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Power Outage in Your Facility? Here’s What to Do About it

 What to Do About Power Outage In Your Facility?

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Power outages can be quite a dreadful thing to deal with, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of people who can’t do their work.

Power outages can also mean an irreparable loss for those who need to get work done within a given timeframe. Lost work also means lost resources which can have a negative impact on the company financially.

While power outages are usually temporary, the damage often isn’t. But there is a way to prevent such losses in the future.

Here’s how you can handle a power outage:


Have a back-up generator



There’s truly no better way to prepare for potential power outages than by investing in a back-up generator. Back-up generators will make sure that operations can continue even when the grid power is compromised.

Even though back-up generators are expensive, the long term benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

If you’re considering a back-up generator, Kruger Power offers many different types, such as Diesel and Portable Generators.


Maintain quality and quantity

Power outages can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of the output of your business. This is even more important when you’re running a commercial facility.

Therefore, there has to be a system in place that monitors the output properly. You could invest in an Automatic Transfer Switch or have a team of people monitoring each output device throughout the blackout to check whether there are any major disruptions.


Communicate properly

Having a proper communication system is very important during an outage. This is particularly because the staff won’t be able to access the usual methods of communication.

Have a system in place that allows people to communicate with each other so that you can figure out where the main problem is occurring.


Have a checklist for emergencies



Awareness is vital during a power outage. As there are many problems that may arise, some being very unpredictable, it’s helpful to have an emergency kit and a checklist.

Start with having a proper operation plan. This operation plan will clearly define all the different aspects of the operation and the process to be followed. It will ensure that all employees know which equipment requires the most attention.


Understand the source of the problem

There are many reasons as to why there might be a power outage. One of the main reasons for a power outage is the weather. If that’s the case, there’s nothing else you can do except wait it out.

In some specific circumstances, the outage might be caused by a problem within the facility. When that happens, the workload will be much higher than usual. Having the proper emergency supplies along with the right knowledge for the right equipment is vital.



Power outages are quite a common occurrence, even during these days of modern technology. While power outages are considered a minor incident for some, it can be quite a daunting event for those involved in a power facility.

Therefore, everyone involved has to have the right knowledge and be mentally prepared to take on more than they may have bargained for, in order to control the damage that is to occur. Hopefully, following the steps above can make the burden much easier to bear!



Watch This Video To Get More Ideas To Prepare For Power Outage

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