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Be An Alpha: 8 Famous People Who Wear Omega Watches

omega watch on hand
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omega watch on hand

When we talk about men’s luxury watches, one of the brands that immediately goes into our minds is Omega. This Swiss luxury watch brand has truly defined what it means to be a cosmopolitan man who is smart, sleek, and successful. This watch has been well-regarded that it usually holds a place in lists of the best luxury watch brands, along with their close competitor, Rolex. Over time, Omega has been proven true to its brand that celebrities, personalities, and other important people choose Omega as their timepiece. This is why the public will see Omega as the watch that only champions, successful, and important people will wear. If you want to know more about our celebrities and personalities who choose Omega, just read along and see if your idol is one of those! Here are some of the famous people who wear Omega:

1. Daniel Craig

Since entering the movie industry, James Bond has been an archetype of a reliable, mysterious, and handsome guy. Yes, he is also an Omega watch wearer. People often dream about having a partner as charming as James Bond. This is the reason why the search for the next actor who will bag the role of James Bond has always been a big deal. Daniel Craig has been one of the actors to bring flesh to 007 in the film, Casino Royale. The watch is not easy to ignore. In the opening sequence of the film, you will immediately see the sexy watch strapped on Daniel Craig’s muscular arm as he deals with the film’s bad guys.

It is as if the Omega watch he is wearing is made exactly for him because it suits him so well. The producer of the film gifted the prized watch to him when they wrapped up in their shooting. Daniel Craig tells that the timepiece became one of the most important possessions he has to this day. He says that the watch is always in the safe in his closet. He surely wants to wear it, but he is scared to lose it.

He also loved the Seamaster Aqua Terra timepiece that he wore in his other Bond film, Skyfall, because of its blue dial.


2. George Clooney

The man whom every girl has dreamed of becoming a boyfriend also wore an Omega. George Clooney wears an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, as one of the brand’s celebrity ambassadors.


3. Joe Biden

Aside from George Clooney, the former US vice president, and the present US president, Joe Biden, is also an Omega wearer. As for President Joe Biden, he preferred an Omega Seamaster Professional.


4. Tom Hanks

Just like George Clooney, Tom Hanks also wears an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. The Academy Award-winning actor also wears an Omega Speedmaster.


5. John F. Kennedy

Another Us politician also wears an Omega. Former US President also owned an Omega “Ultra-Thin” watch with engravings on it. This timepiece was gifted to John f. Kennedy by a Floridian businessman in 1960. That same year, it is as if his Omega watch became his lucky charm when he took up office. He even wore this watch when he was inaugurated.

This Omega watch became iconic 50 years later as the picture of John F. Kennedy wearing his Omega watch was featured on the front page of TIME Magazine. This iconic watch is a 2mm caliber with a black strap and a case made of 18-carat gold. Its black engravings read: “President of the United States John F. Kennedy, from his friend Grant”.


6. Gianni Agnelli

We all know that Omega’s tight competitor has always been Rolex. Some say that Omega created their PloProf with COMEX and Jacques Cousteau as a way to compete with a Rolex watch called Sea-Dweller. Do you know who is one of the main proponents of this Omega watch? If you are familiar with Italian elites, you might know Gianni Agnelli. He is a famous industrialist and playboy.

People know him as the one who wears his wristwatches on the outside part of the sleeve of his shirt. He says that this is to save time. Because of this, the public can easily see his Omega Ploprof watch. Some say that this watch is 4 years in the making. This piece is still an icon today.


7. Elvis Presley

Everyone knows how dreamy Elvis Presley is. He is the envy of every cis man and the fantasy of anyone attracted to a male. Elvis Presley, the “King”, wore an Omega watch during his stay in the army. His watch shows a cal. 504 manual winding chronometer movement. It also presented a pink gold-capped case made of stainless steel. They say that the watch is truly as charming as the King of Rock and Roll.

Even when Elvis Presley is wearing army fatigue that keeps him as camouflaged as it can, his Omega watch with its gold hour indices that illuminates majestically ensures that Elvis Presley maintained his iconic and flashy brand.


8. Buzz Aldrin

Omega watches are not only for this world. It deserves to be seen by the universe up close as astronaut Buzz Aldrin wears his iconic Omega watch when we flew to the moon. His Omega watch was called the “Moonwatch”. Because of this, it became the most important wristwatch of the century. It was famous enough even before he wore it when he left the Earth. His Omega watch, the Omega Speedmaster Pro gained a lot of influence.

Today, no one knows where Buzz Aldrin’s particular “Moonwatch” is. However, Omega still produces Speedster Pro timepieces even to this day.


Be an Alpha With Omega

Here are just some of the famous male personalities who wear Omega watches. If you think you need to be like them first before getting an Omega watch, that is when you are wrong. Even if you just want to splurge a little and celebrate a milestone, you can still buy an Omega watch! Just make sure that you will get only from the most reliable sellers that are tested and proven to provide legitimate Omega watches, like Check out their website and be an Alpha male, yourself!



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