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Should You Paint Your Walls Or Get A Wallpaper Installed

Paint Walls Versus Wallpaper Installation

paint or wallpaper
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paint or wallpaper

People want to have great looking walls in their home obviously. Thankfully, there are many options available now in the modern day and age. When it comes to walls, you could go with two options. One is the traditional paint option and the other is opting for wallpapers. No matter what you prefer, you should know about the exact benefits and drawbacks of each time so that you can make the right decision. Make this decision before looking for House Painting Services in Cambridge MA.

There are several factors you have to consider when choosing this decision as well. You have to know how well you can take care of your wall or not and what you wish to put on it.


The Appearance of The Wall

With both paint and wallpaper, you can have many options of the textures. With paint, you can apply it by rolling it on the wall or splattering it. The paint can thus be in murals, stripes or tiles. Some people even like to go with the dot option. You can combine different colors and create a customized look. Though, you could go with solid paint options as well. You can get a glossy option or a matte one.

With the wallpapers, you could get different styles too. There are so many different finishes you can get with the wallpaper option. Though the major difference with the wallpapers there are some limited options. You can only choose the style that is available and not customize it yourself. That’s what interior painters in Cambridge MA would suggest to you as well.


What Type Is Suitable?

When deciding between the two options, you need to know where you want to put it. For instance, if you want to change the walls in dry areas then going with wallpaper is the ideal option. That’s because in areas where there is a lot of humidity, the wallpapers can be damaged easily. The glue in the wallpaper can lose its adhesive quality when the wallpaper absorbs the humidity in the air.

It’s also not suitable for a child’s room because it is the pattern might not be to the child’s liking when they grow up. Wallpapers can also be a bit harder to clean so pick an area which doesn’t get dirty quickly.

See what the requirements of the room are and then pick the option. Ask for advice from local painting contractors in Cambridge MA if you are confused about the decision.


Keep in Mind the Installation Process

The simple traditional painting process is much simpler than installing a wallpaper. You just need to tape off the edges of the room. Cover everything in the room that you don’t want the paint to get on. Get some painting brushes and then start painting. You can follow a video tutorial online for the purpose or you can go look for interior painters in Cambridge MA to do the paint job for you. Especially rely on a professional if it’s a complicated task like combining different colors and patterns.

With a wallpaper, it is mandatory for you to hire a professional. The process is much more complicated because it involves different tools and steps. Each step in the method needs to be done perfectly, so it is essential that you hire an expert to do it. This is not something you cannot do.


Comparing the Costs

Wallpaper installation

Wallpaper installation

With any new addition or renovation of the house, you need to look at the cost! Getting a wallpaper is comparatively more expensive to do than the paint job. A single roll of wallpaper that covers about 58 sq. ft. can cost you anything from thirty dollars to fifty dollars. For most rooms, you would be about ten rolls which can mean that the cost can be up to $300-$500 in total. Along with that, the labor costs are expensive too. The total cost of installing a wallpaper can go up to a thousand dollars, even more if you are getting luxury wallpapers.

If the same sized room is painted instead, it would cost much less. The paint gallon is usually ten dollars or it could be fifty dollars. Depending on how many gallons you need, the price can vary but it would still be less than the roll of wallpaper. The labor costs for local painting contractors in Cambridge MA is much less too. The entire cost can be anything from $300-$500. This is much more affordable than the thousand dollars you would pay for the wallpaper installation.


Which is More Durable?

When it comes to house wall painting in Cambridge MA, something that you must always prioritize is durability. Wallpaper can last you about fifteen years and even longer if you take care of them well. This is ideal for those houses which stay clean for a long time. For instance, if the house is located in a low humidity area where there’s no construction going around. It’s also perfect for those houses that have no kids or pets running around.

Paint is much less durable in comparison, because they can peel off quite easily. You should get some paint in advance if the paint gets damaged because it is hard to find the exact color match in the future.


Removal Process

removing wallpaper

removing wallpaper

In new house painting in Cambridge MA, you can get a great new wallpaper or a paint job. But you may change your mind in the future and think about changing it all. For that, you need to remove it. Now, removing wallpaper is a much more exhaustive process that is going to be expensive and take a lot more of your time. Sometimes, you can steam if off. But at times you may not to scrape it off your hand. So, choose wallpapers if you do not wish to change the wall for a long time.

If you constantly want to renovate your house and change the walls’ look, then it is better to go with paint. That is because paint is much easier to remove.



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