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The Whole Procedure Of Stainless Steel Casting Shortly

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Stainless steel casting is a tough task that can be done in a stainless steel casting foundry. The main job of the foundries is to cast steel, give them a good shape to make them usable. The main material comes from liter. The wastage of human life every day provides the building material of stainless steel. At least 75% of building material comes from what you through in your everyday life.

There are different stainless steel casting foundries in the world and these are the biggest workplaces indeed. When it comes to foundries, the best and greatest foundry that casts steel is the DAWANG casting foundry. They’ve been working on this for a long time now and the market value of them is pretty great.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the stainless steel casting process shortly. In the end, you’ll have the idea of casting stainless steel.

  • Scrap collecting is the very primary step of steel making. There are different stations for human wastage from where the steel scraps are collected. After collecting them, they come to the foundry with a service train.
  • In this stage, ferrous and non ferrous scraps are separated. When the steel scraps are distributed to the tunnel, the giant magnet set there separates the ferrous metals from the non ferrous ones and they go different ways. After separating them, a visual inspection is made by the workers in order to make sure if there is any non ferrous steel going with the ferrous ones.
  • After that, the steel craps are submitted to the scrap bay where a charging bucket is found. The main chemistry happens at the charging bucket. The scraps are loaded perfectly to the charging bucket according to a level to make the exact chemistry happen.
  • After this, the furnace chapter begins where almost 150 tons of steel is heated. Through the high arc heat procedures, these are turned into liquid. When the steel is molten, it’s time to remove any contaminant and other air issues like hydrogen removing, deoxidization, desulphurization.
  • After this process, the liquid is converted into a thick ribbon of steel about 16 mm thick. This thickness is perfect and it can be rolled up anyhow easily. These thin slabs are long in terms of giving them other shapes and turning them into something else.
  • After this process, the slab is heated with another furnace and heating process. After this, the slab is cooled down and turned into a thick coil for finishing up. The coil weighs pretty high about 10 tons. That’s it.



So, this is how stainless steel is made shortly. The process is rusty and tough. The workers of the DAWANG casting foundry have to work hard all the time. They go through a teaching session in order to reduce any risk as the tasks are heavy and full of risks.

This process is run 24/7 and 365 days per year. However, the workers work accordingly shift-wise.  In the final step, there’s grinding or sanding. With these procedures, they make giant metals and these metals can be used to make giant machines like FuchengLHD Machine.



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