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 10 Romantic Lifestyle Newborn Photography Ideas 

 Romantic Lifestyle newborn photography Ideas 

Newborwn with Mother
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Newborwn with Mother

Maternity is an amazing experience of a woman. Waiting for a little, cute, innocent child is the best feeling ever. A newly dad or mom is too much excited about the growth of the child. They love to engulf each of the grown-up moments of their kids.

Either you are a professional photographer or a parent love to collect golden memory snap of your kid, here I share covert lifestyle newborn photography Ideas which must be beneficial for you.

From my experience, newborn photography is a fun & exciting session. But it's a little bit challenging & tricky because kids are sensitive & managing them need’s a little strategy. With an unknown person, newborn baby won’t feel comfortable.

Do you want to know what’s the strategy? Let go through the article, you will find the complete tips. I choose the top 10 magical tips to be victorious in kid's photography.

After going through all these amazing tips you can't resist yourself from the most memorable newborn photography. Let's start with this unique, romantic tips.


Newborn Photography Ideas:

As the newborn baby is can be only 2-4 weeks or 1-2 months, It's a must to confirm the baby's safety first. Set the natural light that is not harmful to the baby. Fix Accurate shooting style, having knowledge about posing a new baby, work with perfect accessories.

Proper hygiene is also the most important because the baby is too sensitive. So, you should clean yourself with extra care.

My suggestion to the parent never be fake, try to keep natural. A natural & candid session one of the best  Romantic Lifestyle newborn photography ideas. Just let them be themselves. It will enlighten the pure beauty of the newborn baby.

The session should be shorter like 2-3 hours with a little break. Which ensures the child’s comfort & happiness.


1. Ideal Equipment For Talented Photographers:

essential equipment

essential equipment

It's really hard to find the best DSLR for newborn photos. I can suggest you buy Canon 5D Mark III. Because it works amazingly in indoors at high ISO. It contains a silent shutter system that is necessary for kids Because High Shutter sounds disturb the newborn baby & make them afraid.

In addition, photographing newborns need a proper detailing shoot. This model provides a large 3.2-inch sensor which is exclusive to capture each detailing.

Each DSLR has its own feature. You can pick according to your budget & need. I just share my personal favorite experience here.


2. Fix golden Natural Time:

I ask my clients to notice that when the natural light bright their home completely. I usually avoid any kind of artificial light, even flash due to the safety of the newborn babies. Baby's eye is too much sensitive to flash. In addition, I properly use natural light. Lighting is the principal to get the awesome snaps of the kid. Without lighting color won't be the focus, pictures won't be attractive.

So, proper timing is very important for a successful photo session. According to the parents, feedback need to schedule the time. Natural light helps to get the amazing realistic snaps. But if the house is always darker, no natural light can properly shine the house, in that case, I suggest to use a tripod. It is the best company in a critical dark situation. You can use light reflector or diffuser too.


3. Give Parents Daily Work:

Allow the parents to do their daily task of the baby which give you chance to capture beautiful candid. Try to shoot each moment with their parents. Natural workflow rectifies the best theme ever. No artificial style normal care, adore & affection you just need to focus.

The mom or dad hugs the baby, kiss them or grab the hands each special moment you need to capture in a creative way. The best output you will find from this.


4. Try some Unique Photo Props:



You can use some cute accessories like some big dolls, toys or something really different.

You can use a cute hat, unique head belt, tie, blanket, a unique flower wrapping cradler. These props must be exclusive to enhance the beauty of the shoot.

A classy blanket makes the background attractive & amazing. Moreover, you have a better editing options for the perfection of the photo. No worry just focus to adopt the ideal look of the baby.


5. Apply Different Angle:

Try different angles to get the awesome portrait result. Different angle gives you different style & exclusive beauty of the baby.

Always prepare to focus baby's natural movement & smile. A natural smile can change the whole outlook of the images. A good picture is worth more than thousands of stories.


6. Each detailing Shoot:

Baby Parents

Baby Parents

Take a close shot of baby's hands, legs, eye & face. Details view to enhance the actual beauty of the kids. Also, apply a detailed shoot with the mom or dad. Try with their hands or legs. It results in an awesome classical look.

The cute eyes you can shoot carefully, the little adorable face portrait must be taken.


7. Try Soft Music:

To grab the newborn’s attraction you can apply soft music. The soft music turns their attention & can make them jolly.

Take their intimate moments with mom & dad. Also, take individual snaps in different poses.  You can set their hands on cheeks which gives an outstanding picture.


8. Make attachment & creative studio:

Be friendly, be close to the newborns. Accept them with affection & love. With the lovable touch try to win their heart. A close intimacy helps you to understand child psychology & you can get the exclusive photos of the newborn.

With all the props or a small classy blanket make a little studio room for the newborns. The best shape can be cradler. Newborns enjoy staying here. I suggest capturing sleeping photos too.


9. Great Outdoors tour:

Convince the parents to go outside. It can be near the garden or closest park. Take some unique outside photos with a classy background.

Choose the background where a proper alive shadow can focus. Also, target the newborn intimacy with the parents which you need to enlights in the static images.


10. Best Photo Editing:

After all the struggle you need Photoshop photo editing to get an efficient look. Nothing is more important than efficiency. What type of problems can you face here? well, I am explaining.

The first thing the kids are not ready to follow any instructions or the background won't be fully perfect. There is some dust, color problem as the kid is light sensitive, noise, unwanted objects. So all these problems need photo retouching services. You can get professional services at affordable prices at Clipping Path Center. Check their sample work which is really mind-blowing. Invest little money return huge appeal.

There is another problem with shadow. Handling a new baby is tough so you can't concern proper shadow creation. In addition, the background needs to modify & replacement with an appealing adjustable background. Moreover, Photo manipulation helps to make your image a standard quality image. All these photo editing services also available here. They ensure the fastest quality service at a reasonable price. With a large expert team they main their quality of photo editing.

You can pick any of the photo editing services. But to my experience above two give me the best user experience because of their amazing work.

So what are you waiting for?  Try these 10 wonderful tips & ideas to be a talented, skilled photographer. Taking the right decision will decide your victory.

Remember one thing newborn photography is the name of the emotion of the parents. Give the utmost effort to satisfy their expectations. Photography is nothing but practicing incessantly gives the best result.


Author Bio:

Salim Ahmed is the founder of Graphic Experts India, an offshore graphic house for Photoshop Image Editing Services. Besides, he is a Photographer and  Blogger. He likes to share tips and tricks on photography, photo editing, and graphic design! 



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