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How To Use A Reciprocating Saw

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw
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Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw


Do you know about reciprocating saw? It is a type of machine-powered saw. Also, it is a tool that creates the desired cutting action through a push-and-pull motion of the blade. A reciprocating saw is a popular tool and it is used for many window filters like clamps and long blades for cutting large pipe. A reciprocating saw also called Sawzall. Without knowing about it for using to cut wood you can face many problems. So, you should learn how to use a reciprocating saw.

There are many kinds of blades that help the reciprocating saw to cut. Some common types like metal cutting blades, wood cutting blades, for composite or for drywall, and other materials. The reciprocating saw cuts with a back and forth motion and these include jigsaw, Sabre saw, Scroll saw, and Rotary reciprocating saw.

A reciprocating saw is a powerful tool. It is used for many cut down trees. You can find out all the great reciprocating saws from this site with more information. But if you don't know how to use them then you can't use it properly.


Using a Reciprocating saw

This is not a simple matter using the reciprocating saw. If you only pull the trigger and start to the board that can be hazard for your projects.

So, Here I will be providing a guideline about the how to use a reciprocating saw. You may know that this reciprocating saw consist of a blade, a trigger to turn the tool on, and some adjustments. So, I am putting a guideline below that might be helpful if you’re using a reciprocating saw for the first time.

Choose the right blade

 You should choose the right blade because the blade of the reciprocating saw is the most important part and you will start cutting with this blade. If you don’t choose the right blade for the cutting job can be harmful in many ways.


Insert the blade

After choosing the right blade for the reciprocating saw, insert the blade into the chuck. You will notice that including the tool-free chuck allowing the chuck to return to its position secures the blade. After finishing the cut use gloves because the blade is probably hot. Gloves will save your hand from the hot blade.


Adjust the blade length

Now you should adjust the blade length in the reciprocating saw to stabilize the blade. Also, adjust the shoe which is metal piece helps you control the saw easier. Before removing the shoe, make sure that the material you are cutting is at least 1 inch longer than the thickness. After adjusting the shoe, plug the battery pack in again or install the battery pack. You don’t have to adjust the shoes for each cut. However, it helps to protect the blade from damage or tremors after it is cut.


Draw a line

You should use your pencil or marker to draw the line on your surface where you need to make your cut. If you plan to cut straight, use straight as a guide. If you want a curved cut, use a curve template tool or a compass for your marks. If you are pruning tree branches with your saw, make your cuts as close to the main trunk as possible.


Attach a C-clamp to your work surface

Place the part you are cutting in such a way that it extends beyond the surface of your work. Attach a C-clamp to the piece of material you are cutting and tighten against your work surface. If the piece still slips or slips when you push it, secure it to your work surface with another clamp. If you are cutting pipes, use clamps specially made for the pipes so that they are less likely to roll or slip when you cut.


Use safety things

You should wear safety items that can help you from any danger at the time of cutting the board or wood. Wear protective goggles so that when you start working on a rewarding job, your eyes are completely covered so that you are protected. Since the saw may be loud when cutting the material, keep it in the earplug so that you do not damage your hearing. You may also like to wear a dust mask while working, although it is not required.


Hold the reciprocating saw

Hold the reciprocating firmly with both hands. Hold the front of the back of the table with your non-dominant hand to support the weight of the tool. Hold the handle that has a trigger on the top or back of the shot with your influential hand. Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to make your own cut. Always use 2 hands holding the tax, otherwise, the tool will vibrate and vibrate when you try to use it. Here is a warning notice for you when you’re cutting into a wall and there is a risk of going through the wire, hold the saw in all cases where there is rubber insulation to avoid getting stuck.


Start cutting

Press the shoe against the materials to stabilize the saw and pull the trigger to bring the saw to full speed. Once you start cutting your focus will be on the intersection of the blade with the material but the blade is much wider than that. Make sure the blade moves backward quickly from the maximum limit when the blade will not hit anything. This is especially important when cutting on the drywall when you can’t see what’s behind the wall. Make sure you don't plumb electrical wires or plumbing be will quickly become intuitive to use the right speed. Often to do the job you will want to make a cut slowly before opening the saw. This will give you more control. Slowly lower the blade as it comes out of the cut. After finishing cutting press the button on the side of the battery pack to remove it from the saw. And then unplug the cord as soon as you’re finished working. You Can find out more on Evansville emergency tree removal



I hope you will be benefited from our tips on how to use a reciprocating saw. A high-end reciprocating saw will give you the best cuts. You should follow the right tips when buying the great reciprocating saw.

You will probably be interested in some of the advanced features. I hope you will be able to complete your woodworking without any hazard if you follow how to use reciprocating saw tips and obviously should follow to make a well-done job.



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