for the best results.


  • Variable speed control
  • Speed control trigger for instant access and easy control
  • Powerful motor
  • Works for heavy-duty applications
  • 10 amp motor
  • 4-position blade clamp


  • Little bit heavier than expected

7. Bosch Bare-Tool 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Saw Review

Editor Rating:

While I already talked about the DEWALT brand a little bit in the review above, you’re going to find that the Bosch tools are also one of the better brands you can go with and this particular saw is going to show that clearly for you. 

While there are some different options and upgrades you could go with, the base model of this particular saw has a 1.125 inch stroke that helps to remove more material per stroke for the best results at all times. The exclusive Lockjaw blade holder makes it simple for you to change out

the blade with just one-hand at all times. Additionally, like the previously reviewed models, there are two different speed ranges included so that you can easily match the speed of the saw to the application you are using.

In order to change the speed, you’re going to find that the variable speed trigger is a great options for you because it makes it easy for you to ease into the cut without any kickback from the saw. The ergonomically shaped handle helps to make sure you get a

comfortable grip with the comfort zone in the soft-grip area for a secure hold that really limits the fatigue you might experience. Lastly, the compact size is going to make it a lot easier for you to fit into tight spaces and the lightweight tool makes it easy for you to maneuver and reduces the fatigue you might experience.


  • 1 ⅛ inch stroke removes more material
  • Lockjaw blade holder for fast removal
  • Two speed ranges
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Battery doesn’t last nearly long enough
  • Could be a bit lighter

8. DEWALT 20-volt MAX Compact Saw Review

Editor Rating:

This is going to be yet another great saw that you will find made by DEWALT and there are very few bad things to say about this saw because it truly helps to meet just about all of the features and specifications you might want especially when it comes to both the brand and the price of this saw.

Like a lot of the other ones you have seen so far, this particular saw comes with a compact and lightweight design that makes it simple for you to get the results you want and bring the saw with you wherever you might want to take it.

In addition, you’ll find that will fit between studs and allows for the user to make small and precise cuts inside confined spaces while other saws just don’t make this possible for you.

If you’re looking to find flush cutting at all times, you’re going to enjoy the four-position blade clamp that allows for maximum versatility and the potential to cut however you see fit. The stroke length of this is around 1 ⅛ inch which means that it is going to consistently deliver fast cutting speeds so that you get the best results at all times.

Last but not least, this saw shares a similar feature like a lot of the other saws when it comes to the variable speed trigger. With this feature, you’ll be able to quickly and easily choose the speed you want to match the material you are planning to cut.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fits in confined areas
  • Easy to use
  • Four-position blade clamp
  • 1 ⅛ stroke length for faster cutting speeds
  • Variable speed trigger


  • Battery power is really bad

9. Milwaukee 12 Amp Sawzall Kit Review

Editor Rating:

If you want to go with a different brand than some of the ones that have already been talked about, this is one of the best options that you can go with because it comes with a ton of great features.

The powerful 12 amp motor on this particular saw is excellent because it can help to deliver anywhere from 0 to 3,000 SPM so that you get a high performance cutting experience no matter what type of material you might be cutting. 

This product is an excellent choice because it is durable, easy to use and the product is manufactured completely in the United States, which is always a great feature for most individuals. You’re also going to enjoy a ¾” stroke length to help provide maximum cut control at all times when you use the saw.

Continuing on with the features you are going to find when it comes to this particular saw, you’ll enjoy a gear protecting clutch that helps to extend the gear and motor life because it actually absorbs the high impact forces of the saw.

The counterweight mechanism makes it easy for the vibration to be reduced for a smoother operation. Last but not least, you will certainly find that the Quik-Lok blade clamp is perfect because it provides fast and tool-free blade changes so that you can pull it off at anytime.


  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • 0 to 3,000 SPM for high performance
  • Durable and easy to use
  • ¾” stroke length
  • Gear protecting clutch
  • Counterweight mechanism
  • Quik-Lok Blade Clamp


  • Little bit more expensive
  • Construction could be better

10. DEWALT 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Kit Review

Editor Rating:

Last but not least, you are going to enjoy this particular saw from DEWALT as it is one of the many saws on this list from DEWALT. It is going to be one of the more expensive options that you will find on this list but there are plenty of things to like about it. First of all, you’ll find that the 12 amp motor will deliver increased power at all times so that you get a saw that can be used in all situations, including heavy-duty applications.

 In terms of the speed of the product, it can range anywhere from 0 to 2,700 SPM and the stroke length is an exceptional 1 ⅛ inch so that you get fast and efficient cutting at all times for the best results you are going to find.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other great features you are going to love including the keyless stainless steel blade clamp that makes it easy for you to quickly and easily change the blade and you’re going to get a much better and reliable experience overall.

Additionally, the keyless adjustable show makes it simple for you to easily adjust the depth of cut as well as extend the blade life for a better overall performance. Last but not least, the variable speed trigger helps to allows the user to quickly, easily and instantly control the speed of the saw.


  • 12 amp motor for increased power
  • Perfect for heavy-duty applications
  • up to 2,700 SPM
  • 1 ⅛ inch stroke length
  • Fast and efficient cutting
  • Quick and easy blade changes
  • Variable speed trigger for instant speed


  • Little bit expensive
  • Some features could be better

Guide: How To Choose The Best Reciprocating Saw

Before you purchase a reciprocating saw, it is important to go through a few things that will help you make the best decision. Find out some of the things that you should know before buying the best sawzall.


One of the most important factors to consider is the amperage. The higher the amperage, the more the power. They vary from 7-15 amps. For a contractor who will use the saw on a daily basis, a 15 amp is most ideal. However, for light duty jobs, a lower amp will perform diligently. Conversely remember that the higher the amps, the higher the price.

Stroke Length

A saw expert will advise you that the longer a stroke, the faster the cut. This is true; however, you don't want a blade protruding too far into your material. The best means to come up with the ideal length is familiarizing yourself with your project to know what blade will work best for you.

Blade Change Mechanism

If you have used a saw before, then you understand how frequent you need to change blades. How you change blades impacts on your experience. Blade lock mechanism varies from tool to tool. Manufacturers have easier to change blade lock systems that don't require much experience.

Weight And Vibration

Weight should be considered when buying saws especially when you are likely to use them for longer periods and at off angles. A lighter and well-balanced saw minimizes fatigue that may result from a longer use of the saw.

Some saws vibrate more than their counterparts. You can imagine the amount of fatigue it can cause to your arm a highly vibrating saw when used for longer periods. However recent technologies have reduced such vibrations. Be sure to choose low vibration reciprocating saw.

Variable Speed Control

The speed of a saw cutting is measured in strokes per minute. A variable speed control means the speed is adjustable. It depends on the material you are cutting, the cutting precision you intend to achieve and the angle of your cutting. It can be useful to you if you choose an adjustable speed control for these reasons.

How to Cut a Shape in the Middle of A piece of Material?

Make Your Line

Now that your blade and your saw is set up and adjusted, you want to once again make sure that you have drawn the line that you are going to cut along for your circle. If you want it to have a perfect circular curve, make sure that you use some kind of perfectly cylindrical object that you can draw around to make your line. If you want to use a different shape, use an object that has the shape and dimensions that you need.

Drill a Hole

Before you actually start cutting, you need to make sure that you drill a hole into the inside edge of the shape that you are about to cut. This will give you your access point of where you are going to insert your reciprocating saw.

Insert the Blade and Start Sawing

If you are cutting an object in the middle of the material you are using, you probably want to use a jigsaw blade. A jigsaw blade will give you the ability to cut the shapes and the angles that you need to cut. Trace your saw along the line that you just drew so that you get the perfect cut.

Changing Your Saw Blade

Different materials and sawing situations may require different kinds of blades. For instance, if you are cutting wood, you are going to need a different saw than if you are cutting through metal. To change the saw blade, all you will need is the blade itself and typically an Allen key to release the blade that’s already in your saw.

Final Verdict

If you cautiously follow these buying recommendations I have stipulated above, you shouldn't find this venture difficult at all. You should be in a position to choose the top quality saw for your workshop.

I have reviewed only the best ones so whether you want a heavy duty or a lightweight design. The above guidelines should help you for an ideal reciprocating saw, but in the long run, it is down to your desires. So choose the best value for your money.

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