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5 Surprising Places Bed Bug Hides

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Bed bugs are small but notoriously good at hitch-hiking, allowing them to move between homes and spread infestations. Once they are in your home they can be difficult to get rid of as they are small and hard to spot. It is advisable to get a reputable pest control company to handle the extermination for you.

In most cases, the harm done by a bed bug is limited to an itchy spot where they have bitten you. Naturally, if you have a lot of bed bugs you are likely to have a lot of red welts on your body. It can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

They attack at night and you probably won’t realize that you have an issue until you wake in the morning. It is worth noting that the bed bug is capable of carrying some diseases. The risk is generally considered to be very low. But, if you have bed bugs, you should contact an expert to deal with them. You can check over here for local assistance.

Here are some of the most surprising places the bed bugs will hide in:

1. Stuffed Teddies

Stuffed teddies are the perfect hiding spot. The fur on their bodies ensures the bed bug won’t be easily seen. Teddies are also often kept near or in beds, giving the bug great access at night. As children often carry teddies with them this can also be an effective way of spreading them.


2. On the School Bus

If bed bugs are carried on the clothes of a child then they can easily end up on the school bus. They will then find a nice spot to stay in on the bus. The best spots are the gaps and seams of chairs. The bugs are then free to transport themselves to a new host.


3. Inside An Airplane

Airplanes represent the same opportunities as a school bus. The seats are plush and full of hiding places, ensuring the bed bugs are unlikely to be found while allowing them to spread across the country or even further.


4. In Your Purse

Your purse has a lining and that means it has a place for a bed bug to lie and hide. The only question then is when they come out and where they go. It’s an effective way of transferring between hosts and ensuring the bed bugs civilisation survives.


5. Light Bulbs

Finally, a fluorescent light bulb may look like a sealed unit but a bed bug is small enough to get inside it. This gives them a warm and dark hiding spot. Thanks to the dangers associated with electricity this can also make it hard to locate them and kill them.

You’ll need to be cautious when hunting them and eliminating them around electricity.

Bed bugs do generally live in and around your bed and soft furnishings. But, it is important to note that they can live almost anywhere. That, their small size, and their ability to hitchhike make it difficult to be certain you have completely eliminated the threat.



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