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Woodworking Tools: Must Have Tools for Beginners

Must Have Tools For Woodworking

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Among many other creative activities, woodworking can be an ideal one where you can let your artistry shine. It also can be adopted for professional means where you can make some quick bucks. All you need are some tools that will assist you in making fine woodworks. Get more ideas about Woodworking to care on

If you are a beginner, you might get overwhelmed with all these woodworking power tools for beginners that are available online. Instead of spending too much money, and crowding your toolbox with additional tools, pick the ones that will suit your purpose best.

You will need five types of woodworking tools that will cover most of the woodworking projects. A workbench for the base of operation, saw for cutting the woods, assembly tools to hold the parts together, measuring tools to get the precise angles, and finally sanding machines to get the quality texture.

The following beginner guide will node you in the right direction.


Different Types of Workbench for Woodworking

As a woodworker, the very first thing you will need is a base of operation to work on your projects. This is where workbenches are must-have equipment for you. Workbench provides a stable platform where you can work on your project freehand.

Various types of workbenches are available out there. They vary depending on the work surface, vises, design, and added features such as cabinets. Choose the one that suits you and your workspace best.

Woodworker’s Bench

Woodworking Tools: Must Have Tools for Beginners

It is built with hardwood, woodworker’s bench is the most common configuration for woodworking. It has two vises, one located at the tail of the bench and one at the front. It comes with a shelf attached that gives stability and storage space.


Cabinetmaker’s Bench:

Bench Vise


You will find this bench quite similar to the woodworker one as it also possesses two vises and hardwood top. What makes this bench different from the woodworker one is the casework located below the working surface. It also has featured such as bolts or collars for holdfast.


Portable Bench

Portable Bench

Portable Bench

If you are looking for flexibility, a portable bench is a perfect fit for you. Portable benches provide height adjustment and portability as you can carry it around like a briefcase. If you are always on the go, this type of bench should be your ideal choice.


Saws for woodworking

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

An excellent woodworking piece requires cutting and reshaping of a large chunk of wood. This is where saws come in handy as they ensure a precise cut. Whether you are trying to cut oak-like hardwood or pine-like softwood, the saw will be your friend in need.

Saw comes in different shapes and sizes. They also vary according to the purpose of use and blade variation. Let us give you an idea about the different varieties of saws.


Circular Saw

Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw

Exactly as the name suggests, this saw has a circular blade having sharp teeth that will tear through any wooden surface. This type of power activated saw should be in every wood worker’s toolbox.





Also known as a saber saw this saw offers straight, curved, and twisted cuts. Imagine a Jigsaw puzzle, and you will get the idea of what type of wounds can be done with this tool. This is a must-have tool under woodworking power tools for the beginner's category.


Table Saw

Table Saw

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

It offers precision for your woodworking project. Attached to the work surface, you can make cuts that are quite hard to achieve with any regular saw.


Measuring Equipment for Woodworking

Get measurements


Your wooden project needs to be precise, and this is one of the essential woodworking power tools for beginners. Devices such as framing squares, tapes, and folding rulers will come in handy as you make a precise judgment about assembling your wooden parts.


Assembly Tools for Woodworking



Now that you have all the pieces you need for your wooden project; the next step is to assemble them. Assembling the parts require tools such as hammer, mallet, and drills that will assist in piecing the parts together. Ultimately this will shape up your wooden project precisely as you desired.


Sanding Supplies for Woodworking



Sanding, along with filing and planning, gives the wood project a finished look and makes it attractive. No matter how precisely your saw can cut, you still need to sand and plane your wooden project for it to be finalized. Different types of sanding and planning supplies include-



  • Scrapper Planes: Used to scrap wooden surfaces to give it a super smooth finish.
  • Block Planes: Smaller in size, these planes are used for achieving smooth joints in wooden projects.
  • Jack Planes: This is a multipurpose plane as it can be used for booth smoothing and joints.
  • Joining Planes: Pretty similar to Jack planes, but has a longer frame.





  • Belt Sander: This sander is used to remove a large chunk of wood in a short time.
  • Orbital Sander: Electric, versatile, and preferable by woodworker, this sanding tool is used to remove wooden chunk in a polish manner.
  • Disc Sander: Almost all orbital sander is disc sander, but the variance relies on the spinning of the disc as disc sander spin in a fixed motion.


Final Words

Woodworking can be a hell of an experience if you have the proper tools in your arsenal. The above woodworking power tools for beginners are must-have if you are considering to work on your wooden project.

One last tip we can give you is always to consider the quality of the equipment. Getting equipment that performs well and is durable will make your woodworking efficient and safe. Head out there and grab these -must-have tools as you are about to enter the creative world of woodworking.


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