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Why Your Home Needs A Water Heater?

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water heater tap knives basin

Many homeowners use water heaters daily, whether to wash dishes or for showering. However, most people often forget how important it is to maintain water heaters, especially if they don’t prefer cold showers in winter.

Access to hot water is not only necessary in cold weather; many individuals prefer using warm water all year round. Many cities offer sunny weather and a natural hot water reserve for their residents all year long. However, it is essential to note that having a water heater as a backup can save a lot of trouble.

When you move into a new place, among the numerous things to consider is the water system and how it works. The most critical question is would it be hot or cold enough for different seasons? Living in warmer cities like Irvine solves the problem of hot water irrespective of the weather conditions since the temperature is neither too high nor too low throughout the year. Still, one cannot rely on natural resources for long.

Installing a water heater in your home is a safe and reliable option when things go south. Water heaters are convenient; all you need to do is turn on the switch, and within no time, hot water will be flowing from the faucet. So, you can search for a suitable water heater repair Irvine CA, to repair the broken water heater, or install a new one.

In addition to heating water, several other benefits of a water heater would help you understand why you should get one.  

1. Cost-Efficient

A significant portion of the home budget goes into heating water. One way to cut down on your household budget is by lowering the energy used to heat the water. Several water heater options are available, but a tankless water heater saves energy and money.

Many people might not be aware that a water heater does add up to the bill even if it is not in use. So, how to cut down on the cost? A timer will do that job. It will disable the heating elements of your heater when not in use. It’s up to the user to set up the timer according to the household’s needs.

Adding an insulating jacket preserves the heat for a prolonged duration preventing frequent water heater use, decreasing energy use, and saving money instead.


2. Eco-friendly

You must be wondering how a water heater can be eco-friendly, right? Using solar-powered water heaters that aren’t reliant on fossil fuels is the best option for heating water as they produce fewer emissions and cause less pollution.

These water heaters work by using the sun as the source of the heating mechanism. A solar collection element and a tank to store the water are the two parts of the solar-powered water heater. Instead of directly heating the water, the solar collection element heats the water.

Apart from buying a solar-powered water heater, there are other ways to help extend your water heater’s life to make it eco-friendlier. For example, you can replace the anode rod with one that offers better corrosion protection.

Disposing of water heaters is harmful to the environment. You can periodically drain the tank, reduce the hot water usage or lower the water heater’s temperature to decrease the carbon footprint.


3. Conserves Water

We have all been through the waiting game for hot water, either for a shower or washing dishes. With water heaters, you get to save time and preserve water.

Hot water is immediately available; you don’t have to let the water flow for long to get the desired temperature. The design of the water heater plays a significant role in conserving water. A built-in buffer tank eliminates the wait time for hot water and water wastage.


4. Prevents Water Damage

Besides fire, nothing causes severe damage to the inside of a home than leaking water. On average, the lifespan of water heaters ranges somewhere between 6 to 10 years. Carrying out a thorough inspection of your home’s water heater is the first step in reducing the risk of leakage.

Once the issue has been detected, you can install a catch pan with a drain connected to the waste line or that carries water outside in the event of water leakage.

 An automated shut-off valve is also available to detect water beneath the heater through a sensor attached to the valve on the heater’s cold water supply.

Once the sensor has detected the presence of water, the valve stops the flow to the heater, preventing water leakage damage and protecting the tank’s contents. In addition, several water heaters come with an alarm system that alerts the residents about possible water leakage before it even occurs.


5. Saves Space

While water heaters have become a necessity in every household, many homeowners have difficulty finding an appropriate place inside their homes. However, apart from tank water heaters that take up a lot of space, small-sized ones are also readily available that take up only 3 feet of space during installation.

One of the benefits of small-sized water heaters is that you don’t have to worry about choosing a specific area inside your house for its placement. You can also mount them on a wall.

Like many other things where technology has played a pivotal role in changing lives for the better, water heaters have also now become less complex and more flexible thanks to modern technology.

A conventional water heater with 40 to 60-gallon capacity requires a space in your home that is secured and ventilated. However, a tankless water heater is the size of a briefcase that could be installed anywhere in your home and also provides more space for storage.



People would use public communal for heated baths in ancient times. However, things have significantly changed over the years with the arrival of water heaters. Water heaters have now taken over every household with a constant hot water supply whenever you want.

Water heaters are the most critical appliances that get neglected unless you have already installed one. Even then, it’s essential to replace or ensure the maintenance of your water heater for personal use or household chores. Several options are available, from solar-powered, tankless to electric water heaters depending on your preference.  








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