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VHT High Temp Paint vs. Ceramic Coating

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ceramic coating


             Do you own a car, or planning to get a new vehicle? You should consider the backdrops that come with a vehicle. For example, the car parts may suffer serious damage due to internal heat, or the car's paint may be damaged. 

To prevent this, you will need a coating. People find it hard to choose one between VHT High Temp Paint vs. Ceramic Coating. You will get all the information you may need by reading this article while choosing one between these two coatings.

A Brief Discussion on VHT High Temp Paint

             Is your car going through an overheating problem? Your car might be good to serve. But from time to time, the car gets too hot. At that time, you have to get down the car and wait for the car to cool down. It may cause you to lose valuable time or valuable meetings. Remember, life doesn't give you a second chance.

             The heat of the engine may cause the problem. Many other factors act to dissolve the color from the car's body as well—for example, heater core, thermostat, etc.

             VHT High Temp Paint can save you from facing this problem over and over again. This coating can withstand temperature from 1300-degree Fahrenheit up to 2000-degree Fahrenheit.

So, the overheating of the car will not be able to damage your car. Engine failure due to high temperature is another common problem for cars. It may cost you big. The VHT High Temp Paint is there to save you from going through all these.

             Unlike most of the other car coatings, you do not have to have additional paint on the header to use this coating. You may directly use the coating on the header. After curing, the coating will be set to the header. VHT High Temp Paint may stay on the header for more than eight years.


  1. This coating is known for resisting very high temperatures.
  2. It is easy to use on any part of a vehicle.
  3. Curing may be done using the heat of the engine.
  4. It provides other protection as well—for example, rust.



  1. It requires proper curing. If not, then the coating fails.
  2. The motor of the vehicle may hinder the curing process.


A Brief Discussion Ceramic Coating

             Do you own a personal transportation vehicle? If you do, then you have already faced the paint dissolving issue several times.

             Unavoidable circumstances like bird droppings or acid rain damage your car. You have to color your car over and over again. Still, the problem occurs faster than the last time.

             Ceramic coating is a way to save you from these hassles. Ceramic coating is a solution of the chemical polymer. It is used over the car paint to save the paint of your car.

The ceramic coating saves your car paint from any dust or strain that may damage the paint. Especially strain from shoe polish is a real danger for car paint. It does not easily get off. Ceramic coating saves your paint from these and keeps your car neat and clean.


  1. Ceramic coated paint is easy to clean.
  2. It will add a glossy look to the car paint.
  3. This coating saves the car from chemical strains.
  4. It protects riders from Ultra-violate rays.



  1. It cannot prevent water spots.
  2. The price of ceramic coating is high.


Head to Head VHT High Temp Paint vs. Ceramic Coating

People find it difficult when it comes to choosing one between VHT High Temp Paint and Ceramic Coating. Before choosing the suitable coating, some factors which a consumer should look into are discussed here.


             One of the main factors is cost while choosing between these two. A consumer does not want an overpriced product. He wants a product that will satisfy his needs at a relatively low cost.

             VHT high temp paint is the clear winner here. VHT high temp paint does not take much money to afford. It is available on a simple small tin cane that can be bought at a low cost. It does not take any additional money or paint to work with.

             The price of the Ceramic coating is high. People do not prefer this coating mainly because of its cost.

             If you are worried about the coating cost, then VHT high temp paint should be your first pick.



           You may think the use of paint in the car engine is useless. You may not want to spend money on your header just to increase the aesthetic view. Your idea is not correct. You need to paint your header to keep it damage-free.

Many factors in the environment may hinder your header. Most of the car engines are made of cast iron. The main enemy of cast iron is rust. The engine paint will save your engine from rust and increase the longevity of the engine.

             Longevity indicates how long the product may be able to serve its goal. A consumer demands the longevity of the product. If the product does not serve long, consumers may find it unnecessary to choose the product.

Many other factors hinder the lifespan of a car engine, for example. Chemicals, minerals like salt, etc. does damage the engine slowly but surely. Salt might not seem like anything to worry about. But minerals like salt have a special ability to stay in shape in gasoline. 


Environmental Factors

So, it does not dissolve. As a result, it will get in the car cylinders and damage the important parts like piston rings. If the damage happens, then the engine is not usable anymore. However, you should spend a good amount of money to get it fixed. So, you should use VHT High Temp Paint to save your engine from these environmental factors.

             The longevity of the ceramic coating is outstanding. It may serve the owner for a very long time. Ceramic coating can increase longevity in many ways. For example, UV rays are a common factor that damages your car. The car has to run under the sun for a big chunk of its lifetime. 

You may park the vehicle under direct sunlight every day. Due to these, the car gets exposed to UV rays. The ray can cause damage to both the inner and outer parts of your car. The outer colors get dissolve due to it. In the inner part, the damage is even greater. It increases the inner temperature of the car. 

It damages the cover of the car seats. Even it puts the engine at risk. The engine losses its efficiency as well as it may cause the engines overheating issues. The ceramic coating saves the car from UV rays and many other external environmental factors.

You may use ceramic paint on your car to have a minimum of two to five years of service. If the ceramic coating is done perfectly, it may serve its purpose until the vehicle's last day.

             The VHT High Temp Paint lag behind in this factor. It is great to paint, but its life span is not as long as the ceramic coating. Some VHT paint may serve for 5 to 6 years, but it usually dissolves within a year.


Type of Use:

The type of use factor is considered to be an important factor. Even if the other factors of a product suit the consumer well, consumers will choose the product that satisfies their needs instead of choosing this.

The VHT High Temp Paint is suitable to protect the hot parts of the car. It is suitable to resist very high temperatures. So, if you face the overheating problem of your car, then this is the coating for you. It will save the body parts of the car from the heat.

Ceramic coating is known for its durability to protect the paint of the car. It saves the car paint from factors that might hinder it. If you are looking for a coating that will keep your car and the car paint clean and safe, then this is the coating for you.

           You may have to think about the color of the paint that matters in terms of engine. A lite color may serve your cause, but a darker does much more. A darker color helps to increase the heat dissipation of the engine. 

As a result, less heat will be wasted, which will increase the efficiency of the engine. Besides, it helps the engine to get rid of the extra heat while at rest. So, these factors should be considered before buying a car paint of any kind.



We've reached the final line. However, you should coat your cars for long-term uses. The coating will save your vehicle and make it long-lasting.

People often get confused while choosing one between VHT High Temp Paint vs. Ceramic Coating. After reading the article, now you know which one would be better for your vehicle.



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