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How To Use Luxury Vinyl Plank In Your Home Flooring In NJ

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With many flooring options to choose from, there are many reasons why most homeowners in NJ choose luxury vinyl plank on their floors. Aside from the fact that they do an excellent job in uplifting the aesthetics of the space, they are also available in several shapes and forms that make them easy to work with. If you have chosen to use luxury vinyl planks in flooring your home in NJ, you want to know more about them and how they can help make your space a beauty to behold.

vinyl plank floor living room door

vinyl plank floor living room door

You will find a rundown of some of the qualities that makes luxury vinyl plank flooring a preferred option in many homes and commercial settings and how to make the best out of it when you install it in your space. 

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Mostly referred to as LVP, luxury vinyl planks are a durable and waterproof option for flooring any indoor or outdoor space. They could work in commercial settings meaning that you can use them in your place of business. They are also great for home flooring and will do well in your sitting room, kitchen or bathroom due to their ability to retain moisture. 

The fact that you can find them in numerous design options makes them simple to decorate with, and you certainly will find they do a great job of adding an appealing feel to any space. You will need to work with a team of professionals when installing luxury vinyl planks so you can be sure that the job will be done properly. 


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank in your NJ Home Flooring?

There is no denying that there are many options to choose from when looking to install new floors in your building. But there are many reasons why luxury vinyl plank may work better in your space. And below are some of the benefits associated with LVP floors. 


Highly Durable 

With LVP, you get a long-lasting floor option that can weather the storm. You get to choose from wide-width planks or antiqued and weathered wood that will not only look good lying on the ground but will also be good when it comes to withstanding the elements. Options with a thickness of 6mm to 8mm are great when it comes to withstanding wear and tear and will be best for commercial settings and areas with a lot of traffic. 

You benefit from a flooring option that doesn’t easily gets indented or scratched and what’s more, can withstand stains on a regular. This makes them a good option when in the market for durable and easy-to-maintain flooring options in NJ. 


Waterproof Floor Option 

Dealing with water spillage on your floor could be something to worry about. But you don’t get to worry much when you install LVP as it does a great job of withstanding regular wetness wherever you install them. Their ability to hold moisture makes LVP a good option for use in water-prone areas such as the basements, bathrooms, and kitchen. Even with serious water spillage, you can easily dry the surface with a mop or rag and be sure that it will maintain its original form without deforming. 

Whether you decide to use vinyl planks or vinyl floor tiles, you get to benefit from reliable waterproofing that makes durability and easy maintenance guaranteed. You get to benefit from a warm feeling when you opt for the tiling options, but you also get to enjoy a great deal of warmth when you work with LVP. You can check this link for what to do about water damage to your vinyl flooring. 


Available in Numerous Design Options 

You can also find luxury vinyl planks available in numerous design options to choose from which makes it easy to decorate your space. And since the flooring plays a major role in your décor, you can easily make good your interior and exterior décor by making the right choice. You get to choose from patterns, textures, and colors that will make it easy to match other decorative elements in your space. 

vinyl plank flooring decor

vinyl plank flooring decor

It will help if you have a picture of how you intend the space to look like once the floors have been installed. This will make it easy to decide on colors and textures to use in the flooring. You want to also consider the walls and other aspects of the furnishing to achieve the right decorative mix that will help improve the final aesthetics of the space when the job is completed. 


Ease of Installation 

The ease of installing luxury vinyl planks is another factor that makes them highly sought after by homeowners in New Jersey. You can find options that work without the use of glues or nails to hold them in place while some need to be glued down to fix. The floating vinyl option requires a flat floor surface and a solid locking system that will prevent the floor from separating over time.

The glue-down option on the other hand requires proper prepping of the subfloor before installation. It will need to be smooth and aligned to prevent damage to the LVP over time. It is best to always research the best installation method for your floor, or better yet hire the services of experts to help you put them in place. 


Easy to Maintain 

There is also the added benefit of easy maintenance when you use luxury vinyl planks in flooring your New Jersey home. For an option that does a great job of resisting moisture damage, with the right regular care, you should be able to get them to last for years. A broom or vacuum cleaner should help in getting rid of dirt from the surface. And you can make use of a damp mop and mild cleaning agent to get rid of stains from the surface. 

It is also recommended that you use a good quality wood wax to shine the surface occasionally so it maintains its luster. This page has more on how to care for vinyl plank floors. 


Final Note 

With the use of luxury vinyl plank in your flooring, you can be sure of a durable option that will serve you years with the right care. You get to choose from a variety of design options that makes it easy to bring out the best in your space. You will have to make sure that you get the installation done properly by a team of experts or learn the best techniques on how to fix them if you will be doing it yourself.  



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