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7 Tools You Can Use For Your File Conversion Needs

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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular and widely used word processors in the world. Several people rely on this software every day, both individuals and companies, for various tasks. 

Word is a powerful document editor, and therefore you must have a reliable tool to convert documents to other formats. Apart from file formats available in MS word, there are file formats that you might likely encounter if you work online. 

If you want to share your documents with others or just for preservation purposes. There are so many tools that let you convert documents into various compatible formats. Today we are going to share some of the best choices. 

1. PDFBear: Word to PDF

With PDFBear you can seamlessly convert different word files into different formats. You can convert Word to PDF and even Word to Excel etc. All you have to do is upload your file and wait for it to load into the site, click on convert for your document to be scanned, wait for the conversion to finish, and voila! You can download your file to your PC or share it with an external source. This whole process takes two minutes and four steps to complete. 


2. MS Word: Document to Excel 

You can convert PDF, text, Word Page, and PPT formatted documents into an Excel-compatible file. Microsoft Word Wizard automatically detects the types of files you are trying to convert, and hence, you do not need to provide any format for the conversion process. 

It also offers a range of format options that help you choose the best option for your needs. You can easily adjust the font size, color, and location of the text inside the document.


3. TextFixer: Text To HTML 

This tool enables you to convert any Word document into an HTML format. The converted text will be available in all HTML versions. It is a bit complicated process, but if you have complete confidence in your skills with Word and your internet connection, you can go ahead and try the conversion. Once the text is ready in HTML format, you can publish the newly created HTML page and make it publicly accessible.


4. RegEx: Word to Excel

This is another popular tool that is used to convert Word documents into Excel format. For this, you need to download the free RegEx to Excel file from the Microsoft website. Once you have downloaded the software, open the software and follow the step-by-step instructions, which will enable you to convert Word documents into an Excel-compatible file. Once the conversion is done, you will be able to see the changes immediately.


5. Small PDF: PPT to PDF 

 If you are looking for an excellent yet simple tool, the small pdf tool is for you. For converting a PPT (Portable Document Format) document into a PDF, you just need to go to their site and then follow the instructions. It is easy to use as all you have to do is select the text and choose the Convert to PDF option. The tool will automatically save the document and display all the changes on a new page.


6. Coolutils: Word to XHTML

Imgify is the most user-friendly tool available to convert Word to XHTML. This tool converts a Word document file into an XHTML document easily by following the step-by-step procedure. If you want to know more about this tool, you can go through its website and find out more. 


7. FlippingBook: Convert PDF to HTML 

For people who are not aware, PDF (Portable Document Format) is a common document format that is widely used for sharing pictures and other large texts. To convert PDF into HTML, you can either use Free PDF converters like a flipping book. 

You can also learn how to convert PDF into HTML manually on your own. However, if you want the quickest way possible, you can pay and download a program that can perform PDF to HTML conversion on your PC.


Things To Note While Choosing A File Converter

If you want to convert files online using a good converter, check out the free and the paid versions of the software. Free versions usually come with limited features. If you want to convert large volumes of files, you need the paid versions. However, you should read reviews before buying any tool. Sometimes, there are problems with the software you are planning to buy. Therefore, before buying, ensure that you have read customer reviews.

Some tools have additional features that you need. For example, if you need to convert a video file, you may need a video converter. If you need to convert a sound file, then you may need a sound mixer tool. Some converters have extra features. Before you buy, check out the extra features.

After buying the conversion software, you should download the program to your computer. Check whether the program is compatible with your system or not. A compatibility test is important because some programs do not work well with different systems. You should also test the compatibility of the tool by using the compatibility checker available online.

Once you find the tool that meets your needs, download it and install it on your computer. Then, open the converter and then follow the steps to start converting the files. With the advancement in technology, converting files online is quite easy if you follow the instructions properly.


In Conclusion

Converting files to a different format is one of the most important steps you need to take as an online user, whether you’re a marketer, student, or office worker. Basic knowledge of file conversion would be beneficial to you. 

While it does require some effort, especially if you are not too computer savvy, it is one of the most effective ways to produce the desired output in the most suitable form. And with the number of tools, we have listed to help you with this conversion, converting files should be faster and easier for you. 



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