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Choose Best Tile Saw | Step By Step Instructions With Charts

How to Choose a Tile Saw
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Tile saws are a good choice for a home improvement project, but let’s face it, it is hard to choose the right one for you. Though there are many tile saws available, you might need a hand to help you find the best tile saw. I know that I needed all the help I could get when I was looking for a tile saw. I decided this tutorial would be a good place to help people that have trouble knowing what to look for when choosing a tile saw.

What You Will Need to Follow the Tutorial

There are certain criteria the tile saw must meet so you can find the right one. Here is what you’ll need to follow along with this tutorial.


  • Looking up tile saws online is a good way to get an idea of what to look for. You can do a lot of stuff online, so having an internet connection is a good place to start.

Water Line

  • You should make sure you have a place to hook up the tile saw to a water line so you can pump water through while you’re using it.

Local Hardware Store

  • Going to your local hardware store will provide a lot of valuable information. It won’t hurt to check it out.


  • You should create a budget when you’re trying to choose a best wet tile saw.

Instructions - How to Choose a Tile Saw

Create a Budget

  • Creating a budget will ensure you don’t spend too much money on a tile saw. There are plenty of excellent options available for any type of budget, and you should find one that works in your budget. You should include a repair section for the tile saw, just to make sure you can cover any damages.
  • Though you don’t need to scrimp every penny, you should make sure the tile saw will have everything you need to complete the project you want to do. A budget is the perfect way to eliminate options, and find the right tile saw for you.

Check Online

  • You can start your tile saw search from the comforts of your own home. You can use your favorite search engine to look at a variety of tile saws. You will also be able to narrow down your choices for your budget when you’re looking online. This step will come in handy later on when you have to go to the hardware store.
  • You should consider the size, power, and other features when you’re looking for the right tile saw. Since there are so many options, you can compare your favorite options. Not only will you find the best tile saw for your needs, you’ll also be able to price check the tile saws with one another.

Look at Your Water Lines

  • Knowing where your external water lines are will help you decide which tile saw to get. The reason why you should know where the external water lines are on your home, is to ensure the tile saw will fit in the area. You don’t want to get a tile saw that is too big and won’t fit in the area.
  • Consider where the water lines are to make sure the tile saw will work for you. Otherwise, you may have to change your game plan. You may have to go with a smaller tile saw, or adjust your budget to ensure the tile saw works for your needs.

Go to the Hardware Store

  • The last thing you should do is go to the hardware store. Once you’re there, you can look to see if they have the tile saw you want available. Not only that, but you can also price check to find out if you can find a better price for the tile saw.
  • Though going to the hardware store may feel like a drag, it is a good way to talk to someone with experience with the tile saws. They can recommend something, and if you found the tile saw you want for a better price, you’ll be much better off. You shouldn’t rush yourself into choosing a tile saw.


Choosing a tile saw can be difficult, but only because there are so many different ones available. Luckily, with all the different options, you can find the perfect tile saw for you and your needs. No matter how you’re going to use the tile saw, you should make sure you get the best for you.

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