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Why Wearing A Wristwatch Is Important Today As It Was Before

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Many individuals, especially the younger generation today argue that a watch is no longer relevant and useful. With the boom of technology, they perceived that phones have rendered watches obsolete and unnecessary since a smartphone could simply tell you the time accurately. While there is some truth to this, what other people cannot see is that a watch is more than a time-telling device and its value is far from being outdated.  The idea of a phone could replace the value of a timepiece, is giving quite a big shoe for the device to fill in. If you’re convinced that wristwatches should retire, be antique pieces, and be written in the history book, then these are the five points that you’re missing out on when looking at the value and purpose of a watch. 

It Serves its Purpose Well

Even with today’s modern tech, we can all agree that some things remain irreplaceable. One of these things is a wristwatch. Yes, our phones have indeed become an all-in-one device. But the purpose of a wristwatch at work in a much different nature remains solid. At work, especially in the corporate world, being able to tell the time even without holding your phone is not only  professional etiquette but also convenient and more elegant, and refined. Soldiers on the battlefield while moving through operations, rely on their wrist watches to monitor the time, and knowing and being able to execute the exact timing is crucial to the success of their mission. Sea-divers, on the other hand, depend on their diver watches in the depths of the sea to use them as tools in measuring time and Pilots need their wristwatches to check and coordinate with time. A watch is mainly a time-telling device that is available at a flick of a wrist, with the assurance that it will not run out of power anytime soon. And it has proven its purpose over the decades and centuries of man’s evolution, and has stayed for a good reason and remains indispensable even in our time when technology and objects easily become outdated.  


A Wristwatch Is A Very Special Heirloom

The reason people pass down objects from generation to generation is because of the value that objects hold and the belief that they will serve the next one to whom they give it. One reason people pass down their watches to their relatives as heirlooms is because with their watches they have engraved their own story of triumph and hardship. They look at their watch and see the companion they had for the years that they strived and made something successful in their life. Or maybe it was a special gift from someone they loved, and that story is intact with the watch they have. This is how people put value in their possessions back then. Heirlooms have a sentimental story that every relative would value. A watch, being a faithful reminder of that , is something you can never replace. When you buy an excellent quality watch, you can be rest assured that it will serve you till the day you pass it on to someone you love, and that it will even exceed many lifetimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inexpensive watch, a Tissot, or a thousand-dollar watch, what matters in every watch wearer is the story behind their watch. If you got a smartphone or iPod from your parents as an heirloom and you’re happy with it, then that for sure will be equally special to you. 


With A Wristwatch You Carry History

Horology per se has been around even before watches have been made. The first method of a man telling the time is simply through looking at the direction of the shadows marked by the sunrays. The wristwatch was one of man’s many innovations in Horology, showing how man has become more advanced and civilized through time. Wristwatches are one of man’s timeless creations. A phone has certainly gone through a long way, and even it has its history to tell one that is significant in its own way. A wristwatch in a way holds a rich history of mankind. And to label it as obsolete is like saying, Shakespeare’s plays no longer hold value to us, or that Martin Luther King’s speech never impacted the world, and inspired leaders we have today. Every watch enthusiast knows watches are a way for us to look back, to know that there is a limit and that life is a cycle.


A WristWatch Expresses Your Personal Style 

Watches vary in many different ways. You can have big cases, vintage looks, leather straps, or metal bracelets. You have square cases, have sporty dials, or minimalist hour markers. Each good quality watch is given in-depth detail, which overall gives it a persona. Finding something that matches your style, your preference, your needs is a journey every person will appreciate since it’s finding out what works and fits you. In picking a watch you get to impress on people a simple statement of what kind of person you are. The work of art done in each watch is something that is indispensable and priceless if you value or know fine craftsmanship and know-how to differentiate a good quality product from an easily replaced one.  

A watch that has good quality, style and is very affordable is the Tissot. The brand is reputable for offering watches at a more modest price but still is loved for its design and quality. To check Tissot designs, visit a certified dealer of wristwatches,


To Sum Up

Maybe some can say that watches are no longer needed, maybe because having a device to tell time on their wrist is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the reality of how many people function efficiently and depend on a watch is a fact. For someone new to the watch world, it's disorienting to see how people find joy and interest in so many watches, that’s why the best way to stay grounded is to try a brand like Tissot. If ever you might look at more watches in the future, visit, to make a reliable and quality transaction.



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