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Why Do You Like Captain America?

captain america
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captain america

In every man's heart there is a little boy, and in every little boy's heart there is a superhero he wants to be. In my mind, it's much simpler. My hero is Captain America. Last year, I bought Captain America Costume from CosplayLab, which shows how much I love captain America. Of course, many people like to buy fat Thor costume for Halloween.

One of the most memorable things in Avengers 4 is captain America's ability to pick up Thor's hammer, which makes people confused because the spell Odin cast on Thor's hammer is not accessible to anyone who wants to pick it up. Why did Captain America pick up Thor's hammer?

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Captain America, and with Marvel, too. As for the reasons, no one usually goes into detail. After all, it's not uncommon to like Captain America, and few people really care about you to that extent. But you know, like pancake Man is a tragic story, when you need a hero in your heart, there's something missing in your heart. So why Captain America. Because you carry the Flag of America and the name of America. And I want to be a flag for a place I love. Though different, you stand for your very American spirit, a belief in liberty, equality and justice that doesn't really need a name.  

Captain America represents America because he embodies the unassailable character of the American spirit. He can't fly, he doesn't have great power, he only has shields and fists. I know that many people doubt captain America's leadership, just like the impression I gave when I first came into contact with Marvel and watched Avengers 1 in the cinema many years ago. I was as much a hero as he was, or at least a public figure; However, they are just an ordinary person in the heroes, which is also a place with strong resonance. The difference is that he has been a hero since he was a kid in Brooklyn, while I just have the heart to be a hero, and some kindness and compassion, but I am not as pure and determined as he is.

The other thing that resonates strongly is people who are out of date. Marvel fans will be familiar with this term, and you can also check out the truncated footage of The captain in Avengers 1. However, I am also an outdated person. I have the skills I don't have, and I am so skilled that I have exceeded the necessary hand-drawing and engineering words. My design style, my outdated state of hot subject trends, including my inexplicable inadaptability to computer software, often make me feel that I am out of place with The Times. Although a methodological ability that is not very relevant to The Times, and something equally anachronistic about it, makes me useful to others for a while, I still live in self-doubt, like Captain America, who is always somewhat anachronistic. Or maybe it's the state of being the leader of a team, the person people want to be. When I write about things like this, I think it's a kind of sacrilege to the captain, because he doesn't aspire to this position.

The captain is stubborn, as are many other heroes, which makes him try to control events to his will, but people do not recognize him for his stubbornness and the resulting desire for control, nor does he want status per se. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with identity and existence, or anxious about its absence or possible loss. Sober as it may be, the loss of such things as we now possess is not much to be regretted. But I find it difficult to maintain such objectivity. And I chose Captain America, not only because of what I can relate to, but also because of what I aspire to do not have. It was, after all, a character created more than 70 years ago during World War II with the goal of creating a perfect personality and inspiring the American people. I know that not only I do not have perfect personality, normal people also do not have, and there is no one like him to fully follow freedom, equality, justice and love human beings.

And I, the little boy with the heroic dream, struggled to act like a hero, trying to be patient, kind, generous and tolerant, even though I knew my heart was not that noble. I was stubbornly playing a hero, and I couldn't accept the obvious mismatches in my heart, which made me both longing for the perfect god of the hero, and a little jealous. That's the story of me and Captain America. It's not a flattering story, it's even funny and sad. And this is the state of a real ordinary person. A very weak little boy, in fact, stubbornly want to play a hero, some kind of delicate and pathetic state. I guess that's what superheroes mean to people. After all, if I think about it carefully, although this confession seems so meaningless, at least, I stubbornly played the hero, at least I helped so many people, at least let so many people like.

What would I be if I did not have such a hero in my heart?



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