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7 Simple Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Minimalist Paradise | Living Room Decor DIY

How to renovate Living Room with out hiring a Pro

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Minimalism is the new trend these days, and people prefer to style their house in the minimalist way rather than making every room overcrowded. A minimalist approach is perfect for designing a living room. Your living room should be aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, and breezy. A minimalist living room is all of that and much more. Minimalist spaces can be both dynamic and warm.

When we think about a minimalist house, the thought that comes to mind is of a plain white room with white furniture, and little to no accessories and wall hangings. While such a room surely is minimalist, it is not the definition of that style. The essence of minimalism is to get rid of extra color, create more space in your room, and get back to the basic essentials. It is not about decorating your room a certain way, but to have less physical clutter in your life.

While a minimalist living room does sound appealing, it is not something you can do one morning after you wake up. You have to understand what a minimalist style is about and how you can achieve it. What kind of furniture should you buy? What color schemes should you choose? What about the home accessories? All of these questions will pop into the mind when you think about styling your room with a minimalist touch. We have all the answers for you right here!

Bring In Some Nature

Adding green to your room will only increase its value. But do not fill every inch of the room with a plant, because that will destroy the purpose. Add enough indoor plants that they add the color green to the atmosphere and are also not overwhelming. There are many indoor plants that do not require much sunlight and will thrive in the living room. Plants in the house also give a very naturalistic look.

Experiment with the Textures

Parisian apartments provide a great example of the blend of simple modern décor with neoclassical roots. A spacious white sofa with a plush Moroccan rug, or a modern trellis rug, will feel more welcoming. In the end, it all comes down to shape and texture. So for instance, if you have a traditional layout, switch it with a semi-circle seating.

If you have a velvet sofa or chair, curtains made of silk or another sheer material will complement the look.



Color Palette

You don’t have to use color when you can create a perfect design with all white. Deciding on an all-white theme will make your job a lot easier as you won’t have to lose sleep over which shades are going well with each other. The great thing is, just because it is all one color it doesn’t mean you cannot make it interesting.

Add a blush of pink or red with the sofa or hang some abstract artwork on your walls. High-impact wall art looks beautiful and chic. If you want to add personality to your minimalist living room, this is it. It won’t take any of the surface space and will transform the look of the room. You can add an abstract photograph to direct the colors of your pillows for a unifying design.

The modern minimalist design may be all about the subtle and light hues, but if you don’t want to give up on color, there are still alternate ways. A monochrome palette is an answer to this impediment. By the way, speaking of color, check out these stylish grey coffee tables.



Consider the Size of Your Room

One thing many people seem to miss out on is the fact that your room’s size is a big factor in its styling. Is it small or big? Your furniture pieces should fit the structure and scale of your room, and so should your rug. A small rug in a large room will be a misfit. Large rugs cost a lot, but they will also look better.



Small-spaces and minimalism get along in a wonderful way. Every inch in your room matters and you need to make the most out of it. For example, if your room is small, a settee will look better than a sofa, instead of getting a bulky coffee table, stack nesting tables because they will save space.

Install Floating Shelves

While shelves are necessary for any living room, they do occupy space. If you have a small living room, adding shelves will make it look smaller than it is. That seems like an unnecessary choice to make. Instead, install floating shelves. Not only do they save space, but they are also voguish. They have been making rounds since past few years and look eye-catching.



You can put antiques or decoration pieces on your shelves or books; it is up to you. The style and size of the shelves will depend on its function so settle down on what you are going to do with it.

Build Storage Spaces

It is better to install closed storage spaces than to put your stuff out in the open. Even when all of your things are organized, they will still make it seem like the place is cluttered. A minimalist style is all about having the essentials. Put your remotes in a drawer. If you have newspapers and magazines in the living room, put them in a closed cupboard instead of in open baskets. It is better to build proper storage space in the corner where you can put all the extra items.



Clean Up the Mess

When all is said and done, you have to maintain the look of your living room. Use the storage spaces to remove any unnecessary objects and items lying around in the room. Your room will only radiate the minimalist vibes as long as it is clean and free of clutter.



Your living room should sync. Each and every item with its color should contribute to each other, so you have a unified design. Follow these rules, and you will have yourself a stunning minimalist living room! Happy Decorating!

Just enjoy your rooms & house!

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