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Gift Cards: Check Out the Different Card Types Available

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Gift cards are a special way to show love to your near and dear ones. It is a new way of wishing and delighting our friends and families with affection on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. If you are planning to buy a gift card to send to someone special but don’t know what kind of card you should select, no need to worry.  Just read on and you will get to know the different types of cards.


Visa/MasterCard gift cards

Gift Cards: Check Out the Different Card Types Available

Visa and MasterCard gift cards will be a convenient option for your recipients to shop with as they can be used at numerous places. Most of the online and physical stores accept visa and master cards so your recipient won’t be having a hard time finding a suitable store for this. They have to just enter the card number while doing the payment and the money will be deducted from the balance.

These cards do have an expiry date so if the card is about to expire or has expired, one can extend the validity by paying some extra charges and the card amount won’t lapse.


Single store gift cards

Gift Cards: Check Out the Different Card Types Available

If you know about the specific choices of the recipient, which stores they love to purchase from then these cards will favour you the most. You can purchase the gift card of the specific store that your recipient will love to visit and send them via a text or email. The store can be anything, a restaurant, salon, coffee bar, ecommerce website, apparel store etc.

The only downside here will be that if your recipient no longer likes to use the products of the store that you have sent the gift card of, it will be of no use to them and your gift card will get wasted.


Multi-store gift cards

This is one of the most flexible options as these gift cards provide a wide range of store selection for your recipient. You just need to pick a website that sells a multi-store gift card, load the amount and send the gift card. Your recipient can select any store of their choice and purchase whatever they want which gives complete flexibility to them. Check out for the terms and conditions mentioned on the website from which you purchase the gift card to see if there is an expiry date for the card.

Gift Cards: Check Out the Different Card Types Available

Amazon gift cards

We all know how big Amazon marketplace is and are also aware of the vast product base it has. If you are not aware of the specific choices of the recipient, Amazon gift cards will serve you the best. These cards will have an expiry date of 12 months so your recipient will be having sufficient time to purchase the products of their choice any time before the date of expiration.

So, now as you have understood the different types of gift cards and have got the clear idea which one to go for. What are you waiting for? Just visit an egift card selling website and send it to your loved ones today. They will be amazed to receive the gift card and be super excited to redeem it at their favourite place.


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