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Everything You Need To Know About Using Steam To Press Garments

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steam press

Ironing clothes could be the last bit of doing your laundry but is often seen as one of the most arduous tasks of all. For those who love their cotton and linen garments, ironing their favorites might appear like a daunting task.

It is time-consuming and tiring, but what if we said that there’s a smart alternative to all the labor you want to avoid? Yes! There is! It is the vapor release technology in irons that has been cleverly redesigned to offer customers a smoother ironing experience.

Most high-grade traditional iron models were created with an inbuilt steam function that could ease out the creases on a garment faster. It would require extra pressure of your hand to even out the garment from all corners.

The latest iron models with the best steam press technology not only give garments a crispier and polished look but simultaneously save on effort, time, and space as well. Here’s all you need to know about steam ironing.

What is a steam ironing?

Before we discuss the advantages of using this technology, let’s first try to understand the concept of steam ironing and how it works.

Wrinkly clothes can get the better of you, especially when you are rushing for work. Steaming can come as a respite in such situations. Have you heard of the bathroom steaming technique?

Yes, one talks about simply hanging your garment in the bathroom while you take a shower and thereof slipping into your ready-to-wear dress without any extra effort. The steam iron works similarly. Ready to delve in? Read on!

The iron uses high-powered technology to render your clothes wrinkle-free without you having to touch or adjust the fabric. And the best part is that it doesn’t need any space like the traditional ironing method. Just hang the dress you need to iron anywhere and work the steam on it.

All you need is to use an appropriate steaming device and some water. Once you fill the steamer’s tank with water and secure it, you can just plug it and allow it to heat up. Once it is heated, you can hold it over the garment and simply run it downwards. In the process, you’ll have to press the trigger on the steamer to release the steam. As you do so, the vapor will ease the wrinkles.

Your wrinkle-free fabric might feel a little damp, so consider airing it for some time before putting it on. Check out this article on how to use a clothes steamer at,fabric's%20fibers%20and%20eliminating%20wrinkles


What makes steam iron better

steam press garments

steam press garments

If you are contemplating what makes this a preferred option, let’s discuss further. Aside from removing creases from your fabric, this method is a good option to kill the bacteria that cause an odor in your clothes. So, in a way, this process will eliminate wrinkles as well as deodorize it.

You can expect your clothes to breathe fresh between washes as well. If you have been worried about getting your special clothes ironed, opting for a steamer would be a good investment.

Be it your drapes, cushions, pillows, upholstery, mattresses, or any other fabric, a steamer can smoothen out the wrinkles. This steaming technique also deters the growth of bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust mites, etc. as steaming uses only water and no chemicals or detergents. Thus, there’s neither any chance of damaging the clothes nor that of polluting the indoor air.

The other advantage that this technology offers is that it does not require you to use any iron board or any other space to layout your garment, thus saving space. Just hang, steam, and it's ready! Moreover, traditional ironing methods come can leave iron marks as they are directly run over the clothes, unlike this process.

Also, you don’t have the fear of either accidentally burning your clothes or your hands. This makes the vapor-generating iron a safer option. Designed with the automatic shut on/off option, when set to this position, it can be left motionless for a certain period depending on the manufacture’s unique design. In most cases, it is set for ten minutes. When shut off, it minimizes any risk of accidents.

Steam iron allows for vertical steaming. It comes handy especially when you need to iron long drapes, curtains, or any other heavy upholstery. The vapors give a wrinkle-free and crisp feel to clothes. The boiler aids in creating more steam from the steamer of this appliance. It is this heavy vapor that seamlessly irons the fabrics. The outcome is close to what you see on a piece of dry-cleaned fabric.

steam press coat

steam press coat

That said, some may reason that a flat iron can give you better results when it comes to managing creases on cotton and its close cousins. Among the top fabrics that are considered ideal for steaming include wool, woollen blends, synthetic woollen fabrics, silk, cashmere, and silk blends among many other delicate fabrics. Some fabrics that experts suggest against steam ironing are waxed jackets, plastic-coated materials, suede, etc.

One tip to remember when using the vapor technique is to steam the lining of a garment and follow the top-down approach when ironing. And as a safety measure, no matter how much hurry you’re in, don’t attempt steaming a garment while wearing it. That’s a complete no-no!

It is always good to give customers a neutral picture. While it is an amazing appliance, here are a few disadvantages that you may experience when using the steam iron.

As highlighted above, it cannot be universally used on any fabric as it doesn’t work the same way on all fibers. It might appear convenient to use it on heavy upholstery and other such weighty fabrics but there are high chances of getting disappointed.

Secondly, it may need constant water refilling to run the iron well. There can be no vapor without water and some appliances with a smaller reservoir may require frequent refilling. To make things easier you can keep a large jar of water handy while beginning to use the device. Despite the cons of the water vapor ironing system, the pros bring you the best reason to get one for your closet needs.



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