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What Are the Best Sawzall Blades for Metal?

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It is essential to have the right tools to cut through metal with accuracy and simplicity. Do you know which are the best sawzall blades for metal? Metal saw cutting blades are one such tool that can significantly affect your cutting projects. But with many brands accessible in the market, picking the best one can be daunting.

In this article, we’ll take a more critical gander at probably the best Metal saw cutter brands, focusing on their vital features to assist you with settling on an educated choice for your cutting requirements.

Best Tile Saw Blades
Best Tile Saw Blades

Explore the Best Metal cutting blades Best Sawzall Blades for Metal



DEWALT is a famous name in the realm of power tools and accessories, and definitely a Best Sawzall Blades for Metal, and its metal cutting blades are no exception. DEWALT blades are built to last with strong, high-quality materials that can withstand heavy-duty cutting tasks. Their metal saw blades are designed for exact and clean cuts, reducing the requirement for additional finishing work. DEWALT offers many metal cutting blades, catering to different metals and cutting applications.


Pros of DEWALT Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Durable construction
  • Sharp teeth for efficient cutting
  • Wide variety of blade types
  • Compatibility with all Sawzall reciprocating saws


Cons of DEWALT Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Higher cost
  • Limited availability in some stores


2. Diablo:

Diablo is a brand that’s synonymous with high-performance cutting tools, and their Metal cutting reciprocating saw blades are the same. Diablo blades often feature innovative tooth designs, resulting in faster and smoother cuts through various metals. These blades are engineered to limit vibration and commotion, improving user comfort during cutting. Diablo metal cutting blades are known for their longevity, reducing the frequency of blade changes.


Pros of Diablo Sawzall Blades:


  • Designed for tough metal cutting
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Available in various sizes and types
  • Easy to use and quick to change
  • Relatively affordable


Cons of Diablo Sawzall Blades:


  • Noisy operation
  • Heat generation leading to potential blade warping or damage
  • Safety concerns if not used correctly


3. Bosch:

Bosch is a very much respected brand in the realm of power tools and accessories. Their metal saw cutter blades accompany a few features that make them a top decision for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Numerous Bosch metal cutting blades have carbide teeth for exceptional cutting performance and durability. These blades offer perfect and exact cuts, resulting in less waste and smoother edges. Bosch metal cutting blades are designed to fit a variety of saws, giving versatility to different cutting applications.


Pros of Bosch Sawzall Blades for Metal:


  • Durability
  • Speedy Cutting
  • Longevity
  • Versatile Selection
  • Affordability


Cons of Bosch Sawzall Blades for Metal:


  • Brittleness
  • Cost Variability
  • Durability Compared to Competitors


4. Milwaukee:

Milwaukee is another industry chief about Metal cutting reciprocating saw blades. Their metal cutting blades offer a scope of features to ensure a seamless cutting experience. Milwaukee blades have carbide teeth that can withstand high-impact cutting, reducing wear and tear. These blades are designed for speed and proficiency, making them ideal for cutting many metals. Milwaukee’s metal cutting blades often feature an exact kerf design, reducing heat buildup and friction during cutting.


Pros of Milwaukee Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Durability
  • Speedy Cutting
  • Longevity
  • Versatility
  • Affordable


Cons of Milwaukee Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Cost
  • Durability Comparisons
  • Proper Use Essential


5. Lenox:

Lenox is a brand known for its innovation in the cutting tool industry. Their metal cutting blades accompany unique features. Lenox’s T2 technology results in extended blade life, reducing the frequency of blade replacements. Numerous Lenox metal cutting blades feature bi-metal construction, combining the best of both universes for exceptional durability and cutting performance. Lenox blades often have user-accommodating features like simple plug expulsion, making them convenient to use.


Pros of Lenox Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Durability
  • Fast and efficient cutting
  • A variety of blade types are available
  • Good value for money


Cons of Lenox Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Higher cost
  • Limited availability compared to some brands


6. Makita:

Makita is a notable brand in the power tool industry, and its metal cutting blades are designed for durability and precision. Numerous Makita blades are constructed with high-quality Japanese steel, ensuring longevity and sharpness. The thin kerf design of these blades reduces material wastage and heat buildup during cutting. Some Makita blades accompany anti-corrosion coatings, improving their resistance to rust and wear.


Pros of Makita Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Blade Variety
  • Affordable


Cons of Makita Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Slightly less durable
  • Limited in-store availability
  • Limited Versatility


7. Evolution Power Tools:

Evolution Power Tools has practical experience in metal cutting solutions, and their metal cutting blades are known for their innovation. Numerous Evolution blades are designed to cut metals, wood, and plastics, offering versatility in your projects. Evolution blades use cold-cutting technology, which implies they produce negligible heat and burrs, resulting in cleaner cuts. These blades are engineered for extended blade life, reducing the requirement for frequent replacements.


Pros of Evolution Power Tools Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Long-lasting
  • Fast cutting
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


Cons of Evolution Power Tools Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Limited availability
  • Higher initial cost, but cost-effective in the long run


8. Norton Abrasives:

Norton Abrasives is a brand that’s synonymous with rough solutions, and its metal cutting blades are designed for precision and reliability. Norton blades feature progressed holding technology, ensuring the rough material remaining parts are securely attached to the blade. These blades offer consistent cutting performance, maintaining their sharpness and effectiveness over the long run. Norton often incorporates safety features into their blades, reducing the gamble of payoff and other potential dangers.


Pros of Norton Abrasives Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Value for money


Cons of Norton Abrasives Sawzall blades for metal:


  • Higher cost, offset by superior performance and longevity
  • Limited availability; can be ordered online or from specialty retailers


Our Top Picks Sawzall Lists

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades, Bi-Metal Set with Case, 12-Piece (DW4892)
  • Combination sets provide a selection of reciprocating saw blades for common applications
  • Telescoping ToughCase container expands to holds multiple blades sizes and can fit in DEWALT power tool kit box
  • Blades are Made In The USA With Global Materials
  • EXTREME DURABILITY - Iron Blast Technolog surface enhancement strengthens the blade to resist fatigue and teeth stripping
25 Pack 9 inch 14/18 TPI Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal Auto Dismantling Reciprocating Saw Blades for 1/16-5/16 Medium Metals
609 Reviews
25 Pack 9 inch 14/18 TPI Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal Auto Dismantling Reciprocating Saw Blades for 1/16-5/16 Medium Metals
  • High Quality Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades (25 total in pack)
  • For maximum performance and durability while cutting through Steel and other Metals
  • Ideal for use in Auto Dismantling, Fire & Rescue, Construction, Demolition + More
  • With Perma-Shield Coating to protect the blades for a longer lasting superior cutitng life
  • Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty
BOSCH RDN9V 5 pc. 9 In. 5/8 TPI Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades for Wood/Nail Demolition
  • 9 In. 5/8 TPI Bi-Metal blade for wood with nails demolition
  • Turbo-Teeth technology – lasts up to 3X longer than standard reciprocating saw blades
  • Engineered for extreme cuts – delivers excellent cuts during high-performance applications
  • Precision ground blade – starts sharp and stays sharper
  • Swiss-made blade – constructed with premium materials for reliable performance
Milwaukee Electric Tool 49-22-1129 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 12 Pc, White
2,417 Reviews
Milwaukee Electric Tool 49-22-1129 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 12 Pc, White
  • Thick blades - .042-inch and .062-inch for extreme applications.
  • 1-Inch height for added strength
  • Wide, allowing it to fit in tight spaces.
LENOX Tools Reciprocating Saw Blades, Metal Cutting, 6-Inch, 18 TPI, 25-Pack (20494B614R)
  • Bi-metal construction for durability and long life
  • Power Blast Technology strengthens the blade to reduce breaks
  • Versatile blade cuts easily through thin and medium metals
  • T2 Technology allows efficient cutting in the widest range of materials
  • Bi-metal construction
Makita - 6Pc Recip Blade (723086-A-A)
1,205 Reviews
Makita - 6Pc Recip Blade (723086-A-A)
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning Products
  • Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • All Products Have Been Designed With The Professional In Mind
  • Constantly Modernizing Our Powerful Devices To Meet The Demands Of The Modern User
Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEAL Aluminum Cutting Saw Blade, 14-Inch x 80-Tooth , Green
  • 1600 RPM
  • 80 Carbide Teeth, .094-Inch Kerf
  • 1-Inch Arbor Size, -Note: Designed for use with Evolution saws or other low RPM saws.
  • Compatible with: Evolution S355CPSL, S380CPS, EVOSAW380, Dewalt DW872, Jancy MCCS14 / MCCS14-2, Milwaukee 6190-20, MK Morse CSM14MB, Ridgid 614, and Steelmax S14


The market for metal cutting blades is broad, with numerous reputable brands offering many features to meet different cutting requirements. Whether you prioritize durability, precision, versatility, or whatever other explicit aspect, there is a reasonable brand that caters to your requirements. While selecting a metal cutting blade brand, make sure to consider the unique features that line up with your projects and cutting tools, ensuring that you have the best tool to get everything taken care of.

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