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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Tips For Beginners

Ten Necessary Tig Welding Tips For Beginners To Get The Best Out Of It

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Starting with the tig welding can feel like going through a different range of emotions playing throughout your mind and body. One moment you are excited to start with something more advanced welding with your career. The very next moment, you get worried and confused over what you should do to get the best result out of it as a beginner. You will inevitably make some mistakes and even mess up big time. But knowing some tig welding tips for beginners can help you to feel way more confident. So here are our ten essential tig welding tips to get the best welding even as a beginner.


Don't use too much power if you are starting

If you are starting with the tig welder, it is crucial to keep the power minimal. Because as you are a beginner, you won't even know before you realize that you have burned it all. That is because Tig welding is much stronger at penetrating power. So keep the power right within the limit.

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Experiment with tungsten

If you are just a beginner tig welder, it is normal to feel a bit intimidated by the different types of tungsten out there. Because there are lots of different tungsten that work with different metals, so do go ahead and experiment with tungsten’s to find out what works better with which material.


Measure the Tungsten thickness correctly

What happens if you don't measure the required tungsten thickness before you even start, you will either end up with too large or too small. If it is bigger than necessary, then it will take more time to heat and start working. If it is not big enough, you may end up overheating, which is dangerous.




Regrind the tip often

It is quite necessary to keep your tip properly grind and regrind to keep the welding quality up to par. If you neglect the advice and let it just be as it is, you won't be able to achieve an excellent quality of welding.


Remove all distractions

It is better to get all the tig welding supplies properly in your hand and remove anything that may distract you. Because tig welding is way more powerful and also requires excellent control. So even a minute of wavering of attention may ruin the quality you have wanted to achieve


Never compromise with safety equipment

No matter how much or what material you are using with your tig welder, it will be wise to take proper safety equipment. Using a welding hood and also using gloves will be very much recommended.




Don't take the grinding of electrodes lightly

When you are just starting, it is not unusual to take the tungsten electrodes as something quite harmless. But it is a wrong conception because the tungsten is a bit of radioactive. So make sure there is enough ventilation where you do the grinding of the electrode and also keep it as dust-free as possible.




Don't keep the torch and rod at the same angle

Because if you do this, you will end up having much worse welding than you intended. It is better to work and concentrate on preventing the rod not to melt before you want it to happen.


Be careful of sweat and shock

One of the essential Tig welding tips for beginners would be aware of the things that might end up getting you a nasty shock. This could be something as simple as the sweat at your hand because the sweat is conducive of the electricity. It will be safer if you wear a glove while doing tig welding.


Keep everything clean

gas tungsten arc welding

gas tungsten arc welding

Last but not least, you must keep everything clean. No matter whether it is the metals you are welding with or the rod and electrode, everything needs to be kept in the optimal condition for a better result.


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All of these ten basic tig welding tips are nothing like a very advanced concept, and you will learn them eventually once you start tig welding on a regular basis. But knowing these tips can make it easier for you to understand how to get better welding results as a beginner.


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