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Real Money Earning Games That Pay To Play

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Playing online games is one of the most popular ways of leisure, especially after pandemic times. But not everyone knows that games can be not just fun but also profitable! How’s that? You just need to choose the right gaming options to play and enjoy!


There are several ways to earn money playing games

When you think of games plus money combinations, probably, the first thing coming to your mind is a casino. You probably have already heard about online casinos, like automatenspiele, where you can put your money on dice or slots and get some good cash. But there are also ways to earn real money without making any deposits! You can, for example:

  • complete small tasks and missions
  • watch ads
  • take various surveys
  • get online scratch cards
  • install money-generating apps
  • get cashback 

That being said, let’s check out the list of the most profitable games for players to play for money right now!


The best money earning games 


Wealth Words 

This game is perfect for everyone, even for your grandma! If you like word games, like crosswords or scrabble, that’s definitely your choice. This online genuine money earning game will pay real cash to its fellow gamers. 


Cash Knight

The game’s graphics are nice and cute; the actions are fun. The only thing you need to do is just play genuine money making games. What is more, it gives out real cash, so time won’t be wasted here. 


Corporation Master

This money earning game is not just wealth profitable but very educational. You can train your business skills by fulfilling different tasks, like becoming an investor, starting your own business, etc. And a pleasant bonus, money earned in Corporation Master can be converted into real cash!


The best apps for money earning gaming. 



This app is definitely one of the best money earning games without deposit. It can help you earn real money daily by doing various simple tasks, like watching videos and ads, playing games, answering questionnaires, and more. After some time, you can withdraw money to your PayPal card or as a gift card.


Survey Junkie

Did you know that you can earn real money online by just expressing your opinion? Survey Junkie is a perfect money earning app that makes this dream come true! Take surveys, test goods, watch ads and build up your points to receive checks or PayPal payments.



Can you call yourself a keen pro gamer? If yes, then this app is your best choice, which will bring you real money and open your gaming talents. The main goal of this money easy earning game without investment is to score points called “bananas”. Write game reviews, record your gameplay, complete tasks and get your “bananas” that you can turn into prizes, checks, and PayPal cash!


Earn money by playing games on Android and iOS devices 



This Android app offers you trying new games every day and pays you for playing them. Just like in the apps mentioned before, you have to play games in your free time and earn money in reward. You can also ask your family and friends to join with your link, and your reward will grow!



Very usual game in an unusual wrapping! You know the excitement of scratching a scratch card, eager to know what will happen next moment. And doing it online is much easier and much more fun! This Android app is 100% free. You can withdraw the bare minimum of $1, which makes this game the cream of the crop!



This is the perfect quick money earning game online that is available for both iOS and Android users. Play games, write reviews on them, and earn gift cards that you can exchange for real money through PayPal!


Which are the best app and PayPal games of 2022 



InboxDollars is a genuinely profitable app that will give you money for the simplest everyday tasks – playing games, online shopping, watching videos, and even reading emails. The more tasks you fulfill, the more points you earn. These points are easily converted into PayPal cash. 



Mistplay is an Android app that encourages you to play fun games and earn money at the same time. The more games you play and more often, the quicker you will be able to withdraw your honest prize! Some of the most popular games you can play on this app are Word Wars, Family Farm, and Tycoon.


Blackout Bingo

That’s another cool app that can get all your family together for having a good time with pleasant bonuses. In fact, that’s a good old bingo with the same rules, but in an online form. When you win, you get “tickets” that you turn into PayPal cash. You need to win at least $100 to withdraw your money through PayPal.


If you ever thought about how to earn from your hobbies, these high money earning games online are your answer. No need to ask yourself, are money earning games real, because they are! Many people play online games for hours and don’t even know that they can profit out of them. So, join the community of winners and get your reward!


About the author: William Benetton is a famous writer, professional photographer and web-designer. Last few months he has been creating interesting, informative blogs and websites. If you want to contact William, please check his Facebook. He can’t imagine his life without sport, travel and morning coffee.


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