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Necessary Equipment For Every Occasion

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We all encounter multiple situations every day. Every occasion demands its peculiar settings. However, you will always have new stuff to manage on every occasion. But, you can't fabricate anything in emergencies and leave the whole situation a complete disaster. Recall the last time you faced your friend with an immediate need of first aid, but you didn't find any first aid box.

Ransacking the whole cabinets like crazy to locate your stuff is quite disturbing in an already depressing situation. Here we will help you avoid all such troubles and become a pro at dealing with any emergency. Continue reading to know all the equipment you will need to manage every occasion.

First Aid Box:

First aid boxes must be your priority when checking all the necessary equipment pieces for home and any occasion. Whether you are arranging an event or are traveling somewhere, this is a must. Emergencies can arise anytime and sometimes can be devastating if not handled properly. So, you must arrange an appropriate first aid box to use it on every occasion. You can buy a ready to use first aid box from the market or make a more economical DIY first aid box at your home. All you need is a box with the following items in it;

  1. Sterile Gauze Dressings
  2. Sterile Eye Dressings
  3. Plasters of different size and shapes
  4. Triangular bandages
  5. Disposable Sterile gloves
  6. Alcohol-free Cleaning Wipes
  7. Scissors
  8. Thermometer
  9. Sticky Tape
  10. Antiseptic solution and cream
  11. Analgesics
  12. Anti-allergic tablets
  13. Normal saline

Do not forget to place the medicines with an extended expiry date. Moreover, always double-check the drug before putting in the box.


Portable Toilets:

On every occasion, there is always a time of unrest in the crowd. It is possible when many of the guests want to use the toilet but can't find any. Or if a single of it is present and there is a long queue for it. Portable toilets are for managing such situations. You can also move these toilets, with a self-contained sewerage system, from one place to another. There are also multi-functional portable toilets for hire at Addplant, which you can get when planning for any occasion. Hiring portable toilets will make you appear a person with profound observation and a pro at arranging any event.


Kitchen Equipment:

Suppose you will cook at home and have a great dinner party at home or plan to go camping. In that case, you must have appropriate portable kitchen utensils. There is a quick checklist you can add to your essential items list;

  1. A good knife set (make sure to have the best setting as it will be very irritating to have blunt knives)
  2. Cutting Board
  3. Measuring cups and spoons
  4. Mixing bowls
  5. Saucepan
  6. Large pot
  7. Portable Grill (If you can arrange one, or if your menu demands one)
  8. Skillet

You have to make sure all the food items and the necessary ingredients are there along with kitchen equipment. Always double-check all the ingredients to avoid any fuss on the spot. Have all the serving utensils well managed in a place. Make sure they are well cleaned and arranged. Have small bowls, plates, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, glasses, and cups.


Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment is a specialized instrument made to deal with any emergencies. Always ensure that the area must house fire extinguishers. Ensure the pressure gauge needle is rechecked from time to time to ensure the hand is in the green region. If you have arranged a swimming event or have deep waters near you, make sure to have life jackets and other related stuff. Emergency management is a must for any occasion. Any disaster can turn the joyful moments into a whole horrible situation.

Learn to use all the equipment you placed and try them once you get them. Otherwise, these pieces of equipment will prove utterly useless at the time of need. Remember to label flammable or high-risk substances or equipment red and bright, so they are visible from a considerable distance.


Water Supplies:

On most occasions, water supplies are the most mismanaged of all. Make sure to have an adequate water supply and adjust the temperature according to the weather condition. Even if you give a fair amount of juices to every guest, serving water is always indispensable. You can invest in a portable water dispenser. Or you can have an insulating water cooler and add a fair amount of ice to it in warm weather. Having well-insulated ice buckets is also a great idea. When you manage, water supplies do not forget to add cups or glasses near your water station.


Entertaining Stuff:

You can add entertaining stuff on any occasion. You can have a section in the corner or provide some simple game cards in the center. Also, remember to include vibrant toys and other stuff if you are expecting to have child guests. You can choose from different props and exciting, mysterious prizes to make your event memorable and enjoyable for all. Do not add spin to win games as they are less interactive and are not liked by many. Make sure the games you add to your event are engaging for all the audience equally. If there will be kids at the event, a separate space is suitable for them. Also, ensure that there is someone to monitor the kids while they enjoy themselves. 



We have to arrange multiple events, and there are certain occasions for which we are not prepared. It's good to gather stuff that proves multi-functional for all kinds of experiences. You can think of possible events you will encounter, or if you are a party person, you must be throwing in a lot of parties for family and friends. Therefore, to manage all the situations correctly and frugally invest in the types of equipment that you can use for every event to make it memorable. Moreover, make sure to have all the medical supplies and emergency equipment at a place you can reach easily in case of any unpleasant condition.



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