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Toolkit Essentials Every Homeowner Needs

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Houses, like anything, are susceptible to wear and tear. Things come loose, updates are required, snags build up, and maintenance needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Any homeowner will tell you that whilst getting a professional tradesperson in to fix everything is no doubt the easiest (and possibly most attractive) option, it’s also the most expensive. If you hire someone to fix every small issue in your home, you’ll find that it quickly becomes a never-ending money pit.

The good news is that a lot of household maintenance is easy enough to do yourself. All you need is the right tools and the know-how (YouTube can help you with this). With this in mind, here are the toolkit essentials every homeowner needs in their shed to tackle the majority of basic household issues that may crop up.

Pipe and Wire Detector

One of the main tasks homeowners face is putting things like shelves and all décor up to increase storage space and modernize a room. Whilst this is simple enough in its nature, it does come with the risk of hitting a vital pipe or wire. Do this and you’ll quickly find yourself with a serious leak or no electricity.

Buying a pipe and wire detector will ensure you won’t hit anything important when trying to carry out some basic DIY tasks – minimizing the chance of injury or potentially expensive damage. They’re fairly cheap to buy and should be used any time you want to affix something to the wall using nails or screws.


Electric Screwdriver

Ordinary screwdrivers are a very basic tool that serve a purpose, but electric screwdrivers make it easier than ever to put things together. They’re perfect for flatpack furniture and can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete the task at hand. Not just this, but they’re also a bit bigger which makes them far less likely to get lost – a common occurrence with screwdrivers!


Electric Drill

Drills are a basic necessity for any toolkit, so if you don’t have one in yours, make sure you rectify this as soon as possible. Electric drills, like their screwdriver counterparts, can make it much quicker to complete basic tasks, and they can also give you more stability when putting things together compared to a basic hammer and nail combination.

The market is saturated with electric drills, so if you’re stuck for choice, here’s a list of the highest ranked ones.


Claw Hammer

We know we’ve just mentioned how much drills trump hammers, but there’s always a need for a basic claw hammer. If you want to remove nails from a wall or item, or if you’re completing a very basic task, a hammer will be your best friend.


Wood Saw

You might not envision yourself making something from scratch, but you never know when you might need to trim something, such as a blind. Another reason to invest in a wood saw is to keep up with current décor trends like the paneling craze that has stormed social media.



Portable Work Bench/Vice

It’s no good having a wood saw if you don’t have a work bench or a vice to secure the wood in place. Not everyone has a large shed they can install a proper workbench into, and in this case, a portable work bench/vice is a great alternative. They’re fairly cheap to pick up and can be used anywhere in the house, ensuring you have a stable surface to do your DIY work on. They’re particularly ideal for people who don’t have a lot of storage space because they fold down to a good size, making DIY accessible to every homeowner.



These are just a few of our top picks for items you need in your toolkit. What are your toolkit essentials?



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