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8 Tips To Sharpen Your MIG Welding Skills

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gas tungsten arc welding

Let's face it; welding is not the safest occupation to choose, nither it's easy to master. If you're planning to start welding and wondering which method to pick, MIG welding would the best method to start with. You have to start practicing and sharpen your MIG welding skills if you're planning to get your fortune through welding. You can find the complete list of Welding Schools by State if you're searching for the best welding schools.

If you're new to the welding world, you might want to start purchasing an affordable mig welder and practicing. In this article, I'll get you through the tips and tricks that will help you get better at MIG welding and begin to land some impressive beads.

8 tips to sharpen your mig welding skills

Although the MIG welding method is by far the best welding method for beginners, there are plenty of things to know about perfection. After getting an affordable mig welder within your budget, follow these tips to get better at MIG welding:

1. Do your research before setting up the tool

Before you get started with your MIG welder, you must do your research about the machine and the process. Get to know about the metals you can join together with your MIG welding rig because it may vary from machine to machine. Not every MIG welder comes with gas shielding capability, and the welding voltage also varies from the machine. Furthermore, if you're doing heavy-duty MIG welding, it will produce a huge amount of smoke and heat. Make sure you have all the necessary materials ready before you start welding with your MIG welding machine.


2. Know the welding safety measurements

Welding can be dangerous if you don't know how to keep yourself safe during working with fire and metal. The MIG welder machine produces a lot of heat and smoke that can put you in severe health issues. Make sure you have an appropriate working space with adequate ventilation and proper protective appearances. Put on a pair of welding gloves, steel-toed shoes, welding helmet, flame-resistant mask, full-sleeve shirts, and long pants. Be sure the wearables are flame resistant and sturdy enough to stand against metal to protect your skin. The welding helmet should have enough clearance for your eyesight to look at the whole welding piece.


3. Get a great ground and calibrate the welder

The welding process works with an arch reaction using current where you need to have a ground for the machine. The electric circuit doesn't complete the cycle of the arc until you have a good ground connection to the piece. You must give the base metal a good connection with the machine; using a metal table works best. You can weld the ground line directly into the metal table and put the piece on the table. It will help you forget about the ground line and still land the weld with full penetration.


4. Make sure the connections are secure

If you have the safety precautions on and the ground line on its place, it's time to connect the machine. You have to make sure that every connection the machine requires has a firm contact. First, you should make sure the electric line is secure and connected to its plug without any tear in the cable. Put the ground connection as close as possible to the welding spot. It will make a better impact and penetrate the spot with more heat and power.


5. Use the right contact tip and electrodes

The MIG welding method works with a MIG gun that releases the electrode through a contact tip. The contact tip has crucial importance in the welding process for a smooth welding experience. Make sure the contact tip matches the described requirements of the manufacturer of the welding machine. Not every MIG welding machine will take in the same diameter in the electrode, so be sure to check the specifications. The same applies to different applications; different applications need different amperage and electrodes with different contact tips.


6. Know the rules of direction, angle, and speed

When you start welding your piece, the first dilemma you will face is the direction for the welding gun. There are two options here; pushing the gun forward or pulling it towards you. Well, both of them are applicable in MIG welding; however, the push method is more common in regular flat and smooth surfaces. If you're working on a complex project with a narrow space that needs deeper penetration, dragging it can be better. The thickness of the metal also has a role to play here; you will get a deeper penetration on thick metal if you drag or pull.


7. Use the proper drive roll and settings

As I mentioned earlier, the MIG welder works with an electrode that comes out of a contact tip. The electrode comes out of the contact tip from a spool with a drive roll for the process. You must match the drive roll size and the electrode diameter to have a proper feed speed setting. An electrode with .030 in diameter through a .035 roll will never give you the proper feed setting you're trying to get. First, put the drive roll, match the wire, then set the feed speed on the knob. Be sure the contact tip and the electrode match the size as well.


8. Clean out the piece and the impurities

Porosity is the most common problem in MIG welding that requires experience and concentration for betterment. The most common reason for porosity on the metal piece is welding on a dirty, painted, or oily piece of metal. Make sure the piece isn't doesn't have any sort of dirt, grime, or oil on it when you start MIG welding. Be sure to chip the slag off the molted puddle once the weld cools down for a good weld. If you use the right shielding gas, you may not have to clean it that deep; use the right mixture of the gas.



Starting with welding can be a little complex and confusing as there is a long list of options in welding methods. MIG welding is a popular welding method across industries like manufacturing, construction, vehicle assembly, and even aerospace. There are huge opportunities with the welding method across the globe, but professional welding requires perfection in the weld you're landing. After getting the best affordable mig welder, start using it with the right protective gas shield, especially while welding aluminum.



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