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3 Beginner Epoxy Resin Mistakes

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Taking on an epoxy resin project for the first time can be daunting. There is plenty of information out there on how to work with epoxy, but many don’t cover the common pitfalls that first-time epoxy users run into.

3 Beginner Epoxy Resin Mistakes

Many epoxy resin mistakes can be easily prevented and even fixed — but the key to getting your epoxy resin project correct from the start is reading the directions on your bottle closely and carefully. Lets read further to avoid Epoxy Resin Mistakes.


Incorrect Type of Epoxy Resin

Selecting the appropriate epoxy resin for your project is either the start of your success or the beginning of your project’s failure. Depending on the type of project you’re looking to create, it’s important to know what epoxy will work best.

3 Beginner Epoxy Resin Mistakes

If you’re looking to create a river table for example, that is over a 2in deep pour between those two slabs of wood. Knowing that, you’ll want to select an epoxy that is meant for a deep pour. Compare that to a handmade coffee table that you’re looking to seal which can be done easily with a tabletop epoxy resin mixture.

In either of these examples if you select the wrong epoxy resin, there is a good chance that it won’t properly cure (harden) and that your underlying project could be ruined. Ensure that you do the proper research on your project and know the type of resin that will work best.


Improper Epoxy Resin Measurements

If you haven’t read up yet on exactly what epoxy resin is, it’s important to start getting acquainted. Epoxy resin is a chemical mixture separated into two parts and when those two parts are combined they create a durable, long-lasting hold. However, if they are mixed improperly, the resin may never harden or have an incorrect consistently leaving your project unfinished.

3 Beginner Epoxy Resin Mistakes

In order to have the proper epoxy resin measurements there are two main components. First you need to understand how much epoxy you will need for your project, and secondly you’ll need to understand the specific ratios of your two part epoxy resin. Keep in mind that each brand and bottle of epoxy resin has unique ratios, be sure to read the directions carefully. There are also many tools out there such as epoxy resin calculators that you can also use.


Improper Epoxy Resin Curing Time

The cure time on your project is very important, this is the step that allows your project to properly harden. If you let your project cure for too short of a time you can damage your epoxy resin layer and have to start again.

3 Beginner Epoxy Resin Mistakes

In addition to damaging your top coat, if you are doing multiple layers of epoxy it is crucial that your first layer is properly hardened before you add more epoxy. If you cover uncured epoxy with a fresh pour, the two layers will begin to mesh, create lots of air bubbles, and fail toc cure entirely.

However, this is an easy pitfall to avoid. If you pour the proper amount of epoxy and read the directions closely, you will be able to time your project cure to the tee!

In closing, epoxy resin can be a tricky substance to work with, but it all comes down to reading the directions. If you read carefully, you’ll be in the clear!


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