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Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms To Stay Warm Through The Winter

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If you want to get toasty warm and comfortable during the harsh winters, you need a reliable heater. And buying a decent heater is one thing. But buying a reliable heater that can heat your large room is another. And choosing the wrong product can take a toll on your budget. That’s why you need the best indoor electric heaters for large rooms.

The units are cost-efficient. But at the same time, it can keep you warm and fuzzy during the chilly season. And you don’t have to settle with sky-high utility bills. We have just the right heater for your large space.

So without further ado, let’s head on to our reviews. You can find a suitable heater for your large room without going over budget.

Quick Summary:

  • Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater is  king when it comes to heat, it may have most of the features that you’re looking for in a space heater. It’s energy efficient, safe to use, and can even warm up a large room with high ceilings evenly. We liked this best and declare as Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.
  • The  Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater makes use of a rather unique widespread heating technology. It can incorporate hot air so it can make you feel all fuzzy and warm faster. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a rustic and handsome looking heater that can add charm into your homes.
  • Like the Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater, the Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater can heat up large rooms rather well. And what sets it apart is that’s small but can heat up large rooms faster. So don’t be deceived with its small size.
  • Some people favor infrared heating due to safety concerns. And the Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is the best option.
  • The Lasko 6462 Full-Circle is a compact heater that can fit any space.  And despite its compact size, it has a 360 degree oscillating feature so your entire room will be evenly warm.
Brand Power source watts Heating method Button
Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Corded, electric 1500 Ceramic, Fan, and forced air [Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms] Check Price on Amazon
Lasko 6405 Designer  AC 1500 Convection Check Price on Amazon
Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater AC 1500 Convection Check Price on Amazon
Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater Corded electric 1500 Radiant Check Price on Amazon
Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Space Heater Corded electric 1500 Ceramic, fan, and forced air Check Price on Amazon
LifeSmart 6 Element Infrared Heater wood 1500 Radiant Check Price on Amazon
PELONIS Electric Radiator Heater Corded electric 1500 Oil Check Price on Amazon
DeLonghi HMP Corded electric 1500 Mica thermic Check Price on Amazon
DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater Corded electric 1500 Radiant Check Price on Amazon
Air Choice Infrared Heater Corded electric 1500 Radiant what, infrared, fan, and forced air Check Price on Amazon

10 Best Indoor Electric Heaters for Large Rooms

If you’re not happy with how your home heating is going, consider getting a new one. Our team of testers have put these products through their paces and they all passed the test – meaning that they’ll keep you toasty in any room.

Read below to see what’s hot for Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.

1. Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater– Best OverallBest Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms To Stay Warm Through The Winter

Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan…

Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating with Stay Cool Housing - Tower with Remote Control, Digital Thermostat, Timer, Large Temperature Display and Efficient ECO Mode - by Bovado USA
2,787 Reviews
Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating with Stay Cool Housing - Tower with Remote Control, Digital Thermostat, Timer, Large Temperature Display and Efficient ECO Mode - by Bovado USA
  • FAST, EFFICIENT HEATING: Our oscillating space heater uses a forced-fan circulation to heat as it rotates from side to side, quickly & evenly warming an entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature.
  • ETL CERTIFIED & BUIT TO BE SAFE: In addition to being ETL Certified, this unit includes an overheat protection sensor and an automatic fail-safe that cuts power to the unit if it's accidentally tipped over.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: A digital thermostat prevents overheating & stuffiness, while an 8-hour timer with auto shutoff allows you to program the unit in advance to maintain a steady comfortable temperature.
  • LOWER ENERGY COSTS: Frostbite weather shouldn’t take a bite out of your paycheck. Our energy-saving ECO mode adjusts heat output to lower costs, while its ceramic build prevents producing too much heat.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE POWER: This heating appliance is easy to move from room to room or take on a road trip. A remote control enables easy adjustment, while the stay cool housing helps prevents burns.

Durable, reliable, and it can heat up large rooms efficiently.

That’s how this space heater earned our best overall tag. Moreover, it can sufficiently heat up a large room with high ceilings and also give you full control over its functions. It is automatic; you can easily set the 8-hour timer for sleep mode and enjoy a warm comfortable sleep – the features are cleverly designed to make your life easier!

This space heater is eco-friendly as well; we love that fact that it has intelligent technology which will sense temperature changes and adjust accordingly (saving on utility bills). It will only heat in order to maintain desired temperature levels so there won’t be any unnecessary electricity costs either! Features of this Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.


  • ETL-Certified for Safety and Comfort
  • Digital Thermostat for Visible Control
  • Intelligent Heater Technology
  • Several Fan Setting Speeds
  • Automatic Heat Dispenser
  • Low-Power Consumption
  • Digital Control
  • Quiet Oscillating Movement; Even Distribution of Heat


  • Otts energy efficient, Low-Power Consumption for Long Hours of Use
  • Lightweight, portable, sturdy, and easy to use
  • It can heat larger rooms with higher ceilings
  • Can make you cozy even in the winter season


  • Slightly Faulty Remote Control

What we think about the product

This space heater can heat a larger area and it has high ceilings so that frostbite won’t be an issue. It also heats up quickly, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the cold again.

2. Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater– Best Value

Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater,Gold

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Designer Series Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and 2-Speeds, 16 Inches, 1500W, Beige, 6405
11,511 Reviews
Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Designer Series Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and 2-Speeds, 16 Inches, 1500W, Beige, 6405
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Adjustable thermostat with automatic shut-off timer
  • Fully assembled. 10" x 10" x 16" tall
  • 1500 watts of comforting warmth with high, low and thermostat controlled settings. Do not plug heater into any other cord connected device such as a power strip, surge protector, multiple outlet adapter, cord reel or outlet- type air freshener
  • ETL listed. Oscillation for broad coverage . Please note : No remote

Get more bang for your buck with this heater’s widespread heating technology.

This heater is a brilliant investment, with sophisticated technology that integrates heat into the atmosphere, making it safe and easy to use. It features an auto-cold/hot air shift which can automatically adjust room temperature if you find yourself too hot or cold when sleeping. The exterior of this space heater also takes the form of a vase, making it something people would not expect from such an appliance.

But yet again does nothing else than balance room temperature in one simple move! And for those who are wary about their electric bills increasing in winter time (and potentially overheat), this value-for-money efficiency comes highly recommended as well.


  • 1500W Capacity
  • Versatile Thermostat Controls
  • Widespread Oscillation for a Balanced Room Temperature
  • Lightweight Design for Mobility
  • 100% Straightforward (no remote & other accessories)


  • It has a unique rustic design that can also be an accent in your home.
  • The Widespread Oscillation Technology heats a large room well and turns it off automatically when needed
  • Can Warm Up the Entire Home
  • It has a Long Cord


  • Not good for those who prefer a remote control

What we think about product

The Lasko 6405 is a low-cost and efficient space heater that will give you significant savings on your utility bills. This space heater also has an automatic technology that automatically turns it off when the room is warm enough, so there’s no need to worry about using too much energy unnecessarily. According to our test and others’ reviews, this is second Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.

 3. Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater– Best for Energy Efficient 

This heater may be small, but it can surely heat any given large rooms.

We have several heaters that can warm a large room like the Comfort Zone and Lasko 6405 but what makes this one stand out is its size. It’s rather small, but it sure has a lot of power! The smaller size allows for quicker heating. It uses penetrating air velocity to quickly push hot air into an area where cold may be present in order to prevent any temperature fluctuations. Our third Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.

With its oscillation technology, all areas are equally covered with warmth so you’re guaranteed fuzzy comfort in no time! Its multifunction remote control enables you to control the wind direction as well as shut off or restart your heater from your sofa without having to get up at all. There’s also some problems with this product including that digital display not reading temperatures properly on occasion and high-energy use despite being called EcoSmart cool .


  • 100% Durable
  • Elongated Ceramic Finish for Even Heat Distribution
  • Widespread Oscillation Technology
  • Remote Control
  • Timed Shut Off System
  • Vertical Air Flow Design
  • Fast & Instant Heating Capacity


  • It is small and compact yet can warm up large rooms well
  • It has a multifunctional remote control
  • It can heat large rooms rather fast in 8-10 minutes
  • Widespread Oscillation and Works even w/ cold temp. constantly leaking in
  • Multifunction Remote Control
  • Durable


  • High-Energy Consumption

What we think about the product

If you’re looking for a heater that can heat up large rooms quickly and easily, this product is the one to go with. While it may not be as efficient at heating your space than other models on our list, we find it reliable enough.

 4. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater– Has the Best Safety Features

The infrared technology in this heater makes it the safest and most efficient heaters on our list.

Infrared heaters use wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation to produce heat. This is safer than using electricity, as it doesn’t require fuel or combustible materials to function. It also has a built-in safety feature because the thick exterior won’t easily bend or give in when pressure is applied and will not easily trap harmful gases like other appliances do due to its slow healing process from broken bulbs instead of breaking down into poisonous gas.

Some users had some issues with their units though including loud fan motors, unpredictable auto mode kickbacks and unstable temperature ranges that are difficult for consumers who need consistent performance from their appliance which can only be achieved by changing bulb color settings every hour or so; neutralizing certain types of infrared radiation (this setting helps some people sleep better) so that we end up stuffing our atmosphere with unnecessary warm air; and a slow healing process when heating elements get busted


  • Dual Heating System for more empowered use
  • 100% Efficient & Safe Infrared Heating Technology
  • Auto-Energy Saving Model
  • Tip-Over Shut-Off Feature
  • High-Functioning Remote Control
  • 1500W Power Capacity
  • Quartz Infrared Tech
  • Heavy Long Chord


  •  It has several safety features over all the products on our list
  • The longer cord makes it easier to use
  • It can be easily moved from one room to another


  • Slow Heating Process despite Dual Heating Systems

What we think about the product

For safety and speed, the Lasko 5160 is a great option. It will automatically turn off if it tips over, saving you from any worry that your heater may catch fire while you’re sleeping. If being up to speed is what’s important to you then this might be a better choice than our other selection here!

So here is fourth Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms.

5. Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Space Heater– Best Compact

The Lasko is the lightest and smallest space heater on our list. But this device won’t disappoint with its performance!

This small but robust and powerful heater can make you feel warm on a chilly night. The fact that it uses ceramic heating means that your rooms will be heated efficiently. Its full-circle warmth ceramic heating also reveals the quality of its oscillation performance, as this makes for reliable and efficient heat distribution throughout your home – no matter where you are in it!

One tester noted that even if the windows were open, our sixth-ranking product could still keep them all warm enough to avoid shivers. It consumes energy at 1500 watts or less than one third of what’s needed by other similar products from so far above us on our list!

While it may not be able to out-blast the coolest heat possible, its oscillation technology creates a field that evenly distributes heat. That’s unlike most products which release cold wind as they transform it into an active source of energy and then backfire when the temperature goes up. With this product there is no risk of overheating or overconcentrated power because of its high quality insulation mechanism; you can even rely on 100% efficiency in heating your room!

It also guarantees 24 hours worth of warmth with ease! There are some issues though: shipping problems, problematic auto-shut-off mode, flimsy chord quality (burnprone), slow healing process and tendency to fry outlets


  • 3 Heat Sweep Settings
  • Digitally-Programmable Thermostat
  • Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic; 360-degree Oscillation Capacity
  • Easy-Handled Remote Control
  • Fully Assembled Package with no unnecessary accessories
  • Full-circle warmth capacity


  • It’s durable and can last for longer times
  • Highly Intuitive and it’s very easy to use
  • Can Warm up the Entire Home despite its compact and small size
  • Offers Consistent Heat, Low Noise & No Hums


  • Dangerous Melt-Prone Plastic Lid Top

What do we think about the product

This space heater is small and compact, but it can sufficiently heat your entire room. It’s rather easy to use and it’s also quite quiet. But be careful for when you fall asleep with the heater on, as the lid tends to melt easily.

6. LifeSmart 6 Element Infrared Heater– Best Quiet

Aside from being the quietest heater on our list, it can also maintain humidity the best. 

What is the difference between a humidifier and an air conditioner? Humidifiers are designed to help moisturize the air in your home by adding moisture without neutralizing it, while ACs strip out all of that humidity. Unlike conditioning, humidifying adds back in what’s been lost so you have more balanced conditions. A cool thing about this model is that it operates as both an AC and a humidifier! One of our Best Indoor Electric Heaters For Large Rooms

It has a certain temperature neutralizer that maintains the cold air while increasing its humidity (which is what causes it to be so cold). In this case, it keeps the air from drying up. It does not break any molecules apart, which means warm and cool air are able to help keep each other’s temperate level more steady. The end result is higher humidity levels and lower energy consumption for heating purposes as opposed to normal devices that require high amounts of energy in order to blow out hot wind – likely resulting in an inefficient process when compared with our product!

Do you notice that your body gets warmer and warmer when you exercise? That is because the discomfort from exercising helps us to break a sweat – it actually strengthens our immune system. In other words, sweating itself isn’t bad! It’s how we respond to heat or cold (or any sensation) that determines its positive or negative effect on our health.

“Finally, our testers cherish this LifeSmart masterpiece for its 3-way wonder: energy-efficient, toxic free and air moisturizing capacity!”
“However, this does not mean to say that the product is outright flawless.”

Some of our testers criticize the products’s dysfunctional fans and breakable buttons.


  • 100% Soft & Comfortable Infrared Heat
  • 3 Heat Settings w/ Eco-Mode
  • Super-Quiet Fan Motor Performance
  • Air-Moisturizing Capacity
  • 1500W Power Capacity
  • 100% Toxin-Free Air Dispersal
  • Energy-efficient Performance


  • It is energy efficient
  • It has a rather Beautiful Design
  • It has Air Moisturizing Capacity
  • Non-Toxic Air Dispensing
  • Super-Quiet Fan Motor


  • Tendency to Overheat and Fry Outlets

What we think about the product 

This air purifier conditioner not only conditions the air but also moisturizes it. So we find that it gives one of the best, most luxurious and healthy experiences in terms of quality. This is perfect for places where there’s a lot of humidity or you want to feel like you’re at peace with yourself and get away from people! It uses less power than other heating sources too!

7. PELONIS Electric Radiator Heater, 1500W– Best Digital Heater

If you have concerns about the healing time of infrared heaters, this oil-filled space heater is also a safe alternative.

These electric heaters are 100% safe, practical and worry-free. It doesn’t use oil so you don’t have to refill it after each usage – this is because of its diathermic nature. In addition to not consuming any oil itself, they also protect against power surges or shortages thanks to their top 8 heater design.

This type of oil-filled heater is safe from overheating. All you have to do is plug it in anywhere and move it around for your preferred position. It has a simplistic panelled design, which does not experience power surges or shortages like other heaters do.

Our testers, who purchased the latest model of this infrared heater, found that it is equipped with a long-lasting battery life and less complicated buttons. It has no power reversals or kick-backs which makes it much easier to operate than many other models on the market.

Although the device might seem to be slower in terms of distributing warmth, this product is usually considered precise. Our top-ranking model has a 24-hour timer and it advances its overall control over room temperature!

For starters, some of our testers criticized its hyper-sensitive thermostat digital sensor, tendency to emit burning smell during automatic oil refilling that’s not easily remedied by turning off the unit quickly. It also has a really slow heating process and limited heating reach. The remote control is easy to break and unpredictable because it can sometimes display errors on the screen too when one uses it wrongly as well. Another disadvantage about this amazing heater is that only 5 degrees Celsius can be reached at a time with its temperature range being limited (which isn’t very big in itself).


  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
  • 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Remote Control
  • Safe Heater for Full Room


  • The digital display looks handsome. They are also large and easy to read
  • It has a durable and solid finish
  • Super-Safe Controls


  • It has a limited 5-Degree Temperature Increase at a Time
  • Tendency to Emit Burning Smell During Automatic Oil Refill

What we think about the product

If you are looking for the safest and most efficient heater, this is a great choice. The fully digital display is large enough to make it easier for users to adjust settings. We do not recommend purchasing this product if you have pets or children in your house though, as there may be some gassy smells associated with the heating element that they might find unpleasant.

8. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater– Best Wall Mounted

This wall mounted heater is such a space-saver. It’s also rather compact, so you can place it in any room or even in the hallway!

Our testers couldn’t help but take notice of the numerous features it truly has. It provides a sleek look, is built with full room quiet warmth, boasts an adjustable thermostat and heat settings as well as toggle switches on its exterior design! Thanks to its Mica Panel in every heater unit, our testers have only positive remarks for this product.

Radiant in this context means that the panel is able to heat its own airflow, reducing energy and effort by not missing any single air flow. In other words, it has a radiant design which ensures no single air pass get missed. This leads to less energy usage for the device itself because of less fan power required when compared with conventional designs which may make use of more fans.

Radiant heating has proven to be a trusted technology with many benefits. It is much like infrared and oil-filled heating types, but it goes beyond neutralizing temperatures by warming up the whole room without making any noise! Radiant heat’s disadvantage is that it makes people sweat. However, this statement doesn’t apply in this case as mica panels are used for radiant heaters’ thermostat settings which provide users flexibility so they can control the temperature of their rooms.

According to one reviewer, the airflow direction of an electric heater is direct. This means that it blows out a lot of heat and does not only make things warm but cool them down as well! More so, this device never creates surface warmth like other devices do because it mixes up with cold winds eventually breaks it down into droplets which cannot create any additional warmth.

Some of the problems our testers encountered with the product are that it has a faulty cord, hard to know how much heat is being provided per turn, mounting takes time and can cause skin burns if done improperly.
The other issue is that once enough temperature settings have been set, some people assumed their unit would be functioning continuously


  • Full Room Quiet Warmth
  • Mica Panel Heater
  • Radiant Heating Technology
  • Customizable Digital Settings
  • Sleek Design
  • 300 sq. Ft. Heating Reach
  • Convenient Wall Mouth
  • Light & Portable Design for easy repositioning


  • Can release direct but gentle heat (through customizable settings)
  • It’s also an Effective Humidifier
  • It’s wall-mounted this can save a lot of space
  • Light & Compact yet durable
  • Sleek Look & Feel
  • Adjustable Thermostat & Heating Settings


  • Takes Time Installing & Mounting on Wall
  • Panel Surface gets too hot (risk for burning the skin on contact)

What we think about this product

If you are in need of a heater, but don’t have the space for it to set up on your wall or desk, try this one. It can make you feel warm and fuzzy despite not having any space at all! This compact heating unit also humidifies the air which is great because it saves some money – as much as two products for one price. But there is still some concerns about safety with this product so be careful before purchasing

9.  DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater

This is perhaps the upgraded version of the DeLonghi HMP  heater.

This new heater is not only more efficient and safer than the previous model, but it also comes with a host of other features. It has fully assembled bodies that are customizable in terms of temperature settings, an easy to maintain system without any parts requiring repair or replacement, advanced safety technology such as an automatic shut off after 10 minutes if there’s no movement detected from within the unit.

The newer version of the product is safer and stronger, but it fails to please every reviewer because some features were stripped away. As noted by many testers, they find that the new model’s cord wrap is better than their previous one. They also found that this model has a more stable alarm (which was previously shaky), and a protected panel surface with textured grips on each corner where fingers are most likely to touch in an emergency situation. All-in-all, critics felt as if this person improved from its first attempt at releasing something similar but fell short overall for not being able to perform well like its predecessor would have done.

The heater is 25 square feet, and it ensures maximum heat flow of hot air. The patented thermal slots in the design are an important feature that enables this system to work efficiently.

The drawbacks of the product include a tendency for leaked oil, limited heating reach, slow heating process, fluctuating temperature degrees, tendency to emit a burning smell and cheap bulb quality.


  • Comfort Temperature Technology for Low-Energy Cost and Anti-Overheat
  • 3 heat settings
  • Light gray
  • Corded electric
  • 100% Maintenance-Free System
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Patented thermal slots
  • Protected Panel
  • Comfort Temperature Technology
  • Fully Assembled Body


  • Thicker & Safer Chord Quality
  • Added Safety Features
  • More customizable settings
  • It has maintenance free system and it has an efficient overheat alarm


  • Might emit a burning smell

What we think about the product

Though the electric heater does not heat up large rooms, it will still warm 250 square feet of space. It is one of the quieter options on this list as well!

10. Air Choice Infrared Heater– Best Even Heat

This infrared heater gives off the most even heat.

The best thing about this heater is that it doesn’t blow hot air into the area. This can be attributed to its infrared quartz feature, which allows for a quick heating up of large rooms. It’s also because of how fast it heats up, and due to its integrated ventilation system as well.

The York Cooler is an air conditioner that runs quietly, saving you money on electricity. It has its own internal heat storage system and will make the room just warm enough to keep from feeling stuffy or uncomfortably hot. This device lets in cool air as well as warmed up outside air for a new cycle of ventilation like what any ordinary AC does.

The light and compact build of this mouse makes it a perfect fit for any home decors. It also tends to be very solid, durable and reliable due to its design.

Some of our testers think that the product’s heavy reliance on remote control is a disadvantage, otherwise this product has few other drawbacks. Its other disadvantages include shipping problems, problematic internal bulbs, a not-so-durable overall heating system and tendency to retract within 23 degrees.


  • Touch-Screen Digital Control for Thermostat Retention
  • Infrared Quartz Technology that makes heating 100% safe
  • Tip-Over Shut-Down Feature that eliminates dangers of exposure
  • Energy-Efficient System
  • Remote Control with varied control options
  • Light, Portable, Durable and Compact External Design


  • Fast Heating Process
  • Air-Conditioning Type of Heating System. It Integrates Ventilation & Heating
  • Touch-Screen Thermostat Control
  • Quiet-Functioning
  • Beautiful, Light and Compact Design
  • Infrared Quartz Technology; Tip-Over Shut-off and Overheat Protection Technology
  • Smart Tech


  • The tendency to retract within a 23-degree limit
  • Heavy Dependence to Remote and quite high maintenance

What we think about this product

The fact that it produces the most even heat out of the ones we listed is what makes us love how easy it will be to use. It won’t make a room too hot or stuffy while retaining warm air and cooling down cold air, which are both important qualities in a space heater.

3 Common Types of Space Heaters

Depending on the design and appearance of your heater, you can determine its type. There are different types of heaters that come in designs like a portable model or one with an oven.

A portable model is best to take with you when traveling. You can also consider adding features like an oven to it if needed because they have been upgraded into models which have them.

There are a variety of features to take into account when it comes to buying a space heater. One thing you should remember is that each space heater possesses distinct functionalities, capacities, design and effects.

Here are common types of space heaters:

1. Radiant & Infrared Heaters

Radiant heaters are very different from the other two types of heating, convection and fan-generated. The radiant heat is focused on an object or a body instead of the space itself while it traps coldness in small areas rather than warming them up. This feature makes radiant heaters most energy efficient because they reach smaller spaces without wasting too much power when compared to traditional models.

With the new technology, users have found comfort when it comes to reducing perspiration. It’s one of its more recent features that makes it easier for the user.

2. Baseboard Heaters

Any light heaters that can be mounted on parts of the house are called baseboard electric space heaters. They have been an important portable heater for a long time now, and today their popularity has only increased, since they are one of the best available options to keep you warm during winter.

It’s either stationary or portable. Even so, they have designed it to be durable enough to resist any sorts of impact.

Baseboard heaters have recently been updated with integrated thermostat controls. They now come in elongated shapes so that they’re easier to use and distribute their heat more quickly.

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3. Ceramic Fan-Forced Heaters

Ceramic fan-forced heaters are known as the basic warmers. Very common, these heaters make use of a fan to generate warmth. They distribute warmth evenly by using oscillation technology.

Ceramic heaters are known for their efficiency. They have a great heating radius and can heat up an entire house with its ceramic core. This heater is one of the most popular types on the market today, due to it being one of the best-performing ones that is available.

Choosing the Right Indoor Electric Space Heater for Large Room: A Professional Buying Guide

The winter season is most of the time a downer if not always. Depending on the place you reside, temperature degrees go extremely low.

What’s worse?

Cold wind is dry and heavy. When it enters a room, the air becomes heavier as well. In homes made of concrete like yours, cold wind easily gets trapped in corners such as walls or ceiling by means of conduction from one side to the other. This trap freezes heat-energy inside your home and worsens indoor temperatures for you to feel colder than outside despite all external changes like temperature shifts etc.

Only the best space heaters can heat up your home properly, not even the fireplace can do that. Meanwhile, many different brands and models of space heater are on sale today. There are tons of styles and types to choose from; some have new features while others offer upgrades on older ones but they all come with a lot to consider in order for you make an informed decision when buying one!

Now, you’ll need some guidelines to make the best of your choices and most importantly, how you spend your money. You can’t just leave this up to chance or luck – if that happens then you might end up in a state where all things get cold.

So, trust our team of experts to help you find the best product for your needs. We are a trusted company, so we can promise that it will be worth it in the end!

Here are some helpful Space Heaters buying guides:

1 . Portability

The ability to move furniture from room to room is a useful feature of portable heaters. This allows the heater to be used for smaller areas than its intended purpose, which proves most useful during cold weather in comparison to traditional string-style heating.

Portable heaters are low-weight and compact, making them ideal for not only carrying but also packing when travelling. They have to be light in weight as well so that your load will be considerably lighter than if you’re carrying a bulky heater.

If you have decided on a stationary heater, then the best option is to choose baseboard/wall-mounted space heaters.

2. Noise Level

What is the best type of heater when one can’t sleep through the noise it makes? Electric heaters are known to produce high levels of noise which vary in sounds among various types. Radiator and tube-type oil filled electric fireplaces, as well as radiant (space) space heaters make less noise than other types such as baseboard or convection electric heating systems.

Fan-forced heaters are known to be noisy. And, it’s loud for a reason! Eventually, the noise of its fans indicates that it’s constantly releasing pressure which causes the heater to explode and burn out. Pressure is bad because constant release leads to explosions and burning out rather than heating up your home.

The noise from heaters was once considered normal. And over time, those who used them got accustomed to it. What’s important is that today’s types of heaters exist with new and improved technology in the form of “quiet” type systems which make for an even better experience overall.

3. Comfort

A comfortable space heater is an appliance that doesn’t make the air uncomfortably hot. It closely resembles a dehumidifier, which cleanses and refreshes the air instead of making it feel uncomfortable to breathe in.

To be safe and ensure comfort, only use a space heater to balance the temperature in your area. Don’t expect a space heater to produce heat at the same time as it balances cool temperatures. It should not make you sweat!

4. Oscillation

The oscillation of your fan-forced space heater is a key feature that makes it effective in distributing heat evenly and quickly. One example of this would be the tendency to absorb cold air from outside the room, which can lead to overheating or other malfunctions if not for this characteristic.

During summer, fan-forced heaters are useful for cooling down the room. You can simply turn off the heater feature and keep the fan moving via oscillation to achieve this! That’s because it is a reversal of air distribution – my friends!

5. Heater Type

The type of heater you choose will determine how it functions, what characteristics and features it has, and how useful it is. The overall functionality can range anywhere from very basic to extremely advanced.

Based on the discussions we’ve had, there are three common types of heaters: ceramic fan-forced, baseboard and infrared & radiant. All these types constantly undergo upgrades through time. It would be best to visit its seller periodically to see if they have made any changes throughout their product line that could affect you as a customer.

6. Heating Capacity

A space heater’s heating capacity is going to be determined by its wattage capacity, which is then given a bigger size. Usually, the stronger the wattage of a space heater means that it can heat up farther from your point of use.

In the most basic terms, a typical 1500W heater can heat 15 square feet of area in your house. That’s around enough to make an average-sized room feel comfortable!

A 1500W supplementary heater will do the trick. However, if you’re considering a centralized heating system be sure to go beyond this standard and look at larger capacities in order to get rid of the cold drafts that might creep into your home.

7. Energy-Efficiency

The main concern of electric space heaters is energy-efficiency, so they are usually provided in smaller units with a limited capacity. Space heaters work best when paired with area to be heated (additional size). The key to staying on the lower end of your electricity bill for the whole month lies in being meticulous about how you calculate exactly how much space you want your heater to cover.

Why do we trust a company’s claim? The best way to know whether the energy cost is low or high would be to calculate your own wattage traffic via the AC system’s EER ratings. Apart from these formulations, some eco-mode and thermostat features among heaters might truly help.

8. Safety Features

These are the questions you should always ask yourself before buying a heater. However, when purchasing an electric heater there is one thing that must not be overlooked: safety. It’s not enough to just ensure its compatibility with your outlets and how powerful it is- it has to also be safe for use, especially if children or pets are around.

Safety, by all means, is a priority when purchasing and using electric heaters. Common safety features for these products include tip-over shutoff (for protection in the event of an accidental fall), protected panels (ensuring that no one gets hurt because they touch the heating element) and cool surfaces to the touch.

To ensure your heater provides you with maximum protection, look for other features like auto shut off or overheating alarms/sensors so that if there are any accidents while you’re home alone during those cold winter nights—you won’t be left standing outside without some warmth!

Indoor Electric Space Heater for Large Rooms is a Wise Financial Move – Here’s Why

A straight-up fact is that an electric space heater costs less. It lasts for a long time, and can also be used as a ventilator during hot summers when it’s cold out.

Electric space heaters are the best for heating rooms, as they cost-effectively provide warmth. It does so without costing you a lot of money on electricity bills. Additionally, it’s quick and easy to get cozy with an electric heater in your living room or home.

Yes, the fireplace is still functional. However, its heat distribution is limited to a certain extent because it doesn’t have an adequate source of fuel-unlike the fireplaces you are used to. It’s not possible just to stay around one area and expect everything in your home will be warm all day long! You’d need multiple sources of heating which would require moving around as well as watching TV in different areas.

Most electric heaters are designed to last for a long period of time. They can be used in just about any house and save you the burden of remodeling your home’s structure. The use of these devices also saves you money as they don’t cost too much at all, supposedly saving you from redesigning the house for cozier feel.
Benefits of Using an Electric Space Heater

5 Benefits of Using an Electric Space Heater

Electric heaters are the best way to heat your space, and that’s the truth. The right quality of heater can truly improve your life, with no threat of it becoming too hot or not heating enough.

Still not sure? Here are the top 5 benefits of using an electric space heater:

1 . Low-Energy Cost

Electric heaters are built with technologies to generate and store their own heat, which means less energy is consumed. This does not mean that the electric heater will be any warmer than an older style of heating device.

2. Fast Heating Output

Compared to the fireplace or central heating system, electric heaters are smaller in size. They also distribute heat more swiftly and efficiently than conventional systems. Furthermore, they utilize oscillation technologies and infrared/radiant heating as their main mechanism of warming up your house

3. Heated Small, Narrow Areas

Large electric heaters don’t have enough power to spread warmth across a larger area, while small electrical heaters are able to create and maintain more contact with the desired area.

If they can’t achieve a broader heating output, you always have the option of moving them room-to-room.

4. Highly Portable

Most electric heaters are portable, so they can be moved around and positioned. Some non-portable heater that only need to plug into an outlet may not require as much movement; however, some of them (like the baseboard heaters) can also be mounted on walls or other areas in your place.

5. Neutral Temperature

Instead of using a centralized heater to bring the temperature down and warm up the room, an electric heater uses dispersed molecules (heat) which are mixed with cool molecules in order to evenly heat up one’s home.

In contrast, central heating breaks down cool wind molecules into their individual parts so they can be heated all at once by a massive machine.

Safety Tips for Positioning Your Electric Space Heaters

Users often have difficulty finding the ideal location for their space heaters, which can be frustrating.

If you want to spread out heat and not be concerned, use an electric heater. If your concern is with the temperature of a certain area, move it halfway between that area and another so that the two temperatures are balanced on both sides! Moving it halfway will stop any possible discrimination from happening.

Check them out below:

  • The area around a heater is the source of heat. The more it can be heated, the better. However, you don’t want to keep your entire living space near a heater because there would no longer be any room for air circulation and coolness in that particular area.

It is important to contain the heat at first. You should try to do this in a room with closed doors, if possible. If you can’t properly contain it and transfer the heat elsewhere, then just leave the space open for now until things cool down more.

  • If you are going to place your electric heater in a room where spills are likely, then it is best not to use any liquids near the appliance. The heaters should be kept as dry as possible so that there’s less chance of damage from the moisture or water. Outside, on porches or patios when the heater can’t be moved away from wet areas-or if this isn’t an option for whatever reason–it would be advisable to bring a small rug and lay it under and around your heater until such time as its safe again.

If you really want to heat up your bathroom, then a heater specially designed to resist water infiltration would be the best option.

  • The best way to avoid accidentally starting a fire is to keep away from anything that could cause one. This includes heaters and flammable materials, like hairsprays or candles.

Note that not all heaters come with exhausts designed for placement close to a wall, be sure to measure the distance you’ll want the heater.

For baseboard heaters, which are meant to be placed close against walls and only have an allowance of 2-3 feet between them, secure an adequate amount of space from each side so they don’t touch when in operation.


Are electric heaters safe around kids and pets?

Yes, space heaters should be safe around children and pets. They are designed to withstand accidents and stay functional even if they get knocked over or broken.

Are oil-filled heaters safe to use?

Oil-filled heaters are safe to use, with precautions. However, due to certain inevitable mishaps like sudden oil leaks and overheating happening from time to time, experts have increased security treatment for the model recently.

They’re not 100% safe anymore; however by keeping it 5 meters away from flammable materials you can actually keep it secure. If a little caution is applied during the usage of this type of heater then that should be enough.

Can electric heaters potentially increase my electricity bill?

Yes, you can potentially increase your electricity bill with space heaters. However, by applying the right tips and taking certain measures to choose a good one that isn’t too expensive or too power-consuming, you have conditioned it to consume the least possible energy. Electric heating appliances are among some of the most efficient thermal devices in a home.

How much is consumed from my electricity if I allow a 1500W heater to run for 24 hours?

According to calculations, a 1500W heater running non-stop in a month would cost you an electricity bill of $118.00+.


In the winter, we often worry about our bills going through the roof because of heating costs. But it doesn’t need to be that way! We can still stay warm in a big space with one of these electric heaters and keep our wallets happy too! Let us introduce you to some great options for your home this winter.


Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Comfortable heat is important in winter, but there are several other heating options to consider. Room heaters like the Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater can help you keep your home warm and cozy during the cold months without a lot of extra effort on your part.

Additionally, this is more affordable than most other devices, at a fraction of the cost, as well.


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