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How to Put a Blade in a Sawzall – Full Instruction

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For those of us who have used the Milwaukee Sawzall for years, there seems to be no alternative. The reliable and sturdy reciprocating saws are an all-rounder for household and DIY projects and cutting through materials like wood, PVC, metal and others.

You will need to change the blades of the saw depending upon the type of project you are involved in, so it is natural to ask how to put a blade in a Sawzall. The newer models have a special mechanism and do not take even a minute to replace the blades.

For the older makes, you need to give a minute or two to do the job. Today I will show you how to exactly change the blade of your Milwaukee Saw- the older models and for the newer models.

How to put a Blade in a Sawzall? Sawzall Blade Install Steps – Older Models

Things to Arrange:

  • Your model of the Sawzall
  • The Sawzall blade that you want to put in
  • Hex Key to take out the locking screw (generally it is supplied by the manufacturer)
  • Safety goggles and gloves as your protective wear

Steps to Replace the Blade

Weather Milwaukee Sawzall blade install or Dewalt Sawzall blade install or Ryobi Sawzall blade install or Porter Cable Sawzall blade install, read below for steps to steps guides.

Make sure the saw is unplugged from the power outlet before you start working on it. If it runs on batteries, remove them. Put on the gloves and safety goggles too.

Choose a place with adequate lighting to have a better working environment.

Step 1: Locate the Blade Clamp Screw

You will the blade of the Sawzall attached to a device called the spindle. There will be a blade clamp screw located on the right or left side of the spindle.

Step 2: Loosen the Screw

Now take the hex key and insert it into the blade clamp. To loosen the screw, rotate it in a counter clockwise direction. 

Pro Tip

It is not required to take out the screw completely. You can detach the blade by loosening it to a level.

Step 3: Replace the Blade

Now remove the blade by wiggling it and pulling it out of the spindle. Take the replacement blade and insert it into the spindle till the blade’s tang comes in contact with the spindle.

Now use the hex key to turn the blade clamp screw in a clockwise direction to tighten it. Keep tightening until the blade is held securely in the spindle. Remove the hex key and use your Sawzall for your project. Follow OUR BLOGS for proper direction.

Pro Tip

You will find a hole located at the base of the cutting blade. It is the hole which secures the blade with the clamp screw. Make sure the hole and screw is aligned properly.

How to put a Blade in a Sawzall? – Models with ‘Qucik-Lok’ Blade Clamp

The newer models of Milwaukee Sawzalls are equipped with a quick release lever known as the ‘Qucik-Lok’ blade clamp. It makes it really convenient to change the blades and you can get the job done under a minute.

Things that you will Need

  • The reciprocating saw
  • Replacement blades suitable for your project

Before you Begin

Remove the battery pack before you proceed to change the blade to avoid any mishap.

Steps to Change the Blade

Step 1: Take the Blade Out

Find the collar located at the bottom of the cutting blade. Turn it in the direction of the arrow provided on the clamp and pull the blade out gently.

Step 2: Put in the New Blade

Rotate the collar in the direction of the arrow and simultaneously insert the blade into the clamp. The tang of the blade should come in contact with the collar.

Pro Tip

Make sure the spindle and the blade clamp region is free from any sawdust or metal chips to ensure the blade is held securely.

Step 3: Lock the Blade in Place

After you have inserted the blade, let go off the collar. The spring loaded mechanism will come into play and lock the blade tightly in place. Now turn the collar to the direction opposite to the arrow on it to make sure the blade is locked into the clamp.

Your Sawzall is now ready to use.

Pro Tip

After you have fixed the blade, tug it to check if it is secured or not. You can watch this video which beautifully explains how to change the blade of a Sawzall using ‘Quick-Look’ clamp- 

How to put a Blade in a Sawzall? – Latest Models

You have a quick release lever in the new models of Sawzalls which eliminates the use of any tool for replacement of the cutting blade.

Things to Arrange

You will not need anything other than the replacement blade and the saw

Steps to Replace Blade

Step 1: Detach the Blade

Locate the quick release lever located at the end of the blade and pull it. Pull the blade out.

Step 2: Attach the new Blade

Take the replacement blade and put in the clamp while holding down the lever. Release the lever after the blade is placed securely in its place.

Here is a video from Prime Industrial Products which shows how to use the method to replace your blades- 

I have covered all the possible means of changing the blades of a Sawzall. I hope you will find it useful when you need to replace the blades multiple times during a project. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to share this informative guide with anyone you want.

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