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Signs Your AC Needs Repair

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When your AC does not seem to be functioning the way it should, it can get hot and uncomfortable in your house. So, how do you know your AC needs repairs? When do you contact AC professionals? Here are some signs that show that you might need to get your AC repaired as soon as possible.

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AC Takes Long To Cool The Air

If your air conditioner takes a long time to cool the air, it might be a sign that your AC needs repair. If you notice that your air conditioner uses more energy than usual, or if your home’s temperature is cool, but it feels like the same temperature outside as inside, there could be something wrong with how your AC is functioning.

If there is a problem with your AC and you cannot fix it yourself, you should call professionals from AC installs in Fort Wayne to look at the problem. They will tell you what the issue is and help you fix it so you can get back to enjoying your home without worrying about whether it will be comfortable for you and any guests who visit.


AC Is Making Strange Noises

This may seem like an obvious problem, but there are many reasons why this can happen. The most common reason for strange noises is a blocked air filter. When an air filter becomes dirty and clogged, it restricts airflow through the cooling system. This causes the compressor to run longer than normal, which will cause it to make more noise than usual.

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Other possible causes of strange noises include:

  • A loose belt or hose connection
  • A defective fan blade
  • A refrigerant leak that has caused the compressor to overheat 


AC Fails To Switch On

If your air conditioner fails to switch on, this is another sign your AC needs repair. The most common cause of this problem is a lack of power or voltage. Ensure that the unit is plugged into a working outlet and that there are no blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. If all fuses and breakers are fine, you may have to replace the transformer or capacitor to get power to the unit.

If it still fails to cool, check the thermostat setting. You may need to adjust it as per the temperature outside. You should also ensure nothing blocking airflow into the unit, such as leaves or debris from trees or shrubbery around your house. If there is no blockage, you may have a problem with your condenser coil, which could be dirty from dust buildup over time. This would require professional cleaning.


Switches Off And On Frequently

If your air conditioner turns on and off repeatedly, it’s a sign that something must be fixed. This can be caused by several issues ranging from faulty thermostats to dirty coils. Air conditioners constantly shutting off may also have an issue with their condenser fan motor or outdoor fan motor.

While it’s important to ensure your air conditioning system is working properly, you should also ensure that you aren’t overworking your system by running it when not needed or not servicing it regularly.


Leaks From Your AC

If you have an older system, you might see water dripping outside the unit or the vents. If you have a newer system, it’s more likely that you will see moisture on your windows and walls. Either way, if you see any leaks from your AC unit, it’s time to call in a professional for repairs.



Air conditioning repair is often not on the top of most homeowner’s to-do lists. However, certain warning signs should prompt you to call an AC professional as soon as possible. Air conditioners can experience many problems over time, and if you don’t catch them early enough, they can cause a lot. We hope these tips will help you understand when your AC needs repairs.



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