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What To Know About Offset Patio Umbrella

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patio umbrella

patio umbrella

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Comfort, relaxation, the outdoors, these are things that our body screams for and on occasions when we can afford them, we go for them. However, it is not always that we can afford to indulge in these our desires and it is not because of cost, rather it is because in most cases we cannot really make out the time for these activities.

For this reason, we postpone or deny ourselves these life’s little pleasures so that we can meet up with our schedules and targets. We think that in order to get one we must deny ourselves of the other.

This however is false because, we can create these little pleasures for ourselves within our immediate surroundings. One way to do this is by purchasing a patio umbrella.

What Is A Patio Umbrella?

This is basically a large umbrella with a long stand placed on a patio (a paved floor without a roof that is beside or in front of a house). Obviously, it is meant to offer shade from the sun or rain to whoever comes under its covering. You can read more about it here.

With it, you can create the outdoor ambience that you desire just around your house thus removing the need to go long distances to relax. Additionally, if you have a pool in your yard then all the more fun as you now have the perfect requirements to have your own relaxation spot at home.

You can also have it installed in your place of business if you are a business owner so people can relax outside while taking shade from the sun. If you run a restaurant, this is also another way of boosting your business as customers can stay either inside the main restaurant building or outside.  

Features Of A Patio Umbrella

The Umbrella Canopy

Now this is of course the most important part of this equipment as it is the part that provides shade from the sun. It has to be made from material or fabric that is resistant to UV rays from the sun. The choice of the color of the canopy is to be determined or chosen by you thus, you have to ensure that it is one that properly complements your immediate environment.



The size is dependent on the size of the patio area and on how much of it that you want covered. In this aspect, you have various options on how to go about it. This means that you can go with a double or even a triple option. If you are unsure of how to go about this or what designs would be the most suitable, you can get the help of a shade designer.


The Umbrella Pole

For patio umbrellas, there are different type of poles available that can be used to set them up. These include:

  • The wall mounted pole that because of its design, has to be attached to a pillar or a wall.
  • The center pole that is designed to be at the center of the umbrella and is mostly used in a table setting.
  • The offset pole is the new trend that is fast becoming a people’s favorite because of its various advantages especially as it regards ease of use.

You can go to for more on the important features that can guaranty that you will get full value for your purchase.

big patio umbrella

big patio umbrella

Important Tips To Consider When Buying A Patio Umbrella

  1. What’s The Shade For: In most cases, the shade is for people who will shelter under it. Therefore, you should consider (depending on the type of arrangement that you are setting up) the number of persons that will sit beneath each umbrella. Alternatively, the primary aim sometimes is just for aesthetic purposes though people can shelter under it.
  2. Your Budget: Well, like in most other things in life, great quality would mostly always mean more money. This therefore means that you should prepare well, seek the best guide and get proper information so as to get the best quality that your budget can afford. Note that it is always a mistake to go for cheap products because of costs because they would cost you more in the long run.
  3. What’s The Climate of Your Place of Residence or Business: The climate of your place of residence, business or wherever you want to situate the patio umbrella should greatly influence the type that you buy. This is because, they are more susceptible to damage if they are situated in climates that are windy and are prone to heavy rains and extreme weather challenges. Also, ensure to observe all safety guidelines that are given to you so that they will last long for you.
  4. What Is The Style Or Arrangement You Want To Adopt: You should picture the style and arrangement that will be most suitable for you before making a choice. This is the main reason why offset patio umbrellas are the new trend as they allow easier movement under it and is even more practical to use.



The sceneries and relaxation we seek are most often not found in the exotic environments that our imaginations usually go to. As a matter of fact, they are mostly found in the simple things that we often overlook.

And with some little planning and budgeting, one can create a unique place for such. One way to do this is by getting a patio umbrella.



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