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How To Improve Your Home Worth With Glass?

Increase Your House Price By Adding Glass Decorations


Glass has this way of making any living space brighter and bigger than it actually is. All materials made of glass have this natural gloss and a feel of professionalism mingled with elegance in them that no matter which room you place them in, the glass just blends in. 

It becomes an integral part of your home while simultaneously hiding in the background, so it doesn’t overpower the natural aesthetics of the room. 

Today, we will discuss how glass can help us improve our home’s value. A simple touch of glass on shower doors or a custom cut cabinet glass for your kitchen and you will see palpable changes in your house. 


1. Install Glass Shelves


Ever thought of your bathroom as too bland? This small place where you don’t want to spend any more time than necessary. Our bathroom is supposed to be that one place in the house where we can take a breather from everyone else. 

We’re supposed to take our time and wash out the grime and dirt of the day. Maybe even refresh our minds after a long day at work. 

Except, the bathroom is doing nothing more than stressing us. The place is too small. You don’t have a cabinet for your toiletries. The lighting inside the place isn’t all that great either. 

What if you could fix all of the problems by installing glass shelves? Unlike cabinets, it doesn’t require a huge amount of place. You can add it to a far corner of the bathroom or somewhere close to your shower space. 

The glass shelves will also reflect light from the window, making space look a bit brighter. 

For the type of shelves, you want to buy, you have a wide range of options with glass shelves. The classic rectangle, triangle, and quarter-circle shelves are always a safe choice. If you want to experiment, curved wall shelves and stylish bent glass shelves are popular these days. 

Shelves aren’t only for your bathroom either. You can add a memento and trophy shelf to your living room and attach it a little high up on the wall. Keep your gifts and other accessories here. These glass shelves will perfectly fit in with any decor in your house. 


2. Replace your cabinet glass for kitchen


The same old wooden cabinets have become quite boring. They are these big boxes of darkness that you can’t peek into. Instead, how about replacing them with glass for your kitchen? 

The cabinet glass options for the kitchen might as well be endless. First, you get your choice of the type of glass, which can be textured, leaded, V-grooving or sum glass. Then you can go all out for the design. We recommend Colonial glass or Queen Anne glass. 

Or you can have a taste of everything! You’re going to need more than one cabinet glass in your kitchen anyway. Once you’re done, your kitchen might become the classiest kitchen to exist. 

Why are we so insistent on cabinet glass for your kitchen? For one, glass is transparent, thus allowing you to see what is inside the cabinet from outside. 

In the busy hustle-bustle of the kitchen, that could save you a lot of time while you’re worried about burning your food. Two, it could be the only aesthetically pleasing product in an otherwise bland room. 


3. Install shower doors in your bathroom


Frameless shower doors can change the whole concept of your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look like a modern office or the one you find in a vintage house depending on your shower door choice. 

Most people usually prefer glass shower doors because of how it almost feels nonexistent in the bathroom. You can walk inside and you will notice the door, but it won’t appear to you that it is taking up any space, though that should be impossible. 

If you prefer some amount of privacy, you can opt for textured glass shower doors. They still do the job of making a bathroom look classy without letting someone else peek inside. 


4. Add Backsplash


Did you even know glass sheet kitchen backsplashes are a thing? Well if you don’t, just know they’re the mark of a classy, modern age kitchen with all the required facilities. 

What is a dichroic glass sheet backsplash? This is a sheet of glass that is installed in the wall of your kitchen and painted on with your choice of color. The pallet range is wide and you might be interested to know that the color is actually painted on the back of the glass. 

You add a full height, half height or a six-inch one in your kitchen. There are certain size limitations with this glass sheet, so if you have a large wall, you might have to do a seam or two to join the large pieces together. 

Unlike normal marble backsplash, this is a clean wall for as long as your eyes can see. The visual cleanliness along with the pretty colors you have decided on can make your kitchen finally feel like home. 

The purpose of it? The same as any backsplash, with the added advantages of glass. The surface of the glass can be cleaned easily. So, when you have food splattered on to the back wall, a gentle wipe is all it needs. 

If your kitchen is in an area where there is barely one proper window resulting in poor lighting, a glass sheet backsplash will be the perfect addition to the kitchen. It will naturally reflect the light off the walls to make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. 

There is no grout on the glass sheet, so you don’t need to seal it either. Natural stones such as marble, granite, always require sealing. With glass sheets, you can avoid all that hassle and create a beautiful kitchen for yourself. 


5. Add glass railing to your stairs


It boils down to the transparent quality of a glass railing. If you add glass railings to your staircase, you will feel as if your house is much bigger than it actually is. The glass performs its perfect illusion on people, making them think that the space is bigger. 

It will also make the room look brighter and more lively. Plus, glass railings are simply elegant. They are proof of a modern household. 


6. Have a stylish fireplace glass

fireplace glass

A stylish fireplace glass will allow you to enjoy the light of the fire while keeping the glass door in place. Since glass can get too hot around a fire, make sure to buy the right kind of fire-rated glass. It would be a source of comfort on a cozy winter evening. If you have plans to hold meetings in your house, well you know where to conduct them. 

The designs for the fireplace itself have become quite advanced. It can make one feel like they have been transported to the victorian era in the twenty-first century! Combine the glass retainer with that, and you get a contrast of the times gone by with the times to come. 

All these ideas are fine and excellent choices for your home but from where would you buy the custom cut glass that will change the look of your house? Our honest recommendation would be Fab Glass and Mirror. The glass and mirror company offers a variety of customized products as well as several ready-made ones. 

glass info

glass info

Glass shelves, glass cabinets, shower doors, they have it all. If you plan on custom cutting the glass, know that they will offer you absolute control on the shape and size, starting from the dimensions, glass type to the thickness and the kind of corner finishing you prefer. 

At all points, the comfort of the customer is the top priority of the company. If you feel uneasy about buying from an online space, you can get information by conversing with one of their representatives, through phone calls or through the website. 

They also have a custom cut expert on the site who is willing to offer you advice on the kind of cut you want, depending on the kind of glass product you’re buying. 

As for payment, the site accepts credit card payments through a secure SSL server as well as other online wallets such as PayPal or Amazon Pay. 

They understand the importance of data security which is why they have implemented the best security measures.  The shipping is free of cost no matter where you live in the country.  

The greatest advantage might be the 10 percent easy price beat scheme. Under this scheme, if you can point to a store that offers the products Fab Glass and Mirror does at a lower cost, the company will give you 10 percent off. Of course, you have to inform them within 30 days of purchase. 

With all these perks you can see why most people prefer this company. No matter what you decide to go with, don’t forget to make your house shine brighter with the help of glass!



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