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Your Ultimate Pest Control Guide To Fleas

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Fleas are small and incredible jumpers, specifically when you consider how tall they are and the size of their average jump. In fact, a flea can jump approximately two feet high. That’s many times their height while humans can jump as high as five feet, approximately their own height.

However, fleas are also capable of carrying a variety of diseases and they leave behind an annoying red rash after they have bitten you. It’s worth noting that most people think a flea problem only happens in houses with pets. But, while fleas generally prefer animals, they will feast on humans if there is no access to an animal.

Of course, fleas are very small, making it hard to decide if you have an issue. Fortunately, a regular inspection of your home by a reputable pest control company will help to identify any issues and take positive action to eliminate the threat for you. Simply choose a company and then check them out to get the answers you need.

Signs Of Fleas

Being bitten and having lots of red marks around the lower section of your body suggests you have a pest problem and they are likely to be fleas. That is only one sign of the issue, here are some more:


  • Sighting

Fleas are small but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to see. You may have noticed a small creature relatively close to floor level or on the skin of your pet. There is a good chance that this is a flea.


  • Itchy Pets

If you have pets and you notice they are starting to get itchy when there is no reason for it then there is a good chance they have fleas. Simply back, comb their hair and you’ll be able to spot any fleas on their skin.  That’s a sign you need to take action quickly.


  • Flea Dirt

Another clear sign that you have a flea issue is when you find flea dirt on your pet or your furniture. This is generally small specs of black or dark brown dirt. If you notice it anywhere in your home you can suspect your home is under attack from fleas and you need assistance from the professionals.


Dealing With Fleas

The best option is to get your local pest control company to deal with the issue for you. They will ensure all fleas are eradicated and guarantee their work. It is the fastest way to eliminate the issue and get your home back.

However, you can also do this yourself by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda across your floors. This kills the fleas and allows you to vacuum them up.

Don’t forget, fleas lay eggs quickly once they are in the warm and the eggs can hatch in as little as 2 days, although it can take up to 2 weeks. Once born, they can go as long as 100 days without food. That means an infestation could be dormant and start again when you’ve least expect it.



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