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How To Use a Wet Tile Saw

Types Of Tile Saw & How To Them

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If you are searching for a tile saw that would not create any debris or dust while cutting hard tiles, then I can suggest you the best tool that can be perfect for your work. And the machine is a wet tile saw. Don’t get confused. Let me clarify it. A wet tile saw is one kind of table saw that is ideal for cutting hard martial like tiles. As the water cools the blade, so it reduces a tile without any damage.

It is the specialty of wet tile saw. With this powerful tool, you can quickly meet up the deadline of your project as it is superbly fast and safe. Besides that, there are more benefits when you have already planned to learn or to prepare to acquire the using process so you should know the other benefits too! This will help you to know about how to use a wet tile saw. 


Let’s see the benefits at a glance-

  • Designed to make any unique cuts. Like - L shaped cut and many more
  • Cutting speed is so fast, and it cuts accurately
  • Durable
  • Need less maintenance
  • Safe and secured. It developed to reduce serious injuries
  • It is ideal for big projects
Tile saw benefits

Tile saw benefits


If you are planning to buy a tile cutter, then you definitely should purchase a wet tile saw. Today I will tell you how to use a wet tile saw. It’s using process is very easy, but practice makes a man perfect, so you have to do the training. Now read the following steps to know the using process.

Put the wet tile saw on a plane and durable surface.

Power tools are equally helpful and dangerous. So, don’t think that you can control instead positioned is on any sturdy surface not just for a perfect cut but also for security.

Correctly set the water hose

Without water, you cannot cut because the cutting material is dehydrated. For better cutting, you need clear water. So, connect the water hose to the cutting area and ensure perfect water flow. Here, water flow is an important thing. If your water flow is extremely high, then the water will spill around and ruin the place. 

Give electric collections

Before supplying electric power, make sure the electrical area is arid. Always try to maintain the drip loop. Turn on all the switches.

It's time for the saw to turn on.

As the saw is ready to cut, so make sure the blade is touching the water and turning smoothly. When your knife is moving smoothly, that means you know how to use a wet tile saw correctly. 

Use buckets to drain wastewater.

Blade works well in freshwater and turns fast. Buckets are best for daring because it keeps the floor dry and clean. Set the buckets in lower position then the saw to avoid the accumulation of water.

Slide the tile forward straight to the blade 

and after cutting one tile, push another one and put your hands in save zone.

Turn off the saw.

Set Up a Tile Saw

Set Up a Tile Saw

After cutting the tiles, stop the saw and carefully push other tiles to cut. To meet the deadline, we need to work fast, but if you a beginner, then do this work correctly. 


Consider a few things when you are using the wet tile saw. They are-

Best Tile saw

Best Tile saw

  • Maintain proper water flow in the cutting area.
  • Always use fresh water
  • Keep the cutting blade still wet as it will cut the hardest materials.
  • Maintain protection.
  • Power. Before using a saw, know its function and how to control the power. 
  • Before cutting the tiles, move the blade several times so that you can notice if the water has reached the blade properly.


To avoid technical problems, you should maintain some tips. Like-

Best Tile Saw Reviews
  • Keep the blade rotating at high speed
  • Ensure proper water flow in both blade and cutting area
  • Keep the material moving in the blade straight.
  • If your cutting is full of debris, then stop cutting and fix the water nozzle
  • Use a bucket and keep floor cleaner to keep your cutting place clean and dry.
  • Before cutting, take proper protection ( hand, eye, and sound protection)
  • Keep an extra garden hose that is 15 feet long. It is better to keep the long tube
  • Keep extra gallon bucket
  • Before start cutting make sure all of your electric lines are dry 


These tips are essential for both beginners and experienced wet tile saw users. Because it’s all about safety and problems can come at any time, so it is better to take proper preparation.




After all the discussions above, now we are in the conclusion part and good luck. As you know, how to use a wet tile saw. And also gain knowledge about the saw. You may think that other information is not that much important, but I must say, we should acquire proper knowledge when we are using something new and which requires a lot of concentration. 


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