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Practical Review Of The Hitachi c10fcg Miter Saw | Best Saw For Home Projects

A quick review of the Hitachi c10fcg miter saw

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Whether you are a beginner woodworker or an expert, you will find that having the Hitachi c10fcg in your workshop will do you a lot of good. This is because the Hitachi miter saw will enable you to handle a wide range of projects. The c10fcg comes as a corded and lightweight unit that delivers an impressive performance when cutting intricate designs on wood. In an overview, the Hitachi c10fcg is a lightweight saw that weighs only 27 pounds and can bevel up to 45 degrees. Below, we are going to review the c10fcg to see whether it is a good match for your project or not.  

If you are looking to make unique designs on wood and other materials, the Hitachi miter saw can enable you to complete the project in a productive, reliable and accurate manner.  Below, we will look at the features that make the Hitachi c10fcg distinct from other saws on the market. 



Angled cut capability

Miter means angle and therefore, a miter saw is a saw that is capable of cutting wood at specific angles. The Hitachi miter saw cuts wood at angles that range from 0 to 52 degrees. Also, the tool comes with miter stops that enhance the accuracy with which you can cut angles. The saw is ideal for cutting on all kinds of wood.

Bevel range



The Hitachi has a bevel angle of 0 to 45 degrees. All you need to do is to bend the saw and turn the workpiece accordingly so that it can be cut at the right angle. The good thing is that the saw comes with a steel stop that helps you preset the angle of the cut. 

Lightweight construction

The manufacturer of the Hitachi c10fcg miter saw opted for a lightweight but strong construction in order to ease both handling and transport. At just 24 pounds, you will find that it is very easy to carry the saw from one workstation to another. Also, the lightweight feature makes it easy for users to tilt the tool when making bevel cuts. This makes it easy to use on heavy applications as it does not cause fatigue.

Powerful motor

The Hitachi c10fcg comes with a powerful 15 amp motor that can tackle any challenge that you throw at it. Whether you are looking to cut into plastic, softwood or hardwood, you are good to go with this miter saw. Many professionals love the Hitachi because it makes cuts with a high degree of accuracy. This can save you a lot of time, especially given that it can handle a large project with ease. In addition, the tool comes with a cord that supplies unlimited amount of energy to the motor. This proves useful in high torque situations.

Quality blade

The Hitachi c10fcg is fitted with a high quality 24 teeth blade that is flexible enough to cut through the most challenging materials. In addition, the unit has a sandbag that collects debris generated during the cutting process.  


  • Lightweight construction

  • Small size

  • Makes accurate cuts

  • Wide miter angle

  • Affordable and reliable

  • Easy to change blade


  • Dust bag is not easy to use


The Hitachi c10fcg is a great miter saw for both homeowner and a light woodworker as it delivers impressive value and performance. However, it is not ideal for heavy duty applications.

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