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Common Problems With Paint Sprayers & How To Fix Them

Common Problems with Paint Sprayers & How to Fix Them
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Common Problems with Paint Sprayers & How to Fix Them

If you are someone who is using a paint sprayer for quite some time now, it is obvious that you are bound to face some problems regarding your paint sprayer. Like every other tool, a paint sprayer can get mishandled, too, and because of that, it can become problematic and gave you a hard time while you are working. But don’t worry, fixing these common issues that you might come across as a paint sprayer user is super easy and quick! I have created a list of the most common problems that happen with a paint sprayer, along with how you can easily fix them! So let's get started!

Common problems with paint sprayers and how to fix them


Fluttering your spray gun is one of the most common problems that a lot of people complain about. However, fluttering is an annoying issue. It is also super easy to fix! Fluttering occurs when your spray gun’s tip is not tight enough. In this situation, what you can do is use a torque wrench along with a ring spanner to tighten your tip, and while you are doing that, try to avoid any slip-off damages. If your tip is already tight enough, try cleaning your air distribution ring, which will definitely solve your problem.

Faulty pump 

Another thing paint sprayer users have complained about is their pump, not priming. There are a few ways you can solve this issue.

Firstly, make sure your spray valve is in the right and prime position. Once you have done that and the issue is still there, reset it. If in a very rare case, that doesn’t work as well, you should search your inlet screen for any kinds of clogs; if you see one, clean it out properly, and you will be good to go!

Clogged tip 

A clogged tip is one of the most searched up problems in the history of paint sprayers; clogged tips can make an airless spray, and sometimes, your paint sprayer stops just all of a sudden. What you can do to fix it is. Find the handle, which is shaped like an arrow, and then turn it in a way that it is facing backward. Point the gun to a dustbin or any other waste space and then pull the trigger. This will unclog the tip of your paint sprayer in just a few minutes.

Uneven finish 

If your paint sprayer is giving you an uneven finish or a cracking or too wet surface then, it is not your paint sprayer but you! Yes, you read that right! Your paint sprayer is probably giving you an uneven finish because you are holding it too close to whatever surface you are working on, causing a wet, uneven, and not very attractive surface.

So try to hold your spray gun at a decent distance from the surface while you are working with it.

Jammed trigger 

Many people have complained that the trigger of their paint sprayer is either jammed or is not squeezing; some have said that they are having a very hard time trying to pull their trigger. Well, the easiest solution of all the time to this is to see if your safety is on. Suppose your safety is on, then hey! You already know what to do. Just turn your safety off, and you will be good to go! But if your safety is already off and you still have issues pulling the trigger, then you should get your paint sprayer checked by an expert, and you should probably get your old one replaced!

Paint sprayer isn’t starting. 

This may seem like a serious issue, but trust me, it's not and can be easily fixed in just a little time and effort. You should know that if you have properly switched in your paint sprayer and it's still not working, then you are most probably dealing with an electrical issue. It could be because you do not have enough voltage in your switches to run a paint sprayer, or it could be because you accidentally blew a fuse while working. All you have to do is call an electrician, and he will tell you what’s wrong and fix it immediately!

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