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What Do You Need to Prepare and Know Before Pool Cleaning?

6 Pool Cleaning Tips & DIY

DIY Pool Cleaning

DIY Pool Cleaning


A modern swimming pool is probably the most coveted exterior feature for a home. It brings in not only a level of fun and comfort that no other amenity can, but it’s also a stylish addition that skyrockets your home’s value. That being said, a pool is also something that requires regular maintenance in order to stay in top condition and remain clean and safe for your friends and family to use. It requires a lot more work than a hot tub for example So, if you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool, here’s what you need to know when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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1. Before you start

Small Pool Maintenance

Small Pool Maintenance

Before you run and buy all the tools you can get your hands on, it’s best if you inform yourself about pool anatomy and how it all works. It will not only help you to know better what you are doing but it will also make it infinitely easier to find the root of an issue if there is any. For instance, if you notice your pump struggling, you will know where to look for any blockages. Hopefully, though, if you follow the cleaning advice provided here, you will prevent blocked drains and similar issues altogether.

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2. Fixing it up

If your pool is old and has seen better days, even cleaning and maintaining it regularly might seem like it’s all in vain as it simply cannot shine as it did years ago. Whether it is for aesthetic or practical purposes, sometimes it’s worth fixing up your pool a bit so that it’s both more inviting and easier to maintain. For instance, if your pool was lined with a dated material or if you constantly experience problems and your pool feels more like a burden than a blessing, a reliable pool renovations company can help you out.


3. The water

Fixing Old Pool

Fixing Old Pool

Firstly, of course, you will need to keep the pool’s water clean. Doing this not only protects the users of the pool, but it also protects the integrity of your pool as it will prevent hardware from getting damaged over time. Needless to say, you need to make sure that your water is always balanced chemically. This is the most crucial part of pool maintenance, as it makes sure that the water is clear, odorless and safe to bathe in. What you need to do is buy a testing kit in a pool supply store and follow the instructions given. The results will give you a pointer for what you need to adjust. This testing should be done about once a week. At times, you might need to shock your pool as well.


4. The surface

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

There is another task that you will have to do much more frequently – preferably daily, especially if you live in a place where the wind blows all kinds of debris into your pool. That task is, of course, skimming the water to remove any leaves, sticks, bugs and so on. Fail to do this often enough and the debris will end up sinking to the bottom of the pool and you’ll have a much more difficult time to remove it from there (not to mention that it can end up in the drain and block it.) All you need for this task is an affordable skimmer net.


5. The interior

You need to clean the interior of your swimming pool as well – which are the walls and the bottom of the construction. Cleaning these to prevent algae buildup is crucial to the cleanliness of your swimming pool. About once a week, make sure you whip out a brush and give a scrub to the swimming pool’s walls (paying special attention to the corners) as well as the ladder. For this task, you will need a brush, but make sure that you choose one whose bristles are appropriate for the material of your pool lining. If you notice any spots where algae especially tend to grow and it won’t go away with just scrubbing, use a bit of chlorine too. A tool that will come in handy when cleaning the interior of your pool is a pool vacuum.


6. The inside workings

Finally, you also need to pay attention to your filtration system – the pump, the skimmers and all the vital parts that keep your pool alive. The delicate filtration system needs to work impeccably for you to be able to enjoy your swimming pool without worries. To make sure it can do its job, make sure you regularly clean out the filters as well as the skimmers, where debris such as leaves can get stuck. Once in a while, it is also recommended that you do a round of backwashing to keep the system in check.


An inground pool in your own home lets you live every day like it’s your summer vacation, but you also need to do your part and clean it regularly. The aforementioned tips should help you cover the basics and have a clean and beautiful pool everyone will love.

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