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Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

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Shieldon has become well-known for its professionalism and attention to detail, evidenced by the completion of a six-month project that includes living knives, training knives, and a K-sheath packed together in a sleek black plastic bag.

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During this time frame, one month was devoted to drawing up plans while another focused on prototyping and readjustment; two months were dedicated solely to production.

Even though each stage presented its own obstacles that demanded resolution, Shieldon’s highly qualified team confidently overcame them with their wealth of OEM knives and tools industry know-how!

Shieldon has yet again proven itself as a reliable partner when it comes to OEM service.

In this article, we will detail why Shieldon was chosen by a training center manager to provide the training knives and K-sheaths needed for their program.


How did the Project Started?

Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

In search of a swift and efficient solution, the manager of a packed training center connected with Shieldon for help OEMing his 2020 training tool set.

With no time to create or design it himself – he turned to our team of specialists instead; beginning with an easy-to-follow sketch drawn up using an online program.

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Knowing exactly what a customer wants in their project can be difficult without having any more than an initial sketch.

Fortunately, Shieldon was provided with plenty of information from the client while still being allowed the freedom to explore and create on their own terms.

Thanks to this combination of guidance and creativity, the project was completed successfully!

Not only did Shieldon’s team of professionals help the client save on trial website expenses, but they also gave him peace of mind so that he could focus more energy and resources on expanding his own business.


What did Shieldon provide to the company?

Shieldon, being in the OEM business for 10 years, knows what and how to customize clients’ projects.

In this case, the company was asked to create a 6-month long project that included both training knives and K-sheaths packed in a sleek black plastic bag.

The team of specialists took advantage of their deep knowledge and expertise in the field to produce:


Sketches and rendering of images

Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

Before manufacturing two fixed knives, a K-sheath, and their corresponding live and training versions could begin, the CAD data had to be verified.

The goal of the design and manufacturing process was to create a handle scale with an alluring concave-convex texture, as this feature is not only visually pleasing but also complexly difficult to manufacture.


Series number of lasers

Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

In the event that clients are interested in using the limited edition of the toolkit, Shieldon pros are required to engrave the one-of-a-kind serial number on each knife.

Shieldon cannot provide any names or total numbers related to these knives, not even the number 001, in order to protect customer anonymity.

However, Shieldon specialists have safely lasered a series of numbers ranging from 001 to X00 at the backspace of each and every one of the active blades.



Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

Shieldon was tasked with creating a K-sheath that could accommodate them both securely.

They need an identical reproduction of the blades so that they could get an accurate measurement of the inside dimensions. 

Shieldon was only given this concept and no direction on how to put it into action when he came up with the brilliant idea of designing a K-sheath that was capable of holding both live knives and training knives in a single sheath.

The end outcome was fantastic, and the patrons were undoubtedly amazed by the level of innovation shown.


Packaging and shipment

Reasons Why The Training Center Manager Chose Shieldon For Training Knives

After the Shieldon experts suggested a few budget-friendly packaging options, the client ultimately decided on black plastic bags with their company logo printed onto them.

This attractive and economical method of displaying their product dramatically increased customer engagement while saving money in the process!

Shieldon’s experts equipped the knives with a K-sheath, artfully fitting them in an uncomplicated case before sealing them firmly within a glossy black plastic pouch.

Although their packing was quite simple yet effective, they wanted to make sure that even under difficult transportation conditions it would still remain robust.

Aluminum is renowned for being flexible and prone to cracking.

Shieldon’s expedited customs clearance and efficient logistics services made it so that all customers had to do was wait for their packages, which were sealed in boxes and safely airlifted on their way.

Model creators and sellers may possess expertise in their craft, but lack an understanding of international trade.

Understandably, many are anxious about how to safely bring products into new markets.

Fortunately, Shieldon is here to help! We have been solving this issue for years with our one-stop service that ensures customers peace of mind knowing we’re handling everything for them!



Before Shieldon’s lengthy voyage, they sent images and a detailed packing list to the customer so that they could audibly comprehend exactly how much had been placed into each box.

Additionally, they utilize a sturdy crate and ample bubble wrap for protection to ensure no harm is caused during overseas shipping.

Before sending them out, Shieldon ensured that each box was securely sealed.

When crossing international borders, all goods must be declared to the customs authorities of both countries, just like in any other shipment abroad.

Shieldon offers a comprehensive solution that covers the whole process of manufacturing and distribution, enabling businesses to take full advantage of our expertise.

Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about customs clearance; your items will be shipped directly and promptly to the desired address.


Shieldon – Your Trusted OEM Service Provider

Shieldon is the perfect OEM service provider for companies looking to create and sell their products in different markets.

They have years of experience helping our clients safely transport their goods, offering expedited customs clearance services as well as efficient logistics solutions.

With Shieldon’s expertise, you can rest assured that your product will be delivered on time and with no complications!

Contact Shieldon today for more information!