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PEMF therapy helps you in recovering or healing from injuries by relieving the pain. This therapy helps your muscles in performing all the tasks efficiently. But the first step towards best PEMF therapy involves having the best PEMF therapy machines.

Buying the right PEMF machine products could be a challenging task as you will have to check different websites and resources to find out the perfect device for you and your family. But in this guide, we have reviewed the top 5 PEMF machines that could be a perfect investment for your health.

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Medithera Home System

It is a perfect choice for users looking to have a PEMF machine for home use. It is a brand-new health system that can also be used for professional use. This PEMF machine was created in Germany by experts who wanted to create something that was by evolution. 

It is a portable and lightweight therapy device that can be configured instantly. A compact pillow pad applicator and a complete PEMF mat with a highly advanced monitoring panel and are included with this device. It also has an additional probe applicator for treating smaller, isolated regions.

This is a user-friendly therapy device that is easy to use. It can be placed over the sofa, bed, or floor to lie on it. The powerful PEMFs can penetrate each item to reach your cells so you don’t have to take off your clothes to get the most out of it.



It is on our list of best PEMF machine products due to its wide range of functions. It is an easy-to-use therapy machine that can also be used with small applicators. The users suffering from sprained ankle injury can also use it for reducing inflammation.

It is a small-sized and portable therapy machine that can also fit in your pocket. It features 2 applicators for use on both sides of the area. We will recommend using a single applicator at a time for getting the intensity of 200 Gauss.



It is a comparatively expensive therapy device but its exciting features have compelled us to put it on our list. The users who are not sure of using which therapy device can use it to get the best results. It runs continuously and offers instantaneous pain relief by fixing the sore muscles. This feature is uncommon in other PEMF devices. 

Its intensity could be comparatively low but this lightweight device includes some features. It is a portable device with a battery timing of up to 30-days. If you are in search of a therapy device to treat in-between your main treatment, it is a perfect therapy device. Get on a full-body PEMF mat and get instantaneous relief from sore muscles.



It is a powerful PEMF machine that is available in different variants. It is not a portable machine but it has secured a position in our list of best PEMF machines due to its wide range of features. It is considered a great sleep aid as you can put an applicator in your bed and enjoy a great sleep. The users suffering from localized chronic conditions can also use the Eartplus to get relief. 



It is a great choice for users with neurological issues. It may be a new product in the market but it has gained huge popularity as it is not specifically designed for sleep or pain. It has a direct impact on your neurological cells and offers better results.

Bellabee works with an application and it is worn on the back of your head. It is easy to control with its mobile phone application and it is also earning good reviews in the local market.



A PEMF machine product is considered a great investment towards your health and one must not compromise on it. You need to find the answers to a couple of questions before purchasing a PEMF machine. Are you buying from a reliable source? Is the company offering a money-back guarantee? Is the company offering a repair service? Did you check the reviews of a product?

After getting the answers to these questions, make a wise decision of buying a PEMF machine and get on your PEMF mat to get relief from sore muscles.



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