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What Is The Right Way To Look For Moving Companies? 

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The right way to look for moving companies is carefully and studiously. Moving can quickly become a miserable experience if you get into business with a company that does not care about your best interests. Therefore, it is beyond important that you dedicate some time to looking for a reputable moving company like Not all moving companies are equal, so continue reading to learn the right way to look for one. 


Start Looking Early 

It is not ridiculous to start researching moving companies six months in advance. If you’re doing this already, then props to you! Choosing the right moving company for you can make or break your move. As we previously mentioned, not all moving companies have your best interests in mind. Some exist simply to collect your deposit and move on to the next lead. These companies you have to be wary and mindful of. 

With that knowledge, you should see the importance of spending time researching potential companies to help you move. Furthermore, the earlier you start researching, the more companies you’ll be able to sift through. You’ll start to see patterns emerge that are either red flags or green flags. 


Red & Green Flags 

Red flags include things like several name changes in the last few years, several bad, detailed reviews, and brand-new companies. Oftentimes, moving companies change their name to escape the terrible reputation they’ve amassed. A big red flag to look for is a lack of DOT numbers. If a company can’t provide its DOT number, immediately stop doing business with them. 

Green flags include a single business that’s been in operation under the same name for several years, as well as plenty of good, obviously authentic reviews. If their DOT number is posted on their website, then go to the Department of Transportation’s website and dig into their records. You’ll be able to see certain violations and get the “inside scoop” on the company. 


Shop Around 

After you find a few companies that check all of those boxes and you see nothing but green flags, start calling. Whatever you do, don’t hand over your payment information yet. You’ll be talking to salespeople, so they’re going to pitch you all sorts of ways. Let them. The idea here is to try to understand more of the culture of the company. 

Are they trying to steamroll you into handing over a deposit? Are they using scare tactics to make you skeptical of other companies? Are they throwing timeframes at you to try to get you booked immediately? Are they trying to understand your situation so they can guide you further along the sales process within their company? 

Once you have a few quotes, take a look and evaluate them. Which are obvious lowballs, and which are asking for a bit more? You can remove the obvious lowballs from your list of companies. No matter how you try to slice and dice it, moving isn’t cheap. 

That “one-time offer” that seems too good to be true most likely is too good to be true. You’ll end up paying for that move at full price one way or another. When the movers arrive, they might demand additional money because your quote was undersized, and suddenly, you’re taking up way more space in the truck than originally. Or the service will be so poor that you wish you would’ve paid a few more hundred dollars. You’ll end up paying somehow. 

In many cases, it’s best to go with a company that offers a quote that’s slightly more on the expensive side. Typically, these companies are established and know their worth. They know that they do a good job, and they’re being honest about it. In the moving industry, you really do get what you pay for. 



Referrals are always going to be both buyers’ and sellers’ best friends in any market. If a company has a good product, they’ll want their customers to share the word. If you’re looking for a good product or service, you’re going to want to talk to someone who has an experience with that product or service. The moving industry is no different. 

If you have any friends or family who moved in the last few years, ask them which company they used and what their experience was like. If you can’t think of anyone off the top of your head, make a Facebook post. You might be surprised at how many recommendations you get. You might be even more surprised to see someone warning you about a company you had on your list. 


Commercial Moving Companies 

Perhaps you’re looking for a company to help you move your business elsewhere. If that’s the case, much of the same principles apply. Commercial moving, however, is a much more competitive market because there are far fewer businesses moving than there are residential households. Again, however, referrals are what you want. If you’re in the corporate world, you likely have some contacts who can put you in touch with people who know a thing or two about the movers in your area. So, start asking around and see what gets back to you. 



The right way to look for moving companies is thoroughly and diligently. Not every moving company is in the business of helping you move. Many, in fact, are more in the business of collecting their deposit. It’s your job, as the customer, to protect yourself by doing your research and determining which moving company has your best interests in mind.

Often, you’ll pay for what you get. If you hire a cheap service, then you’re going to get cheap results. If you decide to pay more, you’re likely going to get a quality service. Again, this is all up to you to decide. In the end, if you end up getting scammed because you accepted a ridiculous lowball offer, then you only have yourself to blame. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to do your research and find the right moving company that’ll get the job done honestly.



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