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How To Select And Size A Solar System For Your Boat?

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Owning a boat of your own is such a prestigious thing. Until you have to worry about the cost and picking up the right size of elements. But in today’s world, you can minimize the cost by choosing solar panels for boats.

To choose the right side of the boat you have to maintain some facts and need to know what should you follow before choosing the solar panel. So, we present this article to learn the facts that what you need to follow before selecting the right size of solar panels on your boat.

Concept of Solar Panel

The solar panel is a device that saves the solar energy by absorbing from the sun directly. This device or solar panel distributes the power among the electrical equipment and runs or provides the service smoothly. For this reason, you don’t have to use extra electricity on the boat or yacht. You can just set the solar panel and the rest of the work will do the sun. The technology will convert the sun rays into power energy and make it useable. 


Solar Panel Working System on Boat

Now a day’s solar energy is so much accessible that people use it in the transportation system also. And the latest addition is included on the boat. There are lots of advantages to using the solar panel. Here you will see how the solar panel works on a boat.

When the sun hits on the panel area, it creates energy. This energy converted into the current and saved into a battery. Then, you can connect this battery with every electrical device if you want and run the electrical appliances. You can choose a controller for the charger. Without this, you will be unable to control the devices for the charger, and overheating or charging will damage your devices.


Selecting Method of Solar Panel for your Boat

As you already know that the solar panel works amazingly on the boat. But you need to know that choosing the proper solar panel with the right size is also necessary. So, here is some information about types, size, and how o set the solar panel on your boat.


Types of Solar Panels for your Boats

There are several types of boats based on quality, cost, and absorbing types of sun rays. Let’s find out which kind of better works for your boat.

●      Glass Fronted

This solar panel is lower in cost with the best service. You will get the highest energy within a minimum range. This glass-fronted is made of polycrystalline and monocrystalline types. For a cheaper rate, you can use the polycrystalline material on the solar system. This solar can not survive the hot weather. But, the monocrystalline material of the solar panel is expensive and works efficiently, even in the warm weather. This material is also active in cloudy weather.

●      Polycarbonate

This solar panel is one of the expensive solar panels with polycrystalline technology. This panel is more flexible than the others and can be fixed with a silicon adhesive. You can use this panel for yachts easily. 


Charge Controller of the Solar System on Boat

While using the solar panels on the boat, you need to use the charger controller along with the solar panel, or else, your devices will be damaged because of overheating problems. So, here are some various types of charger controller you need to focus on.

●      Basic Controllers

These primary controllers of the charger are the cheapest and one of the simplest for the boat. This controller uses modulation technology for encoding the information to transmit on a boat.

●      Mid Controllers

This controller also uses the modulation technology with a pulse. But it includes LCDs for displaying the charging status with battery health and growth.

●      MPPT Controllers

MPPT charger controller is one of the expensive ones with the maximum capability of holding power. This controller also uses individual panels for better performance.


Choosing the right Size of Solar Panel for your Boat

After selecting the types and charge controller you want to use on your boat for solar panel, now it comes to choose the right size of solar panel on your boat. Different types of boats required different solar panels based on the consumption of energy, boat size, and many more things.


Calculation of Power Consumption

It is essential to calculate the power consumption of your boat. How much power or energy you need on your boat will give you a decent idea of choosing the accurate size of the solar panel. You need to make a list at first, what appliances you will use from the solar power.

Also, you have to calculate the watt per hour and know the amount of energy your solar panel can capture. Some of the solar panels can consume energy for almost 6 to 8 hours. So, if the calculation is in the right way, you will be able to pick up the solar panel with the accurate size that you want for your boat.


Benefits of Choosing the Right Size of Solar Panel

Already we discussed what criteria you need to follow to choose the right size of solar panel on your device. Here we will show you some benefits of using the right size of a solar panel on your boat. Follow the part to know more.

  • The accurate size of the solar panel will provide you the best service. You can run all appliances through the panel.
  • You can calculate how many appliances you can use properly.
  • The size of the solar panel will give you the idea of how much energy you can save within a limited time.
  • The perfect size of the solar panel will save you the extra cost.
  • Also, the damage ratio of the appliances will be zero, if you choose the perfect solar panel for your boat.


Final Thought

After calculating all the facts and making a list of those facts will help you to use the proper solar panel for your boat with the right size. Also, you need to know about the types of solar panels. So that you will quickly decide which one is perfectly fitted for your boat.

To select the size of the solar panel and set it up on your boat perfectly will give you good service on the water.  Considering the factors before choosing the solar size is necessary. This way you will know which solar panel will give you how much longer service while you are enjoying the summer on the boat.



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