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Top 10 Longboard Tricks For Beginners

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Longboards are getting popular day by day. People are getting modern and a new trend is longboard tricks. It not only a trend but also a desire of all longboard users.

It's not so easy for the beginners to master some tricks. If you know the proper rules and practice then you can master some tricks.

In this article, you will discuss some easy longboard tricks for beginners and Since you are new longboarder, you should know which longboard is best for you.

Longboard Tricks for Beginners

There are multiple tricks you can do on a longboard. But being a beginner you have to learn the basics first and then taking the safety measures you can start practising the easier tricks. Here are some tricks are given below.


1. One leg squat

Placing your front leg properly on the board, push it slightly. Bend your other leg and keep it in the air. Try to keep your arms extended and in front. Then do as many squats as possible with your front leg. You can alter the leg position after several practices.


2. Pivots

This is the most basic trick of longboarding. Most of the beginners start practising with this trick. You have to bend your knees and wind up your body 180 degrees. Your board will automatically turn 180 degrees also. While turning around your body weight should be shifted to your front leg.


3. One foot balance

Maintaining balance on the longboard is the most important thing you have to learn. First, you have to position your front foot in front of the screws and make a slight pushing force. Your back foot will be the dominant foot for making force from the ground. Then you have to ride your board again after covering some distance.


4. Foot brake

It is the trick which is important for stopping the longboard. Keeping your body weight on the front foot, turn it a little forward while your back foot will be in the bending position. Then bring the back foot down and apply more weight to slow down the board. To maintain the balanced use of your hands too.


5. Ghost ride

It is one of the shortest but funnier tricks for beginners. First, you have to be in your normal position to maintain the balance. Then touch the ground by your back foot across your front foot. Then get off your front foot from the board and bring it near the back foot and again step on the board.

longboard tricks

longboard tricks

6. 180 no comply

It is a little harder but if you practice it from the beginning you can achieve great confidence. While remaining on the board you have to lean your body a bit to the front. Then slide your front foot off the board while rotating the body and place the foot on the ground. Push kick on the tail keeping the back foot on the board. While the board rotates in the air, jump back on to it again. During all these movements the board makes a 180-degree turn.


7. Cross step

If you love dancing then this is the perfect trick for you. Keep rolling with medium pace and move your front foot towards the tail in the back. During this maintain your balance with your arms. Now move your back foot toward the nose across your front foot and then shift your body weight to the new front foot. Keep maintaining the balance through your arms.lastly ride the nose with both feet and enjoy it. This technique can be done well on a cruising longboard.


8. Downhill tuck

Place your front foot near the front in the deck. Stand on the toes of your back foot in the back. Bend your body and keep your hands behind the back. Then arching the back, place your chest on your knees and slope downward.



There are thousands of tricks you can perform on your longboard. Once you are properly taught the basics of riding longboards. You can practice the above tricks which are suitable for beginners. Once you become perfect in these tricks you should try harder tricks to make your riding adventurous.

Never forget to take safety measures before practising or performing tricks on your longboard. Without precautions, you can face accidents or severe injuries. Hopefully, this article will help you through your learning process.



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